Quiet Songs Of Love For Your Creator
By Genie
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Genie's moving, gentle, powerful Quiet Worship Songs, for use in group or private meditative worship.
In the flowing, totally natural style of her critically-acclaimed 'Wildflowers-Love Songs' CD, Genie delivers an astounding collection of songs of love devoted to the worship of our Creator.
Genie has cherry-picked the best inspirational songs from her 25 years of songwriting.
This collection rounds out the 4 sets Genie has made to be the most peaceful, comforting song collections available in the world.
Gentle, powerful, captivating, timeless, these songs will stay gently in your mind throughout the journey of your life.
The Heavens and the Wildflowers CD's include full-mixes PLUS instrumental "TRACKS" for you to sing, record, and relax to, so each CD is like getting two CD's in one.