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by Troy + Genie
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Robert RobergThese are Troy&Genie's best songs yet. They are full of energy and vibrancy like never before.
Fernando GomezWOW! You guys did an amazing job. The drums sound amazing! The whole mix sounds fantastic! Wow great job i cant wait for the next tune!
Wendy OlsonGreat! This version is even better for summer VBS. I taught the Lord's Prayer with your rock version from Scripture Rock 2 and I broke down each word and sentence to explain what the Lord's Prayer meant. I will use the rock version along with this new "be...
Haitian Adoptive ParentsI approve! I am happy to be coming out of Babylon. I should be sleeping right now but I keep listening to one track after another from your site, then found a ton of your music on ITunes Store. How in the world did I not ever hear about you guys before? ...
Ryan Mlynarczyk & Mandy CreightonThe track is sooooo fun! i think it will be perfect for our movie! :) Love and light, Ryan Within Reach Movie 12,000 Miles, 100 Sustainable Communities, A Bikepacking Documentary withinreachmovie.com
Marianne GreerI love [Troy and Genie's] songs. The quality is wonderful - something that I don't find often.
Robert RobergThe Lord's prayer really rocks. Muy bueno.
RobertoChildren of the light is really catchy.
NanI purchased your DVD, and have now gotten some of our youth to get together Sunday evenings to play and sing some of your songs! The guitar youth use "tabs." Do you have any of your songs prepared with guitar tabs for our use? Blessings and thanks! Nan
RobertoGreat instrumentation. I really loved it when the bigger drums came in.
I tell everyone about your songs and where to get them. I have used them for years. We give to kids in our area. We are a very small church but our kids mid weeks program is doing great. We see 20-30 unchurched kids every week. they all love your song ...
SherI just love 'Love of Money' and 'Yes Be Yes'. What important scriptures for children (and teens and parents) to learn! I'm ordering Volume 4 now! Send it fast!