By Troy + Genie

Weeknight Bedtime Ritual Songs

To the tune of "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go."

You can also do this ritual in the morning when you wake up [FOLLOWING] the "after dark" time indicated.

[SATURDAY AFTER DARK: Light 1 candle, then sing:]
Day 1, Day 1,
We're 'bout to have some fun!
We've had our rest, now we feel blessed
Day 1!
We're starting on Day 1
Day 1!

[SUNDAY AFTER DARK: Light 2 candles, then sing:]
Day 2, Day 2,
We're starting something new
Yah loves me and I love you
Day 2!
We're starting on Day 2
Day 2!

[MONDAY AFTER DARK: Light 3 candles, then sing:]
Day 3, Day 3,
Great day for you and me see gee hee key pee tee
Yah loves you and I love me
Day 3!
We're starting on Day 3
Day 3!

[TUESDAY AFTER DARK: Light 4 candles, then sing:]
Day 4, Day 4,
Is opening its door
We'll roar and soar and more on your
Day 4!
We're starting on Day 4
Day 4!

[WEDNESDAY AFTER DARK: Light 5 candles, then sing:]
Day 5, Day 5,
We're glad to be alive
We'll run and dive and jump and jive
Day 5!
We're starting on Day 5
Day 5!

[THURSDAY AFTER DARK: Light 6 candles, then sing:]
Day 6, Day 6,
last day to pick up sticks [fix, A day to get our kicks!]
These days go by so quick: tick tick
Day 6!
We're starting on Day 6
Day 6!

[FRIDAY AFTER DARK: Light 7 candles, then sing:]
Day 7, Day 7,
It feels like 7th heaven
We'll bake out bread without the leaven
Day 7,
We're starting on Day 7
Day 7!

Sha ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - bat! Sha-Lo___m!
Sha ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - bat! Sha-Lo___m!
Sabbath is the day of rest!
It's the day we like the best!
Sha ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - bat! Sha-Lo___m!
Sha ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - ba ba ba - bat! Sha-Lo___m!

Web only Bonus: Turn Out The Light (Light The Candle) Parody of The Party's Over

Turn out the light
the week is over
Yah said that all
our work must end
Turn out the light
light the Sabbath candle
And Sunday we'll go back to work again

Don't Bow Down To Idols

In the olden days
People used to bow and pray
To the idols tall, fat, medium and small
They would bow and grovel
Down on their knees
Slobber on their idols
And kiss their feet

What a silly sight
You can see it did no good
For the Statues were
Made of metal, rocks and wood
And bending down
kissing Idols' toes
They might as well been worshiping
Their play-dough!

Don't bow down to idols
Idols don't love you
Don't bow down to idols
That's commandment #2
Don't bow down to idols
Idols are a joke
Don't bow down to idols
They'll go up in smoke!

Maybe we don't bow
Down to idols made of stone
But we don't always love
Yah and Yah alone
'cause we love our money
Ourselves and our things
And we idolize people
on TV!
ídolos no te ama

mandamiento numero dos
ídolos va en fuego...

The Honor Roll!

Who's on the honor roll?
Mom and Dad!
The most honorable people that I know

They hug and kiss me
When I'm sad
And take care of me as I
grow, grow, grow

Who's on the honor roll?
Mom and Dad!
They'r e the greatest parents
In the land
They're the cool, neatest, nifty folks and
I gvie the honor every way I can

Give me a M! M!
Give me an O! O!
Give me a M! M!
What's that spell? Mom!
Give me a D! D!
Give me an A! A!
Give me a D! D!
What's that spell? Dad!

Three cheers for Mom and Dad!

12 Honra á tu padre y á tu madre,
porque tus días se alarguen
en la tierra que Jehová tu Dios te da.

Tell The Truth!

You got to, you got to (16x's)
Tell the truth
Always tell the truth
Tell the truth
Always tell the truth
Don't be tellin' lie-ee-e-ee-ies

Truth is not a rubber band
It won't stretch and it won't bend
so tell the truth
Always tell the truth
A lie is like a boomerang
It'll come back and bonk your brain so
Tell the truth
Always tell the truth

Someday you'll be thinking
Maybe just day dreaming
A little bitty scheming lie
But you know deceiving
Only ends up bringing
Trouble heaped up to the sky

Don't tell lies about your friends
It'll just hurt them in the end
so tell the truth
Always tell the truth
You will know the truth you'll see
And the truth will set you free
so tell the truth
Always tell the truth
Exodo 20:16 No hablarás contra tu prójimo falso testimonio.

God's Top 10

Yahveh's 10 Commandments
Give us long and happy days
Yahveh's 10 Commandments
Make us happy to obey
Yahveh's 10 Commandments
They're Yah's work of art
He wrote them on the tablets
and He writes them on our hearts

It will go well with you
if you worship Yah' alone
It will go well with you
Don't bow down to idols
Ane you honor Yahveh's name
And His holy day
And your mom and dad
Don't Kill, Be true to your mate
Don't steal, Don't lie
and never Covet

Used to say "God's top" instead of Yahveh

Los 10 mandamientos
larga vida nos darán.
Los 10 mandamientos
todos obedecerán.

Los 10 mandamientos
obra de arte de mi Dios
Él los escribió en piedras
y lo hará en mi corazón.

// Tu vida mejor será
si lo adoras sólo a Él.
Tu vida mejor será
si no adoras ningún ídolo.
Honrarás a su nombre
Y el día del Señor,
tu mamá y papá.
No matarás y fiel serás,
No hurtarás, ni mentirás
ni codiciarás.//

Let Life Live!

