By Troy

One Color (On The Inside)

Cut me
I gush like you
Crush me
I'm dust like you
Touch me
I'm just like you

Hurt me
I cry like you
Burn me
I fry like you
Kill me
I die like you


Kick me
I bruise like you
Scare me
I spook like you
Kiss me
I smooch like you

Hunt me
I rush like you
hug me
I hug like you
Love me
I love you too


One color One color One color 1
One race to run
Under the sun
Afro Latino Gringo Asian
One color one color one color 1

Supermodel Hot ... Or Not

Supermodel supermodel supermodel hot
Supermodel Supermodel hot or NOT!

People Street

In a relaxed, happy tempo and groove similar to Bob Marley's Stir It Up or Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Over The Rainbow

A place to love
a place to eat
A place to dance
and shake your feet

To light the fire of human peace
We're all meetin' on People Street

Come plant the seed
Come fight the greed
Come light/pull the weeds
Come fill the needs

Come clear the air
To show you care
We're all meeting on People Street

Lovers hug
and children sing
Happy bugs
are whistling
Birds and bees
perch in the trees
We're all meetin' on people street

Dogs and cats
and gloves and bats
and acrobats
bring down the walls
We're all meetin' on people street

People come together
pave the way
save the day

|||: People people people c'mon get together :||| (3x)
on people Street

Promoted to Glory

Summoned home, the call has sounded,

Bidding a soldier his warfare cease;

And the song of angels resounded,

Welcomes a warrior to eternal peace.

Praise the Lord! from earthly struggles

A comrade has found release.

Death has lost its sting, the grave its victory;

Conflicts and dangers are over;

See him honored in the throne of glory,

Crowned by the hand of Jehovah!

Strife and sorrow over,

The Lord’s true faithful soldier

Has been called to go from the ranks below,

To the conq’ring host above.

Once the sword, but now the scepter,

Once the fight, now the rest and fame,

Broken every earthly fetter,

Now the glory for the cross and shame;

Once the loss of all for Jesus,

But now the eternal gain.

Trials and sorrow here have found their meaning

Mysteries their explanation;

Safe, forever in the sunlight gleaming

Of His eternal salvation.

Salvation Army funerals are typically more upbeat and are a celebration of the words "Servant of Christ, well done!"

That's When He Crossed The Line

By RObert ROberg
They didn't mind his preaching
" "" "" His Healing
"""" Miracles divine
But when he overturned the bank (flipped the banker's tables)
that's when he crossed the line
(that's when they lost their minds)

He could walk the road of galilee
He could talk to the crowds in __-

He could make the dead back alive
but when he turned over the bank
that's when he crossed the line

He could argue with priests and rabbis
he could even heal on the sabbath
and give sermons in the temple so fine
But when he flipped the banker's tables,
that's when he crossed the line

Horse To Water (You Can't Fix Stupid)

You can lead a horse to water
But you can't make him drink
You can hand/serve a man
wisdom on a (silver) platter
But you can't make him think

You can't fix stupid

You can lead a man to Jesus
But you cannot save his soul

You can throw/toss a man a life raft

free will

Downtown Angel

Hard Times Come Again No More

*writer:_Stephen Foster


4 -4 5 5 5 5 6
Let us pause in Life's pleas-ures

5 -4 4 4 -4 5
and count its man-y tears.

-6 6 6 5 5 4 -4 -4 4
While we all sup sor-row with the poor:

4 -4 5 5 5 5 6
There's a song that will lin-ger

5 -4 4 4 -4 5
for-ev-er in our ears;
-6 6 5
Oh! Hard Times,

5 4 -4 -4 4
come a-gain no more.


