Developing Songs

Let Me Be Me

Author:T&G (Educational)
Theme: Accepting Others Without Judging

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Let Me Be Me

You don't own me
Nobody can
You can't control me
I live for no man

You can't tell me what to think
Or what to say
You see black & white- I see shades of grey
We might wake up to find
We're both colorblind
So let's step into the light

CHORUS: Let me be me
Let you be you
(We'll see the truth
Come in to view)

Please set me free
To be what I need to be
I let you be you
So let me be me

VERSE 2: You got convictions
You try to (make mine) (make law) enforce (you see black and white)
You call it Religion (You call it Christian) (With your religion)
I call it a crime (Or position in life)

I used to do it too (be like you)
Til' I realized
I'm wrong too much of the time
To tell you what to do
To shape your mind
Truth is not mine to define

BRIDGE: Our books of law
Will burn in the flame
We'll see that we are brothers
In the image of God
No two are the same
Made to enhance each other

Our books of law (Our prejudice)
Will burn in the flame
Of time's unquenchable fire
Faith, Hope and love
Are all that remain
And the image of God we're made in

Reflecting His Name (grace)
Not engineering each other
Not copies of each other

Life is too short
(Let's put an end to the fight)
God made us each with our own identity

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