For YOU: Everything Troy and Genie Ever Made
By Troy + Genie
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Ed Kee "Speechless- WOW! What a great collection of music! ... an awesome experience. I loved it. The songs are first rate and the production is excellent" Ed Kee- Director of A&R / Executive Producer- Brentwood / Provident Music
John Mays Troy and Genie possess a beautiful mix of creative originality and sincere humility. Their work has had an impact on my entire family... To mix the creation of music for all ages with integrity and excellence is no small feat, however Troy and Genie do it...
Kyle Liedtke congratulations! "the humbling" is the #1 song of 1999 on KNLR! and not only that, but "total eclipse" came in at #5!
Debra Sue Maffett - Wilson "Awesome... huge catalog of great music... you'll LOVE it!" - Miss America Debra Maffett
Kyle Liedtke "The Humbling" has been the number #1 song on my chart for 8 weeks now. By far, it is the most requested song of the year. I'm also playing 4 songs off "whisper" in regular rotation.
Bob Norman some of the most enjoyably melodic music ever made. - Joyfully, Bob Norman ----Pastor Emeritus- Clearview Baptist Church- Franklin, TN
Wjcx Fm 99.5 just what I'm looking for - artistic excellence with lyrical integrity. - Stephen B, Station Manager ---WJCX FM 99.5 Bangor, MAINE
Robin Parrish An exceptionally talented duo...They certainly have talent overflowing...really great songs...this duo is one talented act- Robin Parrish- Christian Music Weekly (CMWeekly)
Girts Balodis I was prepared for your music to be good but I was wrong...IT'S BRILLIANT! I have been eating up your music :) this is just great! absolutely totally completely lovely... very encouraging! Every single song on the album is most impressive and touchi...
Lora Stonelake I am the foster mom of two mentally retarded/autistic boys who were introduced to your music through (the cd's you donated to) our church. Both boys have had a tremendous response to your music. The joy Jesus has brought to them thru your music is a tru...
David Welday (Troy and Genie are) My two favorite family ministers.
Kathy Reimiller Your generosity is amazing. How is it that you can do this? thank you so much for your generosity. -I hope to soon start a Children's Outreach Ministry using your products.
Jade Sholty Troy and Genie have devoted a great part of their ministry to reaching kids and giving them tools to develop a foundation in faith to keep them positive and strong in a world that needs to reemphasize core values like love, faith and integrity. These cds ...
Anonymous Superfan God really does work awesomely in my life- after a night of serious discussion with my christian boyfriend about sex, we came to the unchanging conclusion that we should still wait till marriage even though we will get married soon, the song Bed of Roses ...
David Gauthier Troy & Genie have more talent and energy than anyone I know! The website is very simple and logical.
Matt Hahnert I purchased The Troy & Genie DVD at the CPC in Dallas in January. The DVD is great for using in Kidschurch as the kids can follow along with the words and pictures. I love it. I registered this product so that I can recieve free updates.
Clinton A. Lindgren I love your DVD! Wow! It's definitely amazing how much music can fit on one DVD! I did not realize how much music you had available, and what a variety! I must confess, I don't think I've discovered everything on your DVD yet. I'm blind, so I can't ...
Dana Sands Dear Troy and Genie, Your story is truly amazing. I am left speechless. You both are so dedicated and selfless. This is your true calling. It must give you the courage and strength to face what you do there. Your story is a book. I am honored to know you...
Bill M. (Song Catalog Acquisition Specialist) I would like to buy this song catalog. There are more top-drawer songs in this catalog than are in the Lennon-McCartney catalog. This is a gold-mine.
Jane R. Hi, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed your website. I am a musician/songwriter as well...and spent a couple of years in Nashville "courting" some of the big Christian labels. But...something didn't feel right about it, as...
David Hadley If you ever need a reference, call me! I'm Troy & Genie's biggest fan!
Gerry Bradley As a Kids Church leader, I would love to have something like this. Any Kids Pastor should be screaming for it.
Jeff Bjorgan I know that when it comes to top quality children's music, there isn't a lot out there once you get past the Troy and Genie label. I would definitely go for: JESUS LOVES ME from HIP HOP HYMNS , KING OF THE JUNGLE, DON'T BOW DOWN TO IDOLS. (I am biased ...
Susie Abramson Our children's team LOVES the idea...
Kyle Liedtke I'm playing "the humbling" which has been at #1 on my chart for 4 weeks (and is one of the most requested songs of the year); i also play "whisper", "your love calls to me" & "total eclipse" - i'll be adding another one from the whisper album soon. our...
David Longenecker masterful pop-rock...adorable children's music...really well orchestrated percussion and drum pieces combine to create a great experience... really classy and clever work. Troy & Genie really have an unique perspective on music! - David Longenecker -Chris...
Jeff Jeffrey Syverson I love your CD! There's something for everyone: great variety, creativity and lyrical integrity. ... excellent throughout. ... humble spirit and heart to minister really shine through. ...With Joy, Pastor Jeff Syverson Faith Alliance Church, Middletown ...
Anonymous Superfan so cute, and funny...just like kids like them. I really appreciate your creativity.
Ed Kee exceptionally well done record... Absolutely nothing jumped out at me as being odd or out of balance...I was very impressed with the production. a great record - ED KEE
Dave Smith To the Media Mission Staff, I am most appreciative of the excellence, integrity, and value of your ministry. Please keep up the Excellent work!
Kevin Bell This has got to be the best visual web site I have ever visited. WOW!
Christopher Chaney Spectacular!
Paul H. Croteau MAN! What a great looking site! I wish I had the resources and time to make my site as pleasing. GREAT JOB! Congratulations on the great web site!
Mary Rice Hopkins of Big Steps Ministries I feel like of all the people out there, we (myself and Troy and Genie) do have kindred music and ministry ideas. Thanks for doing what you do. Keep up the great work. - Mary Rice Hopkins
Frankie Yeo ...I thank you for your love not only for us in Asia but also to those whose life is not only touched but tranformed by your music. We will continue to lift you up before the Lord and may He enrich you greatly as you enriched others.
Anonymous Superfan I just got home from the conference and I just wanted to THANK YOU for your love for the Lord and each other. It is radiant! I went to the conference a bit "dried up". I kept praying for God to show me His spirit, his vision again. I longed for his joy ....
Chuck Schwandt wonderful album... really unique sounding tracks.
Hurricane Ike Foot-Washer [Hurricane] Ike has water damaged 90% Bridge City. I've never seen such disaster in my life. God asked of me to bring stuff to wash the feet of my family so I obeyed I played your Whisper CD while washing and massaging their feet; I think that is someth...
Chris Kraemer I did check into your website-excellent. Right now especially, as the church is adapting and shifting, media is playing a key role in the spiritual life of Christians. I have never met a healthy Christian or a new convert that doesn't depend on media to ...
Esther E Valdivia I think I almost bought every CD you guys have! They've really helped make our worship time more dynamic. Keep me posted on new CDs and let me know if you are planning a trip to the Northwest.
Keith D. Knapp May God continue to bless your hard and faithful work. You're a blessing in our lives and in the lives of thousands of others around the world. Don't give up and don't despair, the world is a better place for the work that God has done through you and ...
Mike Bauer We are soooooo impressed with your music and ministry. You are both incredibly talented. PS Janet Wilson thinks you guys are the sweetest people. : O )
Bruce Bennett I feel you are genuine. And there is something about you too that seems to be a kindred spirit. I can't explain it. You are the only people I know in your business who really seem to care about all of us that are out here in the trenches.
Linda A. Wurzbacher I checked out your website and was REALLY impressed with what I saw! God is doing some amazing work through the two of you and I praise Him for you! I listened to some of your music and was VERY blessed by the experience. It's obvious that you have ...
Pat A Wesolowski We have been just amazed at the love and energy of Troy and Genie. They have a music ministry like no other. Go to and read more about these amazing 3x Dove Award Nominees and their variety of music available for all ages. The best part ...
John Alexander/ dramashare Awesome resource for all of us who are looking for good dramatic music!
Bonnie Armstrong I am so amazed by your fabulous Web Site. I have never seen anything quite like it. So many things that you make available to us! Thank you! The kids plus the adult leaders of our church love the Worship Rock cd series! I went exploring on your Web...
Doug Rendall Wow! I just listened to After the Storm and Undying Love and I was blown away! I'm just going to *have* to get some of your music! Also, I happened to see your artwork, Troy, and was very impressed! Your Nail Cross (and others) is phenomenal!
Music Review All of it in one place. I don't know of any artists this good who would be so generous as to give away their entire body of work for $50. It's a gift.
David Coyotl Incredible music with so wonderfully credible message...creativity and passion!
Cindy Bennett Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the video set I ordered. I oversee the children's area at my church and we'll be singing in the adult service the end of this month. THANK YOU for doing such an awesome job with the songs and follow...