5 -5 6
'Tis the song,

6 6 -5 6 -6 6
the sigh of the wea-ry;

7 6 -6 6
Hard Times, Hard Times

5 5 -4 4 -4
come a-gain no more;

4 -4 5 5 5 5 6
Man-y days you have lin-gered

5 -4 4 4 -4 5
a-round my cab-in door;

-6 6 5
Oh! Hard Times,

5 4 -4 -4 4
come a-gain no more.

verse 2
While we seek mirth and beauty, and music light and gay,
There are frail forms fainting at the door
Though their voices are silent, their pleading looks will say,
Oh! Hard Times, come again no more.

verse 3
There's a pale drooping maiden who toils her life away,
With a worn heart whose better days are o'er;
Though her voice would be merry, 'tis sighing all the day,
Oh! Har Times, come again no more.

verse 4
'Tis a sigh hat is wafted across the troubled wave,
'Tis a wail that is heard upon the shore,
'Tis a dirge that is murmured around the lowly grave,
Oh! Hard Times, come again no more.

We Shall Overcome

The rain washes over you

When the rain washes over you
When the sky tries to hide your view
When night night falls like heavy fog
When you try but you can't go on

Theres a light just beyond your reach
it's so bright that you'd die to see
Just hang on til the pain is gone
try to fight
try to win


You're a pendulum swinging round and round
You're a pendulum spinning round and round
One day up and then the next day down
Your're a pendulum spinning round and round

you feel guilt so you try to shift it
so much weight though you try you can't lift it

are you selfish, or generous
are you proud, or are you insecure?
Maybe both, you know you're not quite sure

Song deals with the inner human dichotomy between:
pride/insecurity; faith/fear ; giving/selfish; guilty/perfect

Riding Destiny

AS a child I was given a gift
the stallion destiny
with wings of speed heels flashing light
We would ride

But I grew older and left my trusted friend seeking empty dreams of other men

Now I've come to seek my childhood friend and she's been waiting for me ; she's eager smailes and we ride triumphantly into the sunrise

She's riding her horse
Holding the reins so tightly

Ride your horse in the direction it's going
It's the power that supports you
There's a destiny

It's name is Destiny
A greater plan that guides tour life
don't fight it

Your talents
your buried dreams
Destiny beneath you
giving wind to your wings

Find your nature
find your inner passion
inner power

Just ride it
Don't fight it
fly it to the sky
fly skyward

You've got the reins
but it's time to lose control
sometimes you've just got to let it go
close your eyes and let it flow

It's always been working for you
Deep inside the dreams you never speak of
The feelings you won't feel
The dreams you won't reveal
Are pulling you against your will
This is your destiny

fears that makes you scream
The Life of wildest dreams

Go toward the light
The end is the beginning
nothing to fear
Death has to wait for me
Got a deal with death- when i'm dead you come

Destiny is making you depressed
Pulling you away from your distractions
Destiny is fighting against my distractions

When you find your purpose, you find your passion

Love Song For The Ekklesia


Once we wandered all alone
Now we've found our Father's Home
Guarded by His Holiness
And sheltered in his righteousness

We are His Creation
Beautiful and pure

Standing Strong and sure

We are much more together than we ever were apart
Kept alive by the love in His heart

Waiting for Christ's Return (sure)
Spotless and Without Blemish

Diamond Tears

V.1 (Mother) torn from me Because she was too old
Orphaned to the world of wicked (cruel, warring, murder) man
Cold- alone naked in the snow
Her tears freezing in my tiny hands


V.2 I have swallowed (mother's) all her tears inside me
Hiding from the cruel unkind
All the mud and blood are washed away now
On my heart they brightly shine


BRIDGE: They cannot die
Cannot be crushed
Eternal, strong like mother's love
Love cannot be (destroyed) burned up by fear
It's Tough and hard like diamond tears

V3: I will give these tears to my daughter
and she will pass them to her child
They will see- We are the real diamonds
Diamonds that will always shine


TAG: I am Touching (holding, clutching) my mother's tears - DIAMOND TEARS
I am crying my mother's tears - DIAMOND TEARS
I am wearing my mother's tears - DIAMOND TEARS
I am ONE OF my mother's tears - DIAMOND TEARS

