Developing Songs

Riding Destiny

Theme: Individuality

AS a child I was given a gift
the stallion destiny
with wings of speed heels flashing light
We would ride

But I grew older and left my trusted friend seeking empty dreams of other men

Now I've come to seek my childhood friend and she's been waiting for me ; she's eager smailes and we ride triumphantly into the sunrise

She's riding her horse
Holding the reins so tightly

Ride your horse in the direction it's going
It's the power that supports you
There's a destiny

It's name is Destiny
A greater plan that guides tour life
don't fight it

Your talents
your buried dreams
Destiny beneath you
giving wind to your wings

Find your nature
find your inner passion
inner power

Just ride it
Don't fight it
fly it to the sky
fly skyward

You've got the reins
but it's time to lose control
sometimes you've just got to let it go
close your eyes and let it flow

It's always been working for you
Deep inside the dreams you never speak of
The feelings you won't feel
The dreams you won't reveal
Are pulling you against your will
This is your destiny

fears that makes you scream
The Life of wildest dreams

Go toward the light
The end is the beginning
nothing to fear
Death has to wait for me
Got a deal with death- when i'm dead you come

Destiny is making you depressed
Pulling you away from your distractions
Destiny is fighting against my distractions

When you find your purpose, you find your passion

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