John James The two of you are the bravest people I've ever met in my life; God bless ya for taking care of those children... -President, National Building Supply Company
Christ's Mandate For Missions, Jorge Parrott You guys are awesome! We love your music so much. It is heaven sent for sure! Stunning!! I work with OM, and we have 5500 missionaries working in 110 nations and on board our two mission ships. I'm still sending teams around the world doing indigenous worship recordings for the underground church. I would love to connect with you...
Jim Goodall I got this dvd a few years ago. And I'm buying a replacement...I'm interested in the download package...great stuff!
Jim and Erin Your beautiful and poignant story (The Giver and The Taker) brought tears to my eyes. Just today i received an email from a friend whose son is tremendously gifted by God for art. I have never seen expressions on faces such as he is able to capture in his...
Leon Russell Great writing.
Will Owsley Amazing collection of songs.
Andrew Gray The sampler CD is stunning. My colleagues and the kids love it.
Randy Christensen Troy&Genie are class acts.... I appreciate your quality stuff that doesn't treat children as if they need inferior, watered down, cutesy music. My ten year old loves the sampler CD! I've been playing the CD and he walks into my office and says, "Cool!"
Rod Robison I'm sitting here in my office listening to your cd. Great stuff. I still say "Total Eclipse" is a classic. I've recommended it for airplay to radio stations I've sent it to.
Doug D. Sharp I think there is tremendous demand! Every time I visit bible bookstores (Family, etc.) I see the same "Kids Sing Praise" 1 and 2, and a few scattered other (poorly done) CDs. We think your compilation would be used by churches, Christian schools and ...
Steve Etzweiler Yes i believe this would be great. I would love to test-market it for you with our 600 kids.
Dick Gruber Sounds cool! I mean, like, WOW! I would buy a few of those. Keep dreaming and doing. You are definitely on the right track.
Raymond Almsteadt If I had to rate the top children's songs ever heard they would all come from Troy&Genie CD's. I thank God soooo so much for discovering Troy&Genie because their music is up beat and the kids love it. It is really hard to find music to really jel with in...
Darrin Gowan Everyone I've talked to is thrilled with the idea of a Kid's WOW project! Most would purchase the album for no other reason than it is associated with the WOW series. They even begin suggesting songs before I ask for ideas. Songs I'd encourage you ...
Joel Zuidhof Troy and Genie are being very helpful to what we're doing. I'm learning an incredible amount about every part of the music industry. I sleep in the studio basement.
Anonymous Superfan very pleasing to me...such a variety of styles and sounds it never gets old and always seems fresh. ... unique sound. It is very refreshing to encounter a ministry that gives more than it takes... generous and humble spirit that seems to govern your min...
Andrew Paterson very enjoyable to listen to...cutting edge in creativity and quality Andrew Paterson - YWAM King's Kids Canberra, Australia
Trevor Kirk "The Humbling" has made it onto the UCB Europe playlist, and rightly so, as it's a great song. More please! UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) broadcasts by satellite across Europe. can be heard anywhere in Europe, North Africa, Scandinavia, parts of th...
Kevin Mauldin I honestly think that if you could wear out a CD I would have worn the T&G sampler out for sure. I simply love it. I want one of every CD you have. "I am so small" is simply great. And Troy , you better hold on to Genie and LOVE her with all your hear...
Tom Owen Communications Your new additions to your web site are top quality. I admire the work of your site developers. They really know their craft. Their professionalism gives your ministry a good look, as your ministry is deserving of.
Michelle Vestby I loved the music and as a musician myself, recognized the talent right away. It's one thing to be gifted to compose in one style, but you guys cover a broad spectrum of styles and you do it very well.
Beth Moreton Gave a couple of your CD's to the ladies in my Bible Study. They LOVED them!!!!! Thank you for using the gifts and talents God gave you!
Beth Patterson I read the Tasmanian Fred story and loved your version of my favorite parable. I was a prodigal just like Fred, so the happy ending is extra special for me. I visited your site just now and wanted you to know it is terrific. If there is anything I can ...
Anonymous Superfan I just got home from the conference down there and I just wanted to THANK YOU for your love for the Lord and each other. It is radiant! I went to the conference a bit "dried up," as I'm sure many did. I kept praying for God to show me His spirit, his vis...
Jim Pellow Your graphics and design beat almost anything I have ever seen! It's gorgeous! No, it's better than that! How creative you are!
Kim E. Parker I would love to get more people hooked up with your music. You have done an EXCELLENT job making "Sunday songs" cool! My 5 year old thinks anything with a rock-and-roll beat is "cool" and unfortunately he only wants to listen if it's up beat! He has ...
Jade Sholty Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you as I listen to your music on headphones at my new job. Your music has helped me immensely as this has been a big adjustment. Thanks again.
Charles E Smith Your CD's were a hit at our MD/DC Convention.
Dawn Pesola Thank you so much for the cross poster and magnets. We love them! You guys are so wonderful. We look at the magnet on the fridge and it reminds us of to pray for you and that we need to order more of your awesome music! Congratulations! Your site (Troy&Geni's Amazing Creative Wonderland) has been honored with an award from! Your site stood out from hundreds of other sites, and we gave it a 4 star rating! It is our policy to only give awards to the hi...
Angie Allsup Thank you so, so, much for the c.d's. I can't even express how excited I am about sharing and leading music with the tapes you sent me. What a total blessing! There is no way I can pass up that deal.
Lee Stepleton It is so refreshing to hear about you in light of the commercial Christian Music Industry that be so profit motivated and so how, forget about ministry.
Chuck Nilsson I gave the CDs that you sent to the youth at the Children's Home. Their feedback is that your music is "really excellent", "cool", and "awesome". Mind you that many of these kids are from the inner city and are used to listening to just about ever...
Diane Manning The general public assumes that Fighter Pilots are nothing more than macho ego maniacs.  I Love the Lord and try to live my life in humility before him...not easy in my line of work and I often fail...Your music is inspirational to me and God has worked ...
Chuck Brown I just wanted to say how much I enjoy you guys and your music. I am really impressed with the quality of your work and the way you go about making it available to people. you are quite the driving technical/musical force. I've been impressed with your ...
John G. Elliot Nashville wouldn't be the same without Troy and Genie. I'm glad they are there to be a light amidst so much darkness. 
Joani Tabor The 2 favorite songs (most requested) on my new CD are "The Humbling" and "Undying Love". I open my concerts with "The Humbling" and close with "Undying Love".
Nikky (Niurka) Arce Troy and Genie.... I have to tell you how much your music is doing for our Spanish speaking kids! I use your songs when I give workshops to lay ministers on children's ministry and I am also a presenter for INCM. I have already told you about the impac...
Elizabeth Shields I direct a Kidz Praize Team at our church in Culpeper, VA. We have over 50 'kids' ages K up thru adults on our team. Many parents of the kids are a part of the team. Even with the very wide range of ages we all absolutely LOVE your music. It's kid's C...
Melea J. Brock It's beautiful. Absolutely a musical spiritual-philosophical lesson in about 6 minutes! I appreciate the opportunity to hear it...
Nanci Harris Many thanks for the DVD!!! I have just had a most enjoyable hour "browsing" and listening. I love the 'powerpoints' with the kids songs, it will save me lots of time for Sunday mornings and they are much more exciting than the ones I do!
Leann @ Yellowknife Wow! I feel like I found a gold mine! My kids and I have LOVED Scripture Rock for years and did not realize until today that you had so many works!! My desire is to put scripture into the hearts of kids and your Scripture Rock does just that! The No...
Ann Marie Dem I use you music for our kids choir. There is a lot of "kids" music out there and the kids don't like that music, but they LOVE doing YOURS!
Keith Ham Your Complete Works DVD is a major part of our elementary music and worship time every Wednesday night.
Kristen Hink I was searching for a recording of the "Bible Break" song, which had been given to my children as a gift from our church so that they could learn the books of the Bible. Well, I'd not expected to have stumbled upon such a rich treasure trove of valuable ...
Flow Motion Media Wonderful stories and beautiful music.
Michaela Sky have to tell you that you have had an influence on my life. It started about 10 years ago when you came to my church, Istrouma Baptist in Baton Rouge, LA. Shortly after that, I had to write a report on what I wanted to be when I grew up (I was in the 3...
Circle of Songs Wow, you're on an incredible journey.... I'm deeply moved by your perseverance.
Family Life Radio I appreciate your radical stewardship. Keep in touch. You're both an inspiration to me. I'm so inspired and proud of Troy&Genie's work. They are being so faithful in serving the king.
Jesus Troy and Genie have been or will be reviled and hated by all men. People speak all kinds of evil against Troy and Genie. Everybody turns away from Troy and Genie. But I will never leave them nor forsake Troy and Genie.
Al Green Sweet!
Amy Grant Inspiring.
Kingdom Seeking Man I have known for years that someone like you is out there, but I had yet to find you. I have been very excited to hear from you. I have been reading snippets of your book The Kingdom of YHWH. [Also listened to your music. It is truly beautiful and...
