Developing Songs

People Street

Author:T&G (Educational)
Theme: Companionship

In a relaxed, happy tempo and groove similar to Bob Marley's Stir It Up or Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Over The Rainbow

A place to love
a place to eat
A place to dance
and shake your feet

To light the fire of human peace
We're all meetin' on People Street

Come plant the seed
Come fight the greed
Come light/pull the weeds
Come fill the needs

Come clear the air
To show you care
We're all meeting on People Street

Lovers hug
and children sing
Happy bugs
are whistling
Birds and bees
perch in the trees
We're all meetin' on people street

Dogs and cats
and gloves and bats
and acrobats
bring down the walls
We're all meetin' on people street

People come together
pave the way
save the day

|||: People people people c'mon get together :||| (3x)
on people Street

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