Scriptural lyrics set to Queen's Greatest hits.
By Troy
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Gary Stockdale, Lengendary Los Angeles Film Composer An amazing piece of work. The music of a gay Persian-Englishman used to tell a Bible story. Excellent.
Wendy, Creative Education Director Thank you so much...I have always loved that tune but said "should I be singing it?!"; sad song too but now sooooo courageous. This made my eyes well up and heart tug; and you did an awesome job for the Lord. I must show this to my kids. Can I send thi...
Superstar Rock Music Manager Vicky Hamilton Wow! Well done!
Tom, Brazilian Missionary I so enjoyed the song, and reading through your [Warsong Life Story] book. You are amazing, and I love you for the stand you take. Blessings! We continue to serve as missionaries, now to the largest field in the world, the USA. Part...
Brian M. The finest parody of Bohemian Rhapsody I've ever heard; finally one with artistic merit. Freddie must be up there loving it.
H. M. In 400 years, if the earth is still around, people will be singing the Resurrection Rhapsody, when history has forgotten what the Bohemian Rhapsody was, in