Paul Filidis SOUNDS great!!!!... - (director) WorldChristian News & Books
Jim R. Adams It sounds absolutely terrific!!! Package it brightly and you have a winner...
Beverly M. Lubs Sounds great! the best of all that would appeal to children! I would definitely promote it at our church!
Delishia Boykin great project! I definitely support this.
Joel Heimbecker We think it is a great idea. Go for it!
Judy St. John I think your CD is a wonderful idea. I have had a number of churches all over the United States tell me that they want upbeat, contemporary Christian music for children. I believe there is a substantial market for your CD! I have a feeling the translat...
Marc Hamman ...great Idea!
ISP1712 This sounds great...I would definitely buy it for our Children's Church!
Chuck Russ Go for it!
Robert Loo The WOW CD idea sounds great. Last year we ran a WOW holiday program which proved extremely popular, and even sang a couple of the songs you list. Any initiative that keeps children's music upto date and contemporary is a good idea. Children like to sing...
Karl D. Bastian SOUNDS COOL! I'll happily 'plug' it in my newsletter which goes to anybody whos anybody of course! Karl :) -THE KIDOLOGIST!
Marsha Krieger It would be great to have all these wonderful songs on one recording!
Julie Stewart Genie (YOU ARE WONDERFUL, GIRL!! I admire and respect what you are doing so much! THANK YOU!!) You are beautiful both inside and out.... even though we've never corresponded or spoken, through your lyrics I feel a kind of kinship with you.
Mike Boyle Awesome stuff! I love your CCM!
Robert Loo Up to date and contemporary ... Children like to sing songs that sound and feel new and exciting.
Anonymous Superfan shows a strength of conviction while holding on to tenderness and compassion. Sounds Great! Chris
Anonymous Superfan crosses barriers i.e. age/interests....teens and adults alike seem to enjoy it... Scripture Rock and Talking to My Dog are particularly suited for us to use with puppetry and kid's shows
Eric Engerbretson All I can think of is praise! Eric E.
Kurt Neuswanger We've been playing "The Humbling" on KJOL Grand Junction for 10 months & and it remains highly popular. a whole album of songs like The Humbling would be very well received.
Tom Owen Communications Your web site is one of the most impressive I have ever seen. (As is your ministry).
Kevin Bell You guys are rapidly becoming my heros, just the way I want to be when I grow up!
Gary Lunn Great tunes!! Great heart and feel. Your site rocks and so does your music. I very much enjoyed working with Mark Fox putting his vocals on your tracks.
Mark Nemer What a fabulous site....that's SLAMMIN'!! I will definitely pass the word about your site.
Paulette French Your website is AMAZING. It's wonderful. The opener, cross and heart; so much information, ALL so well done, very classy, now that represents you well!!! You are so full of life and fun.
Carl Brandon Great "Flash" Intro.....Good use of "Photoshop" graphics. Easy to navigate..... I'd give it an A.
Katie Izor That is really cool!! I have never seen a web site like it! Keep it up!
Steven Hayes Rimlinger Cool website, man. Especially all the photographs! It's all well organised and easy to get through. Great job on everything!
Helen W. Lee What a wonderful site! You did a great design job. I especially like the way the album covers appear when you mouse over a link. If I ever have the time I'll have to try that sort of thing for my own site!
Will Denton The site looks amazing - great job! - Will Denton- (Drummer for D.C. talk and Steven Curtis Chapman)
Kevin Mauldin That site is simply awesome. I love the way you have it laid out. And the music download of "I am so small" is simply great. I love it. I want one of every CD you have
Lawrence Mcginnis Your website is fantastic! You have a great website.
Elton Smith Yikes!!! Before you had great music and a ho-hum site. Now you have great music and a great site! I love it! Of course I am jealous of your recording ability (oops, that's a sin... squelch that thought). Someday I'll catch up with you.
Dave Pohl Whoever did your design execution is great! Usually, when I hit pages with as much content as yours, I wait around for 10 or 15 seconds to load and then leave because I don't have time to waste on someone else's ego trip. I REALLY enjoyed browsing your...
Bart Bartholomay Wow! Very, very, impressive site. Have you two ( really gone ballistic!
Victor Schiro Well done! Interesting. Makes me want to go back.
Joe Mazza I miss working on such cool music. There isn't a single T&G product that I don't thoroughly enjoy listening to...
Joey Ellis During the holidays a man in our church bought all of your cd's I had left to give to his co-worker's children as Christmas gifts. What a cool way to witness for Christ to kids! (he wants ten more of Scripture Rock and Hip Hop Hymns) SoI need more. Pleas...
Cathy Wong I'm listening to you on real audio!! I love your songs!!
Rhonda Hancock Your gift of music and love for children are a great blessing to me as I minister to children. I recently met with some (other local) Children's Ministers and they all raved about your new music and music videos for kids. I am always looking for new and...
Girts Balodis Heartfelt greetings from Riga, Latvia!! I went to the post office today and am thrilled to say that my prayers have been answered! I have received 3 of your CD's-"The Christmas Animals", "Scripture Rock" & compilation "Troy & Genie", as well as the so...
Arman Ghazarian I thank the God, that you exist and help the world... I want to begin the programs on radio and TV, devoted to Christian music, but unfortunately, I have very few material, I mean CDs, video clips and information. Therefore, I ask you to present me as ma...
Teri A Severine Thanks for putting out such new sounds to older songs. It really gets the interest going and the older children involved. You both are a tremendous God given talent to children's ministries everywhere. We have been enjoying the CDs I purchased. King...
Sherry Clarke we love your music! (Its getting to be a little obvious just how much!) This year we would love to be able to give each child a cd of your music! I like your new web site! Thanks so much for caring about KIDS! May God continue to Bless your Ministry!
The Victory Network We at WVBN love you and your music. Your music heads the programming list and we look forward to sharing your music with millions.
Tammy Russell I love the Cd, I play it at home all the time.
Amanda Olson I'm looking forward to hearing your new album! The one we have (with songs like "Fire of Unity" and "bed of roses") is sooo cool! Some of the songs give me chills 'cause the message is so true.
Tony Mitchell about 60 missionary kids at a conference in thailand enjoyed singing "king of the jungle" using your cd. we took it along with us to teach the mks the song so they could sing it to their parents. we really enjoy your new music a lot. can't wait to hear...
Phyllis K. Steffen I have enjoyed the CD's very much. The sampler is great and I am looking forward to going get some of the scripture rock and the others. The children like that kind of stuff and if it gets God's Words in to their minds I will help by playing them.
Steve Laury Your music is an inspiration to Christians. God bless you both in your work of spreading the word through music.
Bryan Hupperts The program (our radio interview) went well. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.
Kathie Hill You guys are the best! I will use and/or promote your things in the future.
Joe Lorusso I heard you on Bryan Hupperts radio show a few months ago. Our youth did a drama to your song "The Humbling" during our Easter services, it was quite powerful!
Leon Kotze I was so encouraged to see your wonderfull site on the internet. I don't believe that any of your products are available here yet. Our money currency here is very weak compared to yours and it would be very expensive for me to order your products. I wonde...
Luann Keller My 10-year-old daughter LOVES The Humbling! I plan to buy all 5 of your teen CDs for her birthday. Thanks! Your website looks great.
Dianna Johnson Your music is so much fun. We've been hooked for a long time. The kids just love all of it and so do the adults that work with me.
Peggy Vedder You are both very special and God's love just pours from you both!!!
Larry Hogge Thanks again for your exciting and unique music
Ron Ronald Skidmore I visited the IUMA website and noticed Genie's songs. The description was a little unusual, so I decided to visit I downloaded a few songs from there, which are really beautiful and moving. I am ordering the DVD.
Promoguy I found Troy and Genie's site via Amazon, and have been very impressed with their music. We have a long family road trip planed this summer, so I've been looking for some inspirational music to make it go by faster. Plus the it would be a great chance ...
Darren @ I just purchased the DVD via AMAZON and I am very much enjoying the music Genie and Troy have created. Great DVD - wonderful music, Troy and Genie are both truly gifted!
Hein dehaan I received your album in the mail today. Thanks! I sure can use it on my radioshow here in the Netherlands. We've also chosen a song "The Humbling" to try it out on the European Chart. It will be sent to the voting dj's in July on a compilation disc. Go...
Kathy MacLaren My husband and I have your Complete Works DVD and our whole family enjoys it tremendously!! Your music is such a blessing to us. I am interested in finding out how to get Scripture Rock 3. The music on all of your tapes is anointed, but there is someth...
Melea J. Brock I love it!!! A great cover. And you're too adorable and a handsome couple! We've been playing your music all day. And Gracie, age 5, is playing your worship CDs right now, again! They're all wonderful and I do appreciate them. - Melea (the storyteller...
Sheri Blackwell I purchased your Complete Works DVD on last year when I was looking for some kids worship songsfor my son After reading the great reviews I knew that your music would be a blessing to our small family as it has been ever since we got it. Once again I w...