SHORT VERSION: Young tears fall like honey
Trailing down your face
Old tears cut like diamonds
Paths time won't erase

Torn from my old mother
Orphaned to cruel man
Naked in the cold snow
tears freezing in my hands


I have swallowed them deep inside me
To hide from the unkind
But the blood and mud have washed away
And on my heart they shine

I will give them to my daughter
She''ill pass them to her child
They'll see- We are the diamonds
That will always shine


OPTIONAL 1st VERSE: When young tears (tears first) fall they feel warm like water
(rolling) Trailing softly down your face
When tears grow old they cut hard like diamonds
tearing (making) paths time can't erase
I am touching my mother's tears...

CHORUS: I am touching my mother's tears
they are hard like Diamonds
I am Touching (clutching) my mother's tears
And in her tears I find her (they sing to me in silence)

All she left was what was in her cloak

Hide our tears from those who hate us
Our tears may buy us time
We are the real diamonds
Shedding tears to buy us time

(Diamonds from the one who made us)

I have hidden her tears from those who hate us
Who can never understand our love
Who could not see that we are the real diamonds
Children of our God above
(My mother, sister, father brother and I)

Mother's Tears are made of diamonds
I touch her tears and there I find her

I am touching my mother's tears (diamond tears)
I find her (they sing to me in silence)

Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Jesus

To a tune like the verses of the pop song "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"

You got your blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus
Lives in Hollywood USA
Meets with the President
Dines with the governor
Does everything they say

He told your grandad "enslave the niggers"
Your papa to to kill the "reds"
Your ancestors to slay the indians
And you to kill those moslems dead

If Jesus walked down on wall street
with his afro and his dark skin
you'd avoid eye contact and walk the other way
and probably turn him in

He'd tell you about the Kingdom
About turnin' the other cheek
You'd say I gave at the office... look at the time
and you'd go on your way

You pledge allegiance to bombs and murder
You pay attention to lies and hate
Got no time to know the bible
Too busy slaving for the [war] state

You say- hey I'm no racist
as you sit in your whitewashed church
all white friends, all white neighborhood
all sanitized whitewashed tombs

Innocent Love

Innocent Love


What a joy
what a love you give
I never expected
Now that i've found the love you give I'll never reject it

Dead Church won't do anymore
'cause I've found so much more

Hear Us (Samah Akua)

Hear Us- Oh hear us

Hear Our Cry

The Old Man's Diary

He was a boy before his father died
before the war
and the babies
A good catholic boy pulling pranks
getting into some trouble

and he'd write
dear diary
I pray

Dear diary
this war is eating my soul
I'm changing
The first time you kill another man
you die too

Nothing but tears on the later pages
tears on the edges
prayers mostly stares and reminisces
Faith like a ghost that blows in the window
tattered and rattling its old dead bones

Psalm 13

[Yahweh ] I trust in your unfailing love
My heart rejoices in your salvation
I will sing to (you) Yahweh
For He (you) have been good to me

How long will you forget me Lord
How long will you hide your face from me
How long must I fight my thoughts
With sorrow in my heart

Look on me
Give me an answer Yah
Give light to my eyes or death will take me (I will sleep in death)
My enemies will be seen rejoicing when I fall

Yet I trust in your unfailing love
My heart rejoices in your salvation
I will sing to (you) Yahweh
For He (you) have been good to me

Movie theme idea

November - like idea

Let Me Be Me

work copy
Let Me Be Me

You don't own me
Nobody can
You can't control me
I live for no man

You can't tell me what to think
Or what to say
You see black & white- I see shades of grey
We might wake up to find
We're both colorblind
So let's step into the light

CHORUS: Let me be me
Let you be you
(We'll see the truth
Come in to view)

Please set me free
To be what I need to be
I let you be you
So let me be me

VERSE 2: You got convictions
You try to (make mine) (make law) enforce (you see black and white)
You call it Religion (You call it Christian) (With your religion)
I call it a crime (Or position in life)

