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We will Walk This Road Together

Theme: Companionship

We Will Walk The Road Together

We will walk the road together
Straight through any kind of weather
Allied side by side forever
I will walk with you

Doesn't matter 'bout your gender
You're the gift and God's the sender
Faithful 'til the end of ever
I will be your friend

When the storms blow up
When the tears roll down
I will not be afraid - (I might be afraid but)
I will not let you down
cause we will walk this road together

When we go the road alone
there's nothing left to call our own
But when we share the road together
everything is ours

I will never wonder whether I could have had it better
You're the best for me forever
I will be your friend

BRIDGE: I'll stay beside you
Through the end of time
and when you need someone to guide you
I won't be hard to find
There's no storm we cannot weather

Weathering the storm (years) together

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