Vicki Hill I too have been healed by our Healer of terrible auto-immune disorder (CFS). I used many of the techniques on [Genie's] list. God lovingly placed a few gifted healers into my life, all committed believers in Him, who used some amazingly simple techniqu...
Debbie Diehl Thanks for your amazing ministry! Your children's music has been a stable for us in our last 10 years of ministry. I need to ask for permission due to copywrite to use you songs in our ministry and also at the One Way Street puppetry teaching festival in ...
Elizabeth McAdams Wow! I am so very happy and inspired after reading about you both, and seeing your beautiful art and beautiful spirits shining. Troy, in a "journal" I received as a gift, much of your extremely inspired art was featured. One painting was "flower of the ...
Karen Skertich I purchased your complete DVD a couple of months ago. We just finished a study on the 10 commandments with the kids. We started each class with your songs. They loved it! Can't wait to impliment your hymns and praise songs into our Jr. Church. Thank ...
Tim Chris WOW...absolutely beautiful!!! reminds me of John Lennon or Late Beatles the atonality feel but still full of catchy rhythmic and melodic hooks.( like on the word 'remember') I adore classically influenced music of any use to be YES ...
Setrak Setrakian Clean music with lovely and sweet singing voice.
Una Davis For while I have been looking for quality music that taught God's truth (and not just "I" messages) with some meat and beat. I was so thrilled to be able to check out your music on internet before purchasing. I have hand full of [other artist's] medio...
Krista Phillips We had the Books of the Bible cass w/ our older children (now grown) and lost it long ago. Our younger children know the songs from us remembering them. We love them! We also have Scripture Rock 1, a family favorite (especially Dad!) and are sooo happy to...
Ranell Beerman WOW! I'm so excited about your children's music, especially the Christmas and 10 Commandments! I'm a children's director in AZ, and am thrilled to have material for the kid's choir. :) God Bless You!!
Kathleen Spon Thanks son is truly ministered by this music. He is only 9 and is not always open to church, so I am forever looking for ways to help him understand my christian faith.
Cindy Blai I am in charge of the fall festival at Dale Bible Church in Indiana. It is Christ-centered and completely free of charge. I play your music at the festival using PowerPoint.
Ric Carrasco 'Whisper' soothes us daily! (I waited 'til I could pay the whole $50; wish I could send more for this wonderful body of work! Perhaps next time) I can't thank you enough!
Chris The DVD is awesome! I am using it in children's ministry at my church (Point Harbor Community Church in Chesapeake, VA)
Joan White Our Keepers of Faith group at the church does Missions (charity work) every year and this year I am in charge of one of our Missions. I am going to to talk to the mom in charge of the group and see if we can help your children and collect the things on th...
Alice Cooper ROCKIN'
Anita Baker Love the songs.
Ray Stevens I love the funny songs.
Steven Chapman Significant.
Franklin Graham The life story of Troy and Genie was Jim Elliot, the Peace Child, God's Smuggler, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, and John Lennon story all rolled into one.
Brad Thanks for your transparency in writing. Has been very moving. Blessings & prayers for you and Genie.
Excellent compositions.
Jan Coopersmith I can't think of a more versatile and HARD WORKING couple than Troy&Genie.
Doug Tidwell a music ministry, -a media company....I'm impressed by it all!! :-) WORLD VISION
Kyle Liedtke media missionaries? cutting edge. very cool. very needed.
John Garner I would be honored to be a part of their ministry! I believe in them and their ministry.
Joe Dunfee With so much available now days in Kids music, a compilation is certainly a good idea. I have certainly also purchased my share of music that just didn't measure up. I would like the opportunity to purchase the "best" of them.
Pam Treu I think your idea will sell big. Great idea! I'll buy one!
Christine Buckley I am particularly intrigued by Troy's and Genie's music ministry to young people. Not only is there a distinct lack of good Christian music for children, but with the state of the world (and school campuses) as it is these days, such a ministry has bec...
Darrell Sarmento great idea. It's one we could push and sell and know that all the songs are first rate. Plus it would expose the kids to a broad range of stuff for a good price. I say go for it. Our musicians are playing John 3:16 from Scripture Rock in our Power...
Faith Tabernacle I think it would be awesome!! Kids need for great kids music that is not babyish but upbeat. Troy&Genie songs are great - I also like Joey G and Radio Halo.
Roger Bodenstab I think making a CD of the greatest kid's music is a great idea! Include trax so that it can be used in Children's Minsitries for worship & praise times!
Terry Mcguire great idea.
Jack Lombardo great.
Mike Gonzalez This would be a great project to follow through on. I know that many spanish children's ministries would benefit from such a project in their native tongue.
Susan Young This project would be a huge hit. I work with over 60 different Children's Pastors and one topic that always comes up is children's worship music. We will be praying for the project to become a reality.
Christine Yount Think about the little Sunday school teacher who just wants to plug in a split-track CD. Add overheads and/or videos and you've just made that teacher very successful in an area that may or may not be his or her strength. Here at CM Magazine, we're alway...
Bryan Braithwaite I think the demand is great. This would be a wonderful product. The only marketing issue is getting the news to the children's worship leaders. I have done music in our children's churches and have never had someone send me any worship sales promotiona...
Ron McGee I think this sounds like a great CD. Just off the top of my head, I think that the WORSHIP ROCK kids' version of "Big House" would be great. I know the kids at our church love it, especially with the hand signs that go with it.
David Morrow This sounds like a great project. One thing that I have always admired is how you think out of the box and BIG! <<<< Is it needed?>>>> Without a doubt YES.
Kalene Hankins I think what is needed is ANYTHING that will keep kids attention. My experience is that most kids want something that "doesn't sound babyish" and that is very, very fun and exciting. I used Scripture Rock last year at a Pastor's Conference and the kids...
Dan Richards I am glad to hear that someone has been asking for such a work to be done. I am excited about the possibilities and think your list is a great place to start. This could evolve into a WOW2000 for kids just like the youth/adult ones. Maybe it will ope...
Nancy S. Keith It is a great idea...there is such a great dichotomy here, though! It seems that you could actually (for continuity sake) pull two sets of for the younger kids--the Rob Evans/Miss Pattycake bunch--and one for the older kids--the hip hop and m...
Kevin Bell I have played your cd for kids and the response was: "where can we buy this"? Moms too are interested. As one who tours in music I must say that I wish that I had recorded these songs!
Mitch Flowers I love the idea of a WOW-KIDS. I was thinking the other day about it. I love all TROY&Genie's stuff & I like the Vineyard Kids stuff too. Also - Psalty, Donut Man, Patty Cakes, etc., etc.
Richard Johnson Sounds like a great idea. Let me know when and where i can get it.
Sue Van Hal go for it!! it is very needed... and I think lots of kids (and children's ministry workers) would buy this!
Amy Mescher My children also like some adult type music. I would definitely buy it and I think other parents would as well.
Diane Dalton I personally think it would be a great idea.
Annette Stickney CD sounds great! Let me know when it's out and I will purchase one.
Holly Bailey Hey! That sounds great! Our church would buy it and I would buy a personal copy for myself. I love the Scripture Rock CD and so do my kids at church! Keep us updated on the status of the CD possibility!
Marie Gilstrap I think it would be a great idea. We need to reach more of our kids today, and let them know how truly awesome God is. I say go for it.
Linda W. Brown Are you kidding? That would be incredible! I am always on the hunt for great worship music suitable for kids. Believe me, I search everywhere. The problem is that a lot of the stuff that is out there that is marketed toward kids is too childish for wha...
Stephanie Dugger I think that it is a great idea and it really is needed. I mean it is a good source to reach kids all over America! I mean it is needed really bad! And it is a wonderful idea!
Laurie Jones I feel this is a definate need, and I would support an album of this sort!
Sue Gilmore I think this CD is more than needed for kids and would be a wonderful piece of work... I think all of my favorites come from Troy&Genie's music... God's Love to you as you prepare to produce this wonderful compilation for kids !!!!!!
Daniel Wennekamp It would be nice to have all of them on one CD.
Lori Parris I asked my three childrenfor advice on what songs would reach children and touch their hearts. Mia is (12)suggested * John 3:16, Go, *Trust in the Lord, *Amazing Grace, *Joyful, Joyful, Don't Bow Down to Idols Honor Roll, King of the Jungle, God's Top 10...
Chuck Niemann Yeah, we'd buy it!
Cathy McIlroy What a blessing to hear my seven year old singing Troy&Genie's songs instead of all the junk available in the world!
Sharon (Izzy) Tucker WOW-KIDS! sounds great to me.
Margie Flowers My children enjoy the adult WOW CD's. They would enjoy the list you have provided. Let me know when you release this. The church will purchase one, and so will I personally.
Rhonda Osodo I love the greatest hits idea for an album. I would order as soon as it is available.
Angela Ellis ----------------------------original message:------------------------- This CD project sounds great. We would love one as soon as it is done. Our children need this type of biblical teachings in this day and age.
