Developing Songs

Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Jesus

Theme: Racism & Nationalism

To a tune like the verses of the pop song "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"

You got your blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus
Lives in Hollywood USA
Meets with the President
Dines with the governor
Does everything they say

He told your grandad "enslave the niggers"
Your papa to to kill the "reds"
Your ancestors to slay the indians
And you to kill those moslems dead

If Jesus walked down on wall street
with his afro and his dark skin
you'd avoid eye contact and walk the other way
and probably turn him in

He'd tell you about the Kingdom
About turnin' the other cheek
You'd say I gave at the office... look at the time
and you'd go on your way

You pledge allegiance to bombs and murder
You pay attention to lies and hate
Got no time to know the bible
Too busy slaving for the [war] state

You say- hey I'm no racist
as you sit in your whitewashed church
all white friends, all white neighborhood
all sanitized whitewashed tombs
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