I used to do it too (be like you)
Til' I realized
I'm wrong too much of the time
To tell you what to do
To shape your mind
Truth is not mine to define

BRIDGE: Our books of law
Will burn in the flame
We'll see that we are brothers
In the image of God
No two are the same
Made to enhance each other

Our books of law (Our prejudice)
Will burn in the flame
Of time's unquenchable fire
Faith, Hope and love
Are all that remain
And the image of God we're made in

Reflecting His Name (grace)
Not engineering each other
Not copies of each other

Life is too short
(Let's put an end to the fight)
God made us each with our own identity

I Dream of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair

*writer:_Stephen Foster

8 -8 -7 7 -7
I dream of Jea-nie

-6 6 -7 -4 5 6
with the light bro-wn hair,

6 -6 -7 9 8
Borne, like a va-por,

-8 -7 -6 6 -6
on the sum-mer air;

8 -8 -7 7 -7
I see her trip-ping

-6 6 -7 -4 5 6
where the bright stre-ams play,

-6 7 -8 8 -9 9 -7
Hap-py as the dai-sies

8 -8 7 7 -8
that dance on her way.

-6 -7 -6 6 -6 -7
Ma-ny were the wild notes

-6 6 -5 6 -7 -8
her mer-ry voice would pour,

8 -8 -8 9 -8 -7
Ma-ny were the blithe birds

7 6 5 -4 -4
that war-bled them o'er,

-4 5 -5 6 -6 -7 7

8 -8 -7 7 -7
I dream of Jea-nie

-6 6 -7 -4 5 6
with the light brown hair,

-6 -6 9 8 -8 8
Float-ing, like a va-por,

6 -6 -7 -7 -6 6
on the soft sum-mer air.

verse 2
I long for Jeanie
with the daydawn smile,
Radiant in gladness,
warm with winning guile;
I hear her melodies,
like joys gone by,
Sighing 'roundmy heart
o'er the fond hopes that die:
Sighing like the night wind
and sobbing like the rain,
Wailing for the lost one
that comes not again.
Oh! I long for Jeanie
with my heart boys low,
Never more to find her
where the bright waters flow.

verse 3
I sigh for Jeanie,
but her light form strayed
Far from the fond hearts
'round her native glade;
Her smiles have vanished
and her sweet songs flown,
Flitting like the dreams
that have cheered us and gone,
Now the nodding wild flow'rs
may wither on the shore
While her gentle fingers
will cull them no more:
Oh! I sigh for Jeanie
with the light brown hair,
Floating, like a vapor,
on the soft summer air.

The Gifting

Best Of Both Worlds

Great Expectations

I used to thing you hung the moon
but that ain't how it happened

What heppened to the love we had?
Why did you have to run away?
Great expectations (of you)

Symphony For Jacqueline


I wanna go gently (gently)
I wanna go down gently
gently when we fall in love
I wanna go gently (gently)
I wanna go down gently
Gently like (the clouds above)

(female sings:) I know you're ram tough
got your eye on the prize
wanna go for the gold
eery night
a goal-oriented man
you see what you want
you're on the hunt
but slow down
take it easy
it's all in good time
take it gently

Verse 2
You wanna take me by storm
fly me to Vegas
Charge a ring a say (a quick) I do
Then do me like there's no tomorrow


Wanna go gently (gently)
Go down gently
Gently on our wedding night
Wanna go gently (gently)
Go down gently
Gently 'cause it's my first time


[Everything Yahshuah said to the Pharisees]

You are a brood of vipers

Child of your father the devil

whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones

the synagogue of satan

Strange Fire

Hosea 6:6 I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.