Moyra Mcburney Great idea. I think it would have great market potential.
Tim Knight There is DEFINITELY a need for a WOW-KIDS project.
Matthew Laney I think this is a wonderful idea. I especially love the songs from Hip Hop Hymns
Jody&Tina Foreman Thanks for the inspiring guitar playing and great songs.
Linda Elliott I heard The Humbling on KNLR and KLOVE. It is a wonderful song, I love the cadence and of course the message touched me deeply. I would like to hear more of their music. I had to call the radio station and pester them until they gave me the e-mail add...
Susie Abramson We had a couple more suggestions from the Willow Creek Association, and very fun! "Dance, Shout, Sing" and "Thank You Lord For Making Me" have been quite popular with our kids age 3 - 12.
Shawn Casey Todd was so refreshing to actually speak to an artist free of ego and isolation. I was quite shocked to hear your voice on the phone ... it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for remaining free of the worldly ego, and being "real" and down to earth
Liz Bilbro Our church kids just adore singing your songs. The kids love to sing to the videotrax. We use your music every Sunday in Sunday School and Junior Church. It is so wonderful to have scripturally-based music that is fun for the kids to sing. I wish you co...
Sharon (Izzy) Tucker All the kids stuff I've heard so far from Troy&Genie all is super and my kids (ages 18mo., 5, 7, and 10) love all their songs. King of the Jungle is a favorite I've used when clowning and the kids there loved it too!
Daniel Wennekamp The top 3 in our children's church are: "King of the Jungle, Shalom, Go" - the kids ask for them every week. We love all the music Troy&Genie put out. We want Scripture Rock II. I use Praise Jam in Praise and Worship because they repeat a lot with simple...
Sue Gilmore I think all of my favorites come from Troy&Genie's music...
Mitch Flowers I love all TROY&Genie's stuff
Derek Mitchell I appreciate that T&G's music is professional sounding - not just the "Casio" sound.
David Morrow One thing that I have always admired is how Troy&Genie think out of the box and BIG! (Senior Executive- Lifeway)
Angie Youngblood Quality Christian music that is relevant to kids is too limited. I can name less than 15 CD's that the children in my ministry enjoy and relate to. troy&Genie's are among them. The following would be the kids favorites... John 3:16 from Scripture ROC...
Christine Yount Here at CM Magazine, we're always looking for new kinds of music like Troy and Genie do.
Dean Summers Sunday our Children are performing God's Top Ten! They're are so excited. We love our Scripture Rock cd and video as well as Hip Hop Hymns. You are a true blessing.
Bob Johnson Perfect! Louise Johnson- Kids Sunday School/Music teacher- Walla Walla, Washington
Anonymous Superfan They were so cute, and funny...just like kids like them. I can't wait 'til you put those out on CD! I really appreciate your creativity.
Elton Smith very polished & well produced. - Elton Smith -
Anonymous Superfan sooooooo cool! You guys are fantastic. I had heard that you had some talent but I had no idea that you were this great! I am so excited!
Anonymous Superfan very deep and inspirational message
Bill William Hall Beautiful! Such sweet, clear voices like angels or butterfly kisses. What can I say? I`m going to spread the word!- YSIC, Evelyn Hall
Adele Thomas I have recently received some wonderful CDs and tapes from Troy&Genie. They are all great!!!!! The children love, "Who is the king of the Jungle" and Hip Hop Hymms was a big hit!!!! I had to listen-They were so good.
Charles Allen "Wow! The site looks Great!" - C. Allen, VP WEBMETHODS.COM, the multimillion-dollar world leader in web automation
Kami Simianer I'm extremely impressed with the site! Great design and lots of info-I really liked it! It looks like you have found a very talented web designer! (I do custom design and illustration for both web and print promotion...)
Connie Wellik Loved the web page...simple, loads quick, and it's fun.
Lynn Miller I firmly believe in what you are doing and I DO pray for you. I have referred numerous children's ministers to your ministry and music. As a matter of fact I just forwarded your new web site to a friend. I look forward to seeing you.
Sumner Wemp I am impresssed. Beautifully done. Your mission and purpose is fantastic.
Craig Minner Quality Marketing Corp Looks great and very easy to navigate. Impressed with the depth and amount of information available. Nice graphics.
Kevin Burger I lent my Troy & Genie CD to a friend in need of answering some questions about where God wanted her and her husband to be in regards to Ministry. As they listened to and were ministered to by that CD their hard decisions were made easier. So THANK YOU ...
Michael D. Yoder Fantastic web site! Very professional and easy to navigate.
joe Lorusso I didn't know who your were until I saw the Humbling song on your very good site. My youth group does a drama presentation using your song, the song is excellent. Well I guess I'll have to buy some CD's and see what other great songs you have..
Steve Bodai I always listen to your music and can't help but admire the quality and creativity of your recordings.
Phil Rieke Jade has done a really nice job on your site,Troy and Genie. Congratulations! It loads nicely, and has a fresh and compelling look.
Soren Dyhr Indeed a good looking page, which loaded quick and convenient, even over a slow connection ...very good.
Amanda Olson I saw the webpage...oh my goodness is it cool!! I have a slow connection, but it came in great and the song in the front page was clear and awesome!! Did you guys do all of that work? If so, it sure is amazing!
Mike C. from walgreens If I was going to rate the Web site from 1-10 I would have to give it like a 20#. Very, very nice! Download time was minimal and it was easy to navIgate. Everything to make a great web site was there.
Marti Lawson Thanks so much for sending me the God's Top Ten split track. My children's church kids love it. Your Website is great. I'm sure I can use some of your other CD's with my church kids. I already have the Hip Hop Hymnal. They love it!
Stojan "stole" Petrovski We are located in Kumanovo, Macedonia. We have a small music ministry that we hope God will use to reach the people in Macedonia. We also have a small music library. It is difficult for us to purchase new CDs in Macedonia. We just don't have the reso...
Joani Schultz Thanks for sharing your creative talents with thousands of kids though the projects we've worked on together...- Joani Schultz - VP Group Publishing
Ric Ergenbright Thanks for the CDs you sent; I've really enjoyed them, especially "I'm so small." I really do think that could be very powerful being combined with images. People are being blessed by your music!
Mustafa Efe Please send us, your CD's to the our radio station in Turkey.
Mike Sciarra My family absolutely loves your cd
Pam Freeland Just got your CD..and I love it! I can't wait to hear more! (My husband says you're an incredible trumpet player!) We would love to use charts for the children's choir and Sunday Children's services. You obviously have a heart for the Lord, and for ki...
Phil Philip Christie I am very impressed. I downloaded some samples and generally browsed your site and well, I was extremely impressed both by the professionalism of the site and the content of your ministries and your company.
Paul Strenger The "Whisper" CD is played daily at our home, the music is really annointed... we study the bible & pray with the CD playing... it is the only CD we own that is condusive to studying God's word, as well as prayer.
Amanda Gallahar I can't believe how much you do -keep up the good work! It's so neat to see that you use all of your many skills to glorify God I respect that a lot. I visited your site; it is really cool.
Craig Ford We are delighted with our shipment of materials we ordered for our hospital. I know God will use these songs/videos to bless others with hope just as they have me and others with whom I've shared them in the past. Thank you both for your professional and ...
Lynn R Thornton I just love that song of yours..'talking to my dog' and then the shot of him licking out of the toilet!!. Thanks again for sharing your God-given talent with the rest of us. Your songs bring us a lot of joy!! Jillian is constantly listening to God'...
Matthew Haney I really enjoy you guys music!!!
Laura Corlin I went to Genie's CDbaby web-page and checked out her music! How beautiful!! I will be happy to share her CD's with the young patients at ST. Jude Children's Research Hospital when I travel to Memphis in August!!! I just know they will love them!
Gary Remal Malkin  I took the magical mystery tour through Troy's and Genie's worlds, and I'm totally impressed with so many aspects of their work, values, web sites, and passion - such beautiful music, artwork, and living life with a passion that takes my breath away.
Neil Wesley Rogers I received the Complete works DVD that I ordered - I think the music on it is great!! I look forward to getting the upgrade from you guys. Is there any way that we can purchase some of the chord charts from you. We have a full band in our children's m...
Anna Clarke Thank you for the service you have given, creating positive music for children. I only play praise music in my home. I want their little brains to be filled with goodness, not that pop-music garbage. You have no idea how easy you have made that for me!...
Lori Attack I ordered The Life and Works of Troy & Genie DVD which is totally awesome..thanks
Carrie ftliu I have been using your music-the Humbling song in particular- when I conduct training workshops in Tambourines, flags, banners and streamers for worship. Invariably, I get feedback from participants who ask about where they can get your cd. I have directe...
Christine Simpson I am a music teacher at a Christian school and the split trax are invaluable for concerts.
Kelly Hub Hi, I am the music teacher at Dominion Academy in Leesburg, VA I have used both God's top ten and the Bible break songs in years past. I would like to use these CD's for my spring musical here at school. (Split/trax or just accompianment only) My own c...