Love life
And let life live
Life is Yah's to
Take and give
Love life
And let life live
All over God's green earth

Yah breathed His life into us all
He breathed His life in you
And only Yahveh can decide
When each life is through

Life is a precious gift from Yah
He numbers all our days
And if you take another's life
You throw that gift away
Exodo 20:13 No matarás.

YAH's Name Is Holy

Yah's name is holy
Yah's name is holy
Yah's name is holy
YHVH is His Name

Treat Yah's name in a special way
Never say Yah's name in vain
Say what you mean
And mean what you pray

Treat Yah's name in a special way

* note: The One True God's Name is 'YHVH', generally pronounced 'Yahweh' or more correctly YaHVeH'.
Exodo 20:7 No tomarás el nombre de Jehová tu Dios en vano;
porque no dará por inocente Jehová al que tomare su nombre en vano.

Be True To Your Mate, Mate!

When you grow up big and strong
You'll be ready to set sail
Out upon the seas of life
And you will never fail
When you find the husband
or the wife
That Yahveh planned for you
never cheat and serve them well
And remember to be true

Be true to your mate, Mate
Be true to your mate
Be true to you mate, Mate
Be true to your mate
Cause life's a ship
You're sailing on
You need your mate
To keep you strong So
Be true,
Be true to your mate

When the storm of life are trying
To bow you overboard
Don'e forget your promise
to your mate and to the Lord
What Yahveh joined together
Let no man tear apart
Remember this little song
And sing it from the heart
Exodo 20:14 No cometerás adulterio

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Don't take Molly's dolly
Don't take Tony's baloney
Or Mike's bike, or Ike's kite,
Fred's sled or anything from Ed
Don't take Andy's candy
Don't take Barry's berries
Or Sam's ham or Lou's lamb,
Jake's snake or Sally's piece of cake

Stealing is bad
Stealing is wrong
That is why we're singing this song
Stealing is wrong
Stealing is bad
Just be happy with what you have

Don't take Sonny's bunny
Don't take Garret's carrot,
Scat's cat or Bob's bat
Joan's phone, Just leave it alone!
Don't take Sherry's cherries
Don't take Eddy's spaghetti
Kate's skates, Gail's snail
Dale's pail or you'll end up in jail

Don't take Joey's toys
Don't take Ryan's lion
Zack's yak, Mack's back pack
Lee's skis or Edie's pretty beadies,
Don't take Oggie's doggie
Don't steal Tony's pony,
Chuck's truck, Bud's bucks
Paul's ball or anything at all!
Exodo 20:15 No hurtarás.

YAH Is Number 1 (One)

commandment 1

Yahweh's Number 1
Have No Other Gods before Him
He's the Mighty One
Have No Other Gods before

Yahweh's number one
He won't be number two
He loves you more than andybody
else can ever do
Yah's number one
so here's what you can do
love Him with all your heart and mind
and soul and muscle too

Yahweh's number One
He's the Lord of all
The Everlasting Ruler
Of both big and small
Yah's number One
He is on the throne
there's no other god like Him
for He is God alone
// Jehovah primero es
no tengas a nadie más.
Poderoso es
y no hay otro como él.//

Jehovah primero es
No hay nadie como él.
Te ama más que nadie
en el mundo lo va a hacer.
Jehovah primero es.
Nunca va después.
Ámalo también con tu corazón
de la cabeza a los pies.

// Dios primero es
no tengas a nadie más.
Poderoso es
y no hay otro como él.//

God's Holy Day

Hey, hey , hey
It's Yah's holy day
We can sing and pray
on Yah's holy day

A day of rest
A day of peace
Spending time with family
on Yah's holy day
Hey , hey, hey

It's a great day to love your neighbor
It's a great to sever your Savior
It's a great day to rest from all you work

It's a great day to read your Bible
It's a great day to have revival
It's a great day to see your friends at church

When Yah' finished His creation
He made time for relaxation
By giving us the Sabbath day

It's a great day for celebration
Resting and rejuvenation
It's a great day
To dance your blues away

8 Acordarte has del día del reposo, para santificarlo:
9 Seis días trabajarás, y harás toda tu obra;
10 Mas el séptimo día será reposo para Jehová tu Dios:
no hagas en él obra alguna,
tú, ni tu hijo, ni tu hija, ni tu siervo, ni tu criada, ni tu bestia,
ni tu extranjero que está dentro de tus puertas:
11 Porque en seis días hizo Jehová los cielos y la tierra,
la mar y todas las cosas que en ellos hay,
y reposó en el séptimo día:
por tanto Jehová bendijo el día del reposo
y lo santificó.

Be Above It, Never Covet

Never covet
Be above it
Coveting will get the best of you
Never covet
Be above it
Remember all Yahveh has given you,you, you

Greedy Gus sees people's stuff
And really starts to love it
C-O-V-E-T, C-O-V-E-T, C-O-V-E-T
Boy ,he loves to covet
'Cause when you want another's stuff
that's what it means to covet
C-0-V-E-T, C-O-V-E-T, C-O-V-E-T
Boy, he loves to covet
Greedy Gus has got to learn
Yah's tenth commandment
Don't C-O-V-E-T, Don't C-O-V-E-T,
Don't C-O-V-E-T, never , never covet

When Gus does not get what he wants
He starts to scream and cry
Give it, Give it , Give it!
He thinks if he can't have it all
He will surely die
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
Boy, he loves to covet
So don't be a Greedy Gus
Keep the tenth commandment
Don't C-O-V-E-T, don't C-O-V-E-T
Never, never covet
Exodo 20:17 No codiciarás la casa de tu prójimo,
no codiciarás la mujer de tu prójimo,
ni su siervo, ni su criada,
ni su buey, ni su asno,
ni cosa alguna de tu prójimo.

13 LYRICS FROM: GOD'S TOP 10 COMMANDMENTSGod's Top 10 Commandments by Troy + Genie