V.1 They bring the sacrifice and light the altar fire
sparks erupt into (forbidden) a mighty flame
an awesome sight, dancing in the night
pagans chanting ancient (native) songs of praise crying out unholy praise ritual

Appeasing the false gods - wrestling with fates
In all the noise they make they can't hear God say

Don't light that (I don't want) strange fire - unholy sacrifice
Get higher than strange fire
Love Me and do what's right

V2. a puppet on (church strings) your string
you'll tell me anything
to get whatever your flesh craves
Just idolatry
to try to flatter me
to get (fed, married,) paid, healed, or saved

worship with witchcraft charming magic spells rituals from hell
religion hatched in hell ; even with the right words - it's just a magic spell

praise that pleases hell
you (say) think you know me well


Like a beautiful sunset, a beautiful girl
the endless starry night sky
the magic of the ocean,the grandeur of the land
If you could really see me, you'd love me just for who I am


some kill their animals , some take an acid trip
some even burn their children - you just give me lip

I don't need anything from you
just love me, and do right
I don't have to do anything for you
you can't make me
try to force God to do your will
such a small view of me
you name it- you claim it - that doesn't make it so true

your worship is witchcraft

for money, or power, or food, or sex

trap me in a bargain
conditional love

praise him because he's praiseworthy
like a beautiful sunset, a beautiful girl
the endless starry night sky
the magic of the ocean, the power of the tide- these tokens of my greatness make you stand in awe
If you really knew me you'd love me just for who I am
if you could really see me

You say you love me - you're a liar
if you don't do what is right
I'm tired of strange fire
I want your love
you flatter me
cut lines:
you tell me what you think I want to hear
To get what what you want


James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Hebr. 10:1 The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming --not the realities themselves. For this reason it can never, by the same sacrifices repeated endlessly year after year, make perfect those who draw near to worship.

Col. 2:23 Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.

Ezek. 20:31 When you offer your gifts --the sacrifice of your sons in the fire --you continue to defile yourselves with all your idols to this day. Am I to let you inquire of me, O house of Israel? As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I will not let you inquire of me.

I got the idea for this song from this:
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 21:07:47 -0600
X-Sender: bryanh@mail.igateway.net
Mime-Version: 1.0
To: bryanh@igateway.net
From: bryanh@igateway.net (Sheep Trax)
Subject: Sheep Trax January 8, 1998, Why Worship?

January 8, 1998
Why Worship?

Hi, Sheep Trax!

I recently read a book on Praise that greatly troubled me. Jesus said that
the Father was seeking those who would WORSHIP Him in Spirit and Truth.
The book I read was based on this premise: If you'll worship the Lord,
there is a wonderful benefits package waiting just for you. All you have
to do worship God to get the goodies.

There are wonderful covenant benefits to serving the Lord but NOT because
we worship Him. The benefits we derive come from His goodness.

The author, an evangelist I do respect, was making a statement that said,
in essence, the reason we praise God is to release His Presence to satisfy
our self-interest. This is really spiritual manipulation if not outright
witchcraft. We worship God because He is worthy to be praised. He is God.
If we "worship" for any other reason, we are offering strange fire before
the Lord.

Imagine telling your spouse, "I will love you IF you'll do x". How long do
you think such a relationship would last? Probably not long. Because God
is love, he is the most sensitive being in and outside of creation. He has
feelings. Life and death reside in the power of the tongue. With your
personal worship, what are you speaking into the Lord's heart?

God is patient and long-suffering. He also has a tender heart that can
easily be broken. Proverbs says, "A wise son brings joy to his Father's
heart." Are you a source of joy to the Lord? Or are you breaking His

If you have been "worshiping" under the premise that if you do it, it will
somehow obligate God to perform some function on your behalf, you have
completely missed it. This is a work of the flesh and not life by the

Good news! If we really do worship in Spirit and Truth, there truly ARE
residual benefits that inevitably do follow. His presence is released.
Healings do flow. Broken hearts are healed. These things are wonderful
manifestations of the life and goodness of the Lord but WE DO NOT WORSHIP

Worship Jesus to say, "Thank You, I Love You, I Am Grateful to you!" Don't
be afraid or inhibited to express the deepest longings of your heart to
Him. He longs to hear such praise.