Anne Murray Sweet, gentle, moving.
Walt Disney A hundred years ago, Wagner conceived of a perfect and all-embracing art, combining music, drama, painting, and the dance, but in his wildest imagination he had no hint what infinite possibilities were to become commonplace through the invention of record...
Tim Berg your music is very useful to our programming. ... the CD serves very, very well in providing great children's music. The children really appreciate it greatly!
Joanna Gehr you were quite a blessing! After the concert, I purchased "God's Top Ten", "Scripture Rock" and your "Troy & Genie Sampler", and my family and I have enjoyed them thoroughly!
Thomas A. Little Great idea...nice to have some of the greatest at one source.
Dan Oskey My kids and I think that you have a great idea. I play T&G cds as often as possible.
Carol Warren Yes this sounds like a good item. I enjoy all Troy&Genie's kid's music. The video aspect sound interesting too. A great break from the ordinary.
Candace Davis A children's gospel compilation would be an awesome! My son (age 7) said " that would be great!"
Rick McCarty Sounds great, I believe the need is there 1000 times over!
John Mays I think it would be a great project!
Dean Grady This sounds like a great idea.
David Mercer I definitely it is needed. We don't have all the CD's available, mostly because we can't find all of them. But they are a blessing when we get hold of them. My kids like upbeat music and they learn the lyrics so fast. I think some of our favorites ...
Linda Mohrman I like the selection. My kids love those songs. :) The enhanced version would be great to use in Children's Worship/ Music time!
Kami Simianer YES--it's definitely needed. 300,000 Christian children's music products were purchased in 1997 by our 80,000 readers! 74,750 readers make children's music purchases per quarter. Is is worth it?... I THINK SO!
dworley I think it sounds like a great idea
Shane Cooke sounds awesome
Andy Allen My son loves to dance and sing along.
Wally Viermann I think it is very much needed and I would like to see a mixture of songs that range from very fast and fun like Pharaoh, Pharaoh and Jesus is the Rock to some more worship type songs like those of Darrell Evans. I think you're on to something
Lisa Kingery I think that would be awesome.
Ron Harden I would use it with puppets as a training tool with some possible performance uses. Tammy says that she and the kids would probably listen to it in the car....keeps them from eating the upholstery....she might also use it with the little ones at the Ch...
Brian Nix Sounds good. Do you think that you guys could do some Country, Caribian, and Africian sounding songs too!
April Greene USE KING OF THE JUNGLE from WORSHIP ROCK! They love that song. I think it is great what you guys are doing
Kelly Brower I like the idea of WOW kidz! I know I could market it some in Canada through Kidztown & M2C Video Magazine (Ministry to Children).
Michael D. Yoder I say, go for it! I definitely think there is a market for this project.
Brenda Turner sounds great!
Janice Kelley All those songs are great. We use almost all of your songs in our kids worship. Let us know of any new CD's you put out. I would love to purchase them.
Katrina Scallin I think the idea is wonderful! As a children's evangelist, and gospel puppetteer, I'm always looking for songs for the krusades.
Bob Baker Go for it.
Kari Glemaker I think it is a great idea--especially since our church has seen the value of good music for kids!! (Since Troy&Genie came). I don't know that I would change the suggestions from T&G albums--those are some of our kids favorites!!
Judy Comstock This sounds fantastic! Go for it!
Nicole Partin GREAT idea. It is very needed. I think that kids todays are in need of "their own music." I hear this everyday. Here the children are looking for hip-hop, or something that really sounds great, but has a good message. I see about 200-300 kids everyd...
Janis Biron I would be very interested in your WOW KIDS! Let me know when it is available and the cost.
Carolyn Boyd sounds fantastic. It is important to have a balance of songs (which it looks like you have). Kids 10 and up are really neglected so we tend to use adult worship songs with them to good effect. We look forward to knowing when the CD is ready - we wil...
Jim Richard Great idea! Include the best from ALL labels and artists... you may have a winner, for sure. veggie tales: hairbrush, cheesburger, song of the cebu carman yo kids: daniel and dangerous dudes, peter walked on water Peter Jacobs: Lord I Lift your name o...
Janis Jordan fantastic idea. There are two main reasons that I support the concept: 1) it gives children's ministry leaders & musicians an opportunity to "catch up" on what they've missed. With children's and youth leaders, there is frequent "turn-over". They will lov...
John M. Holmes "You are the devil and the devil is bad." is VERY popular with the kids and kid's pastor around here. Let's see. WOW 1996., WOW 1997., WOW 1998.. WOW 1999.. WOW Gospel., WOW Worship, WOW ... WOW Kids would be a natural
Arthur Preston This sounds fantastic!!! This is a resource sadly lacking in many South African churches - good quality children's worship. I think your list is great and can't think of any others at the moment. For me the big thing with children's music is that ...
Frankie Yeo Would I buy the cd if it's made? Yes,I think I would as I am constantly looking for new songs for the children's ministry.
Diane Buchanan Our favorite is "King of the Jungle".
Tami Morris The songs that we will be adding to our rotation are: Scripture Rock John 3:16, Trust in the Lord with all Your Heart, Greatest Commandments, I Can do All Things from Christianatomy: Have a Heart , I Forgive You, Thank You Soothing Scriptures--Ev...
Megan D Saltink I love the cd. my favorite songs our I am so small and who is the king of the Jungle (9 year old)
Margie Flowers My children enjoy your songs. King of the Jungle is "must sing" every time! From Hip Hop Hymns children at the church enjoyed 'Nothing But the Blood'. From Scripture Rock 'Fear Not'.
Linda Mohrman I like the selection. My kids love Troy&Genie's songs. :) ... great to use in Children's Worship/ Music time!
David Mercer Some of our favorites are GO!, Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me. My kids like upbeat music and they learn the lyrics so fast. They are a blessing.
Carol Warren I enjoy all Troy&Genie's kid's music. A great break from the ordinary. The videotrax are interesting too.
Dan Oskey I play T&G cds as often as possible.
Maria Medina-Rosa The music is very refreshing and annointed. I can see that the Lord's hand was definitely on it. I can see the tremendous potential for so many lives being transformed by your ministry. We will feature your music on our internet radio station.
Melissa Edrington Our 3 and 5 year old think it's pretty cool stuff and my husband and I too! our kids are really enjoying your "Scripture Rock" and "God's Top Ten" CD's. Our kids will be sharing, Gen 1:1 "In the Beginning" in a couple of weeks. So, we are excited about ...
Nathan Gifford such a variety ... a very enjoyable mix of music ...much of it is so relaxing. a real ministry to all who hear it... Nathan Gifford UCMShowcase
Rodney Gill We loved your CD ... Actually we liked it so much :-( We passed the CD on to a friend youth leader in Ottawa since we liked it so much and we haven't got it back yet.... He likes it too. Anyway we really liked the variety of songs with such a positive me...
Sunny Pad You guys have ears to listen. I love your attitude in the ministry of God. I see many gifted people in the church, but not PASSION. You guys are so humble. I can feel your PASSION for God. Praise the Lord! I would like to support the ministry of G...
Jeremy Tijerina I really liked the song "the Humbling". It a great mix of different genres. Great stuff.
Brian 'Sham' Gannon I really enjoyed the website. It has a many cool features. The opening page with the Flash movement is really eye catching. That is what many people want today from sites: pleasure to the eyes. The navigation is easy and easy to understand. If my...
Christine Yount Wow! I'm very impressed! Nice work!
Pietro Arnese Nice flash entrance and excellent presentation. Congrats.
Rod Butler The web site looks cool. Fresh. Clean. Current.
Gary Lare Great looking site! Very user-friendly too.
Tim Foster Pretty spiffy web site. I like the navigation menu. You guys are a creative lot.
Debbie W. Virtue I thought the web site was SUPER and was so amazed at all the professional annointed music. I loved your sweet personality pouring through...
Heather Moss The web site looks great. It is easy to use and pleasant to look at. I emailed several of my friend your web site for them to look at. I will help spread the word.
Don Wieland WEB SIte looks great. -
Les (SeaGunk) Great website!!!! :-) Looks Awesome!
wim Decorte Nice site. I like the colors. Very warm and cosy. Nice opening sequence as well. Good work all around. And of course the site is using FM in the background !! :)
Jeff Moss (Mossy) @ Cda (Christian Drummers Association Australia) Your site is really good, I enjoyed it very much. I'll put a link from our site on our links page- Chairman, Christian Drummer's Association
Zane Chumley I like the new layout of the site. The graphics and animation are good and the use of the musical staff works well with the map of the web site.
Scott Kuhn Very awesome site!
Sharon J. Cox Wow! Your site is awesome! It looks very professional and is easy to navigate. And, thank you for your ministry! I do appreciate what you're doing for HIM!
Amanda Olson This music is so great to give to friends because it's like a weapon in the Spiritual Battle. It's always used and it brings people to Christ. Some of your songs are played at my Church in New York. Thank you for everything, I'm gonna look around some mo...
