Quiet Songs Of Love For Your Creator
By Genie
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Steph Fehler Thank you for encouraging me in my mothering over the past almost 13 years - your gift is such a blessing! When my mom made the video of the day our seventh was born, it closes with my two little girls crooning "Shalom" to their new baby sister, really qu...
Kim Loftis Genie's album, Higher Than The Heavens, is a beautiful release filled with prayer like songs, which discuss Genie's love for God and God's love for the world. As on her Wildflowers album, all these songs are written by Genie, and are gentle, sincere a...
Darlene Koldenhoven I've been enjoying your CD's as well. Yesterday I woke up with "I am so small, You are so great" going over and over in my head. Thanks for the blessing.
Kirby Jonas Tonight I discovered the soundfiles at GenieMusic.com, and I have to say how transfixed I was by the beauty and serenity of Genie's voice. What a beautiful gift, and a beautiful love of life.
Christine Uwizera Coleman Dear Genie: Your music has been a great blessing to me, from the time I listened to Shalom, I decided to get all your cd's. I am thankful to God for using you ... you even don't know how many lives you have touched and transformed... but on that da...
Winkie Pratney Just beautiful. Some of God's choicest jewels are crystallized tears. (This music is a) contribution for His glory.
Jack C. Scott You know what? I have all of your CD's and find in many of the songs you have written and sing, much of the beauty of which I write and experience. Thank you. Your presence, your spirit provides much reinforcement, challenge, and direction for many peopl...
Annie Meadows Genie's CD's have helped me thru the toughest time of my life!!
Ai Ueno We would like to choose about 12 music (selections) from 3 of Genie's albums: Wildflowers, Sacred Sky, and Higher Than the Heavens, to make a Japan domestic CD (of Genie's music). For cover jacket, we like to use one of pictures in Higher Than the Heav...
Peter Hatherley The blessing remains on Genie's music. What a special anointing there is on "His Love endures forever".
Bob Grant Thank you so much for the CD's. What a joy and blessing I received last Nite when the Lord directed me to go to my knees for an hour, for a friend in need, and I listened to your music, Genie, and was so blessed and received so much peace! It was such a...
Kertu Kertu I live in Estonia. I heard Your music first time in my life one weeks ago - fantast- I don't have a word for Your musics- wondrous. the mesaage is very very touching. I hear and I cry. I love Your musics. I love it. I cherish this music every day.
Norbert Kox What a blessing...beautiful songs. feel like today is a better day, just for having met you. Many blessings, Norb
Tibor Szkaliczki I have been listening to Christian Music Radio and I heard Genie's song "Shalom". It was really beautiful.
Missy Melissa lowry & Charlie Carter AWESOME!
Andre Bahris I enjoyed the song "For The Beauty". ...sounds very good. I want my voice to have that big/clear sound.
Heidi Globig Β I like to minister to the kids and have very calming, healing music playing in the background.Β Β I think your music will be exactly what I'm looking for!!!!!!!! I am greatly looking forward to these CDs!! I am a summer camp director of a christian camp...
Dan O Cool- love Genie's voice : ) Dan O'Connor a.k.a Dano New Media Producer danosongs.com
Jennifer Marks Sounds great. Genie's voice is just lovely.
Roy Carter Genie always does such great music and I know the Lord is using her to impact a lot of lives.
Mary Winchell Genie has the voice of an angel. We think Troy and Genie are both wonderful!
Steve Hawkins Very refreshing again.
Deborah Goodenow Thank you for this beautiful healing music--to God be the glory. Bless you.
Joe Mazza We are going to use that song for an Easter Vigil service... I have the MDYB version, and I want the original to play for my pastor.
Sumner Wemp Genie really does bring peace through her music. She is such a joy and testimony for the dear Lord.
Jorge parott I ordered some of your cd's and how they ministered to my family with peace, and even my 21 year old son, who often likes "heavy" Christian music, surprised us with saying how powerful it was and how peaceful! Bless you so much for using in such a fruitf...
Ted Wood I like Genie's music. When I have some spare cash, I'll be purchasing her CD. :-)
Jade Sholty I just came across Genie's "Whisper" CD yesterday and was hoping to listen to it tonight when the kids go to bed (that has always been one of my favorites -especially "I Am So Small"). We just had a sermon on 'humility' today and that song is just such ...
Peter Hatherley I just sent through an order for Genie's 4 cd's. I feel the Lord is telling me clearly to support her ministry in any way we can. Even since the blessing of "Shalom" I have desired to purchase Genie's CD's. I'm really looking forward to having the comple...
Steve Hawkins You have been a blessing you know with your songs. At Holdbrook CF we have played your songs sometimes, just to soak to, resting in the Holy Spirit. I have often played them myself at home and......well sounds funny but even when I go out I have left 'Whi...
Joel T Akin I have heard some of Genie's music and it is very blessed of the Lord. May God bless you.
Christian Braeunig Hello Genie, I bought several of your CDs (Whispers, Angels all around, Lullabies, Wildflowers, Higher heavens + DVD of complete works) and I would like the songs I find the most beautifulΒ as a giftΒ to a godchild for her to discover your music.