Developing Songs

I Need A Reason

Theme: Searching

version: (7/28/92)

VERSE 1: I am sailing out on an ocean wind
In Search of who I am
I see waves and water without an end
I'm dying for dry land

I am frightened by the lightning
The thunder in my ears
I'm trying to choose the right thing
From the voices that I hear

CHORUS: I need a reason - A reason to be
I need to believe in- A meaning
Beyond the things I see
I need a reason A reason to be
I love my freedom
But I'm needing a reason to be free

VERSE 2: Like a bird who knows how to use his (her) wings
But has nowhere to fly
I've a voice inside and I long to sing
But sometimes I just cry

I'm looking for direction
Questioning the wise
Searching for the answers
As I struggle for the light


BRIDGE: So many sailed before me- Drifting aimlessly
Their skeletons have settled on the bottom of the sea
My strength has left me sinking
Straining at the waves
I'm reaching out for meaning
and praying for the way
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