Jenn Teague I really enjoyed your website. You both have done a wonderful job explaining and portraying things as they are. I will forward the address to my youth pastors and friends& family so that they may join on the excitement! It's so mind-blowing to see all ...
Chuck Nieto Nice! Clean, uncluttered and straight forward. I liked it very much. I will be sending the address to a large number of Christians in the Northeast. Your site Catches the attention of the surfer within 5-10 seconds well...not a whole lot of graphics/usele...
Ruth Myrick Wow! What an impressive site!
Michelle Vestby I'm hooked on your music. I loved the music and as a musician myself, recognized the talent right away. It's one thing to be gifted to compose in one style, but you guys cover a broad spectrum of styles and you do it very well. For kids' camp we lip-syn...
Amanda White Some of the things that you are doing, I see us doing in our ministry in the future. I think that there is a great need for children's music. I only know of a couple of high quality kid's worship CDs. scripture, faith filled songs that are catchy an...
Bill ‘DelanoBoy’ Miller It's a very professional looking website that you have. Wish mine had so much polish. Terrific looking site! Best Wishes, Bill Miller The Blue Chip Radio Report /
Jenny Hollis I love your music. Thank you for writing to me. I wish I could buy all your music!
Mustafa Efe There is now a Christian commercial radio station in the country of Turkey - a 99.9 % Muslim country ...Good News 89.6FM, is broadcasting to all of the city of Istanbul and its surrounding areas at 15 KW. Our potential listening audience is somewhere betw...
Bart Bartholomay Last night I went to a small dinner at a close friend's house and, appropriately, we listened to you. Everyone there was so totally wrapped up in your music that we stayed rather late. I wish that you were able to hear your own work for the first time as ...
Philip Morgan I spent the summer months of 1995 working at the NMM recording studio as an unpaid intern. I originally wanted to take this internship because of my erstwhile interest in working in the music business as a studio recording engineer. Up to that point,...
Debbie W. Virtue you guys are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! outside as well as in =) "pure creativity" speaks of what you do! Isn't it mind blowing that the Creator of the Universe wants to be intimate with us and He in us is unlimited creativity for and in His glory
Teresa Aspinwall Conners I checked out your website and can tell that you have put a lot of time into it. I found the site interactive and full of information. I was also impressed with all your accomplishments - you really did a bit of outreach.
Dana Drake I still love your soft music. Well, I still like the children's music, too, particularly the ten commandments. God bless you as you make more music!
Linda pagan My kids love the music and are interested in sharing it with some of their friends.
Jenny Janelle Duncan We have been so blessed by the CDs Genie gave us. We would love to be able to play them all on our radio station. The children's songs are great.
Leon Kotze I thank Troy and Genie so much for the encouragment they are to me and the amazingly brilliant cd's they sent me. I have already started using them in our children's meetings and the kids here are crazeee about Troy and Genie's super cool music. I really ...
stacy Very nice web site.
Wendy W On Weds Oct. 27,2004. There was a lunar eclipse at 10:40 pm Central Time.   Genie's song "It's like a total eclipse when the sun hits the moon, though the Son is brighter by a billion-to-one"  was in my Head. Thank you for being the voice of God, m...
Eowyn Nice stuff. Cool site.
Brian Richy Many thanks for your inspirational web site and message.
Natalie Russo I love your paintings - they have so much depth to them. My aunt gave me the journal "Canvas" which features some of your paintings in it. Thank you so much and i think your work is amazing!
Amy Ray Deep and rich.
Amy Grant Challenging and refreshing.
Tom T. Hall You guys write a ton of songs!
Kim Piepmeier We use your music ALOT. We did 2 weeks of campground/resort ministry with "Hip Hop Hymns" , with puppets for over 800 people, a mission trip with sampler CD songs, " God's Top Ten", and "King of the Jungle". We taught the kids to perform puppets for their...
Warren Traynor The people I have shared your music with have all been blessed and I personally know that it's great to help me with bible study.
Doug Tidwell We just finished listening to your album and wanted to tell you it was great! I can't believe how prolific ya'll are with your writing. I stand in awe at all that you've accomplished.
Keith Berry "Humbling" and "I Won't Deny Him", can't seem to get away from those two cuts. Simple yet powerful!
Cindy Wheeler I perceive the continuing need for great kids' Christian music in whatever form we can produce it.
Glen Mccarty Sounds good to me. Let me know when it is available and how much it will cost. It would sure be nice if the words to the songs were on the CD in a PowerPoint format with some nice children's graphics, in color, to be printed out to project from an ove...
Angie Youngblood Putting a compilation CD into the homes of kids is a super idea. Quality Christian music that is relevant to kids is too limited. I can name less than 15 CD's that the children in my ministry enjoy and relate to. Yours are among them. I also use musi...
Steven Wood That sounds like a TREMENDOUS idea! I'd be willing to pay extra if they were able to make the CD split track, or include accompaniment tracks, as well. Tell them Evansville WANTS this!!!
Kathy E. Carr Yes we need it!
Sue Wilson I think it is a wonderful idea. We have multiple of the WOW cd's from each year
Linda MomKoff My 8 yr old listens to veggie tales cds...we think they are funny but she listens she also listens to a compliation of various artists for kids. Sounds like your CD would be great. The demand is always there for good Christian Kids music. There are...
Ken (Captain) I think the idea is great. I truly hope you accomplish it In my work with Kids, I find I have my greatest success with songs that are relatively popular either through TV, radio commercials, or hit songs of the 50's. Especially songs that get stick i...
Mike Stahl You listed some of my favorites in your list of top children's music. We have also really enjoyed music by Kurt Johnson (Kid Possible) One of our favorites here in Russellville, AR is My God is Like a Rock. The kids love the motions and beat.
Sunny Pad I love all the songs you have picked. By the way, in terms of language, have you ever concerned about adding Korean into WOW? I am not sure you aware this of not...Korean-Christian population is a pretty big size compare to other ethnic groups. I...
Chris Dotson Wow! I had no idea there was such a demand for Christian children's music. I agree with those other letters.
The First United Methodist Church It is a good idea.
David Smith About the WOW-kids project- It's a hard choice, I love them all. What I am looking for (as a children's Pastor/Evangelist) is the music trax or split-trax form, to use in Children's church or in a crusade (like the "Puppet trax" from Jim Wideman)...
Stephen wolfe sounds good.
Raymond Almsteadt I think the cd would be a great Idea.
Tawana Grabarz Sounds good to our troupe!
Pam Treu Sure, that would be cool. I'd love to hear all Troy&Genie's stuff!
Shawna L. Whitlow I think more kids music is definately needed...great idea!
Ruth Myrick Would like to see more of God's Top Ten. My impression of kids music in retail outlets is that they have a lot of "stuff" but not much stands out.
Graeme Rouillon I think that he demand would be good.
John Koh We'd love to have that ministry resource for our church, as I'm sure would many other children's pastors and parents.  Do whatever you can to get this CD off the ground.  I really think it's a great idea, especially if you can add to the package (vide...
Cheryl Tokke Good idea. One of our favorite songs that we use all the time is I'M GONNA STAND ON THE ROCK from WillowCreek "Promiseland" recording.
Crosswalk What a great Idea! keep us informed.
Peggy Graves To provide a great mix what I've had to do is compile songs onto one tape, so I think what your talking about doing sounds great! I think the teaching aids (video and overheads) are an awesomw resource idea!
Kami Simianer Troy & Genie are doing a lot of recordings for us for curriculum projects, etc. They're GREAT!
Paul J. Duris Our girls love the original W.O.W.'s and so I know a kid's version will meet a need.  are asking for music for pre-schoolers, 5 to 8 year olds or 10 to 12 year olds?     Is W.O. W going to target an age group (pre-schoolers, 5 to 8 year olds or 10 to ...
Frankie Yeo I think doing a compliation is a great idea. Yes, I would buy the cd I would as I am constantly looking for new songs for the children's ministry.
Mike Adams Great idea!
Cathy Martin I think the Troy&Genie songs are excellent, and I know I would buy it for our kids. Would you include the words also, so we could print them and put them on transparencies for overhead use?
Chris C. Hooton used both by pastors and families... high quality stuff. I have about given up on kids worship music and am using adult stuff. I like the enhanced idea!
Brad Waldman Yur 100 CD "gifts" to us has been so HELPFUL! We have used them as special thank you gifts for our hosts in the islands, and given as "merit" awards in our teacher training. "King of the Jungle..ugh, ugh..." was a HUGE hit in Barbuda. The adults liked i...
Brian Moll your cd's have been great - thank you for making music that kids love and understand
Kyle Liedtke "the humbling" will either be #1 or #2 for the year
Mickael Blanchette I can see a true christian vision trough Media Mission and a real goal to bring people to the reality of Christ.
Stephen Nasby I think that the greatest part that I enjoyed was the fact that it was all real life experience. Everyday, or usually everyday, there was something new going on or something... interesting happened. I'll have some... interesting stories to pass on to my g...
Jim R. Adams what a beautiful new, the page is terrific (as are you all).
John Fortmeyer A very nicely done site! I especially like the way the cross expands into the heart graphic at the start of the site.
Lisa Kendall (Reyna) This is very cool website. I will forward to as many people as possible.
Warren Havens The site looks great! I love the intro movie.
Don Heap The new website is fantastic - ambitious, creative, and informative. This site represents your ministry well. I am inspired by the movement of your ministry !!!
Robin Patrick Your CD's are wonderful... Absolutely fantastic!!! Nice work!
Medina Potter The website is gr-r-eat! I'll be sure to pass the website along!
Jon Hutson I love your new site. It's very well done.
Sherwin Abrahams I really am impressed w/ your new site. Thank God you for all you do. I hope we can stay in touch, and pray some day that I can get you to visit the church I minister to one day, or maybe we can plan collectively on doing an African tour in the future. Wo...
Ron Hitchcock Great Site! The impact of your ministry continues through this day
Andrew Skipper I really enjoyed my visit to your home and to let you know that I liked the cd's that you gave me. Great writing and production. The hard work really pays off.
Jim R. Adams Ya'll have been so kind and generous with us at the Sharing Center... and we just think you folks are TOPS!!!!
Margie Flowers You put God's word into a fun way for the children and youth to want to sing and worship the Lord. We have used several of your songs in Sunday School. We even sang 2 songs from Hip Hop Hymnal for the congregation. Keep following the path you are on. I...
Keith Berry The site looks great! Very professional! I like the mouse overs.
Doug Powell I think the new site looks great! A much more intuitive experience than its predecessor.
Mark Cabaniss I checked your website out....excellent! Keep up the good work.
Ray Abbey I didn't realize why I had such a love for people who I have never met but your hearts have touched me.
Gordon (Paul G ) Shupe Very nice!!!! I can tell a Macromedia fan when I see one.
Melissa Hart Wonderful site. God Bless you for all the wonderful work you are doing
Frank Fortunato Awesome Site!
Gordon (Paul G ) Shupe Very nice!!!! I can tell a Macromedia fan when I see one.
Lissa Lee Very impressive site.
Dan (capt) Jennings Your site looks GREAT! Good job.I pray that the Lord will bless your mission. Music can be a powerful medium by which to communicate the gospel.
Ray Rush I just have to tell you how much your ministry bless my heart! Even though I only got to see the last 20 minutes of your concert, it was obvious to me that you really love people!!! That was especially obvious with the CD/donation thing that you had set...
Sheryl Steely Great job - web site looks really good!
John Massicotte Your new web site is real nice. Top notch!
Gavin Mikhail D*MN (pardon my French), your site's quite thorough. You've done a great job putting it together. Great job.
Peter Elias Nice site. Very professional look to it. Keep up the good work.
Gary R. Linn We took a look at your new site a few days ago! Nice job! We especially like your page headers and musical graphics. They are consistent in style, look very professional, and are still personally expressive. Your Christ-like spirits are a blessing a...
Baron Eliason (Thanks for waiting for) check for my purchases. Your patience enabled me to stay afloat and share your music.
Kevin Frasure I just heard some Genie's songs of the internet and it was wonderful. Genie makes wonderful music. I will be getting some of it in the future.
Mike Catania I just looked over Genie's website and read her story. That's really amazing what she has done.
Wendy Olson Dearest Genie, I cant believe it!! You are the one who wrote the bible books we do, already; wow. So nice to have on screen now. We will get a curricullim done with your verses, Hopefully you can add some. I am now listening to your main tape. I am going ...
Andy Summers Quite the collection.
Annie Lennox Thanks for the great song.
Al Gore Thank you.
Pat Leonard Some of this stuff reminds me of Shaming Of the True, Kevin Gilbert's last record.
Mark Elliott Our choices would be King of the Jungle, Amazing Grace, Joyful Joyful, and Jesus Loves Me.
Yancy Wideman Sounds good......... I know this isn't a Troy & genie song but how about "The Bath Song" by the Doughnut Man...........a memory from my childhood! - Yancy - Best New Artist -1999 GMA national showcase
Pete Beaulieu What a great idea for a CD. We have two CD's that are high on our list right now by Ron Caldwell - Have Fun Love God and Children's Church Classics. Let us know when it will come out and how we can get some!
Tim Bruner Wow, what a neat opportunity to reach the kids of the world
Naomi in Africa What about one CD that embraces 3rd world cultures done in a way that reflects the talent and ethnicity of the nations represented?
Russ Pangratz What you've proposed sounds terrific! Wouldn't change a thing! I pray blessings on the project.
Steve D. Varro IJust read the headlines of any newspaper in the country, and I think the answer is obvious-> Yes, it's very needed.
Derek Mitchell I appreciate that T&G's music is professional sounding and not just the Casio version.
Billy Roper Good idea, folks, - make it available in split track or sound track so the kids can do it by themselves
Rod Farmer I think it would be a great idea! It would be something Sunday School teachers and Childrens Workers would want. I think the problem will be is marketing. How to sell it.
Jonathan Hendren really like "F-A-I-T-H", "I am a Christian," and "Sit Down, Stand Up" by Ken Blount. These are great up-beat songs. He also does a worship song called Worthy is the Lamb."
Steve Axtell I'd add many Donut Man, Mary Rice Hopkins, Steve Green and Frank and Betsie Hernandez songs to the list.
Jennifer Puukila THere is some awesome music on the Willie George Praise and Worship tapes....also on the Charisma Life P and W,
Daniel L Gottwerth I think the idea is great! kids enjoy Scripture Songs for Children's Ministry.
Linda W. Brown I thought of a few more worship songs that are quite popular with the kids. Hope this is the kind of information you were looking for. I Love You, Lord, God is So Good, Deep and Wide (Jeff Moody) - not the traditional Deep and Wide You Are So Beautif...
Brent Weber You should definitely do WOW KIDS!!!
Cathy McIlroy Would love to have a copy!
Ywam Wales I needs to be transnational in it's origins to truly reflect the creativity of artists in other nations. UK ones worth checking out are: Sammy Horner, Ishmael, Doug Horley, Jim Bailey
Tony Mitchell Here are some songs besides Troy&Genie's our kids really enjoy...... 1. Terminator from the musical "Go, Go Jonah" by Kathie Hill 2. Basic Four from the musical "Hans Bronson" by Kathie Hill 3. God's Not Dead from Kids Church Praise Along 4. Jesus...
Matt Snider Sounds good!
Tim Workman We think this is a great idea go 4 it
Dan Helt We have most of your CD's ourselves and we thoroughly enjoy your music. I can easily recommend them to anyone.
Cheri Stearns Taylor (my daughter) is still listening to your music, you both are a great blessing to our children. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Love Cheri
Deana Bondy We do so love the music of Troy & Genie and in fact our kids were just listening and singing to "Don't bow down to idols!" Keep up the good work and thanks for what you've put out already that we're using as a family to help lead our kids further to expe...
Girts Balodis Even though Latvians don't celebrate Thanksgiving the way Americans do, I could not get very far in my day without reflecting on my thankfulness to you. What a wonderful blessing you have been to me! God has been so generous with introducing me to you...
Shawn D.C. Larson Website looks great.
David Chapman Harris I HAD to send you a letter after further browsing your new web site. I came across the Mormon section. I admire your courage to stand up for what is true. I want to encourage you to continue growing in the newfound faith in Jesus that I share with you....
Eric Nordhoff Looks great. I took 10 minutes to look through everything.
David Chapman Harris Your new site looks great!
Tami Morris Your new site looks great!
Matthew Laney Checked out the new web page and it looks great
Matthew Laney Read your resignation letter to the LDS - excellent. I am so excited to see what the real Jesus has done with your life.
Debbie W. Virtue I loved your sweet personality pouring through the note as you excitedly shared the new handiworks of our awesome God in your lives. I'm so amazed at all the professional annointed music that flows from Him and through Him (as you are part of His yielde...
Keith Mohr Did I tell you how impressed I am with your music and organization??
Diana E. Morris Hi! Kewl web site! I like it.
Paul Haworth love the new site!
Allison Mcglothin Your web site is great!
Lisa Daggs Your site looks great!
Durbin Davis I love the web site. It was a blessing.
Karen Lokken You guys do great work. I checked out your site and it looks great.
Mark G. Neubauer new site looks great!
Suzanne Lofthus The website looks very good - Liked the logo.
Rockwell Masih Thanks for the Parcel which we received from Troy and Genie of Video and Cd's postors, We had displayed in the 14th World Book Fair -- at New Delhi . We had some of the encouraging news from the World of Books. ---- As we had displayed the Cd's and put p...
Kim Loftis I tremendously enjoy your music... all four discs are fantastic. I'm actually listening to the instrumental version of "I Love You More Than Life" right now. Anyway, thanks again for such beautiful music...
Anita Bryant Wow!