Worship Him because He is worthy of your praise ˆ He really is!

Be blessed!

Bryan Hupperts

Predator (Banker Song)

Hawk swooped up my chicken
Coyote ate my lamb
Snake slurpoed down my rabbit
The banker got my land

That banker he's a lion
prowling to devour
got that evil money
got the devil's power

Yahweh save me from the banker
eats the world like a canker
rots my heart like the cancer
that banker's cash is not the answer

Tell your sons and daughters
To live on what you've got
don't slave for the lender

Banker canker stanker wanker

The Builder (For Dad)

You built me up and you never let me fall
You're the builder

You could fix anything
Even a broken heart
One little smile -( a laugh)
the tears would start to dry
You never touched me wrong
Loved even my silly songs
And after long sweaty days
you'd play our games
exhausted from the sun
Working like a dog to build richer people's dreams
But to us you were the King

You fought to say "I Love You"
But I didn't need you to
Every breath you breathed was singing love to me
You built our amazing home
Your hard hands were blood and bone
But you never raised your voice in anger
Like the man who broke your soul
but tough as life had built you - you were shaken on the day
you'd raised me- then you gave me away
Giving me away

You've got [that took] the strongest heart
But you're starting to fall apart
Beaten and battle-scarred, but you'll die with a smile
You've built so many friends
Death will not be your end
There in a better place you'll build a home
and wait for me a while

But if we live to build a milllion more eternities
I can never pay you back for building me
'cause in your life you've built so many
great amazing things
But I'm most thankful to you Dad for building me
But Daddy I love you for building me

Just like the first day

Just Like The First Day

Just like the first day of flying
Like the first day of the year
Just like the first time of trying
Something you've always wanted
(dreamed of, longed for, needed)- yet feared

1Just like the first sun's rising
We (you) stayed awake all night just to see (watch)
2We stayed up all night to see)
Just like our first realizing
I'm made for you and you're meant for me

Just like the moment I asked you
You said you'd be here today
Holding (my hand) each other and trembling
Giving ourselves completely away

We're stepping into a new horizon
Trusting each other for life

Never looking back
Throwing our future to the wind

3Just like the first day of love
4Just like the first time of trusting
Someone to hold your heart in their hands

Just like the first day of flying
Reaching up over the seat
Walking the thin little aisle
Cracking the window out to the sky

Just like the first day of flying
Reaching up over the fear
Knowing that there is a reason
Everything's happening now- right here

3Summoning all of your courage
(4) Learning the winter's nothing to fear

3Baby there's no one I'd rather

3It's just a little bit frightening
talking 'bout giving all of yourself

2Just like the first day of spring
Just like your first realizing
you can't like without the love that (she/he) brings

We're stepping out on a

I Need A Reason

version: (7/28/92)

VERSE 1: I am sailing out on an ocean wind
In Search of who I am
I see waves and water without an end
I'm dying for dry land

I am frightened by the lightning
The thunder in my ears
I'm trying to choose the right thing
From the voices that I hear

CHORUS: I need a reason - A reason to be
I need to believe in- A meaning
Beyond the things I see
I need a reason A reason to be
I love my freedom
But I'm needing a reason to be free

VERSE 2: Like a bird who knows how to use his (her) wings
But has nowhere to fly
I've a voice inside and I long to sing
But sometimes I just cry

I'm looking for direction
Questioning the wise
Searching for the answers
As I struggle for the light


BRIDGE: So many sailed before me- Drifting aimlessly
Their skeletons have settled on the bottom of the sea
My strength has left me sinking
Straining at the waves
I'm reaching out for meaning
and praying for the way

We will Walk This Road Together

We Will Walk The Road Together

We will walk the road together
Straight through any kind of weather
Allied side by side forever
I will walk with you

Doesn't matter 'bout your gender
You're the gift and God's the sender
Faithful 'til the end of ever
I will be your friend

When the storms blow up
When the tears roll down
I will not be afraid - (I might be afraid but)
I will not let you down
cause we will walk this road together

When we go the road alone
there's nothing left to call our own
But when we share the road together
everything is ours

I will never wonder whether I could have had it better
You're the best for me forever
I will be your friend

BRIDGE: I'll stay beside you
Through the end of time
and when you need someone to guide you
I won't be hard to find
There's no storm we cannot weather

Weathering the storm (years) together

Heaven Knows

Luke 16:15 God knows your hearts.
2Cor. 12:2 I do not know --God knows.
Rom. 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

VERSE: When nobody can bridge the distance
To the island (shipwreck) you're stranded on
Torn and tired left abandonded
Haven't felt a warm hand for so long
When the world gives a silent shunning ( and you feel the cold winds blow)
While you cry to be understood
Know (see your rescuer coming running to make it good To work all things (it) together for good

Heaven knows every tear your crying
Heaven knows every secret pain (every inner, bitter, burning, and He feels your)
Heaven knows everything you're hiding (fear) (secret) (sin)
Heaven says don't be afraid he tells you says don't be afraid- You're not alone, Heaven Knows

VERSE 2: When your map gives no direction
All you hear is the counsel of (fools) lies (when wicked counselors lie)
When) It's terribly hard to believe in (unbearably)
(A) Some wonderful plan for your life
When the world's prized advice is goes bankrupt (empty) Pricey, best
And your best laid plans are laid low
You can trust (Put your stock) in the God of Heaven
Put your heart in the Hand of Wisdom (Knowledge)
For heaven knows which way to go

CHORUS 2: TAG When the snows fall & crush fall upon cover up your roses (garden)
When the winds blow upon your way
Heaven knows and He holds you closely you're not alone

BRIDGE: (This) constant struggle your anguish and your pain
The fellowship of suffering in the ancient walk of shame
The torture of the martytrs the nails we get to share
God has promised us it won't be more than we can bear

Heaven knows what it's like to suffer
To (sink under) bear the weight of unmerited shame
and to respond with the heart of a lover's forgiveness & grace


Olympic Theme

Surprise Party

Life is a surpise party
isn't what you wanted- but it's better
When you pray to God
Sometimes the thing you got
is the thing that lasts forever

it's gonna be better

We can't see what's good for us
Trapped in time
God sees up around the bend

We wanna play with fire
if it's too dangerous we'lll get what we can handle

Sometimes what you got is a love that lasts forever

Dust I Am

heaven Knows

Heaven Knows

All that i feel

Washington Dept. Of Transportation Traffic Film Cue

traffic cue

Bomb Shelter

If the world blew up and you and I were all that was left, in a bomb shelter
it would be allright
I would be ok

If the air, plants, trees, grass, birds, all went away.
If all my friends were buried
but I still had you, it'd be ok

But if I lost you, nothing would matter.
It would be as if the world were destroyed.
I wouldn't hear the birds, see the sky.
The love of friends and relatives would be hollow and cold
I would know no one, see no one, love no one
i would retreat into the darkest, coldest smallest place in my mind
I could not ever live without you.
I would hide inside my bomb shelter


She'd show you her chest for a necklace in New Orleans
Laugh at your joke though she doesn't know what it means
Her small town doctor sells what she thinks she needs

You're the life of the party
what's inside of your heart?
Are you playing a part?
finish what you've been starting
Always getting together always falling apart!!

Marcy lives in her car

Count the Miracles

You count the miracles
of god's creation (that God's created)
You count the Miracles that God has done
'You count the miracles
of god's creation
You count the Miracles
And go and tell everyone

Sometimes you don't know what to say
God sends a doubting thomas down your way
But it's not that hard
you don't have to pull out a pamphlet or make something up
just rememebr what he's done

just remember what you've heard what you read and tell it

Sometimes it's hard to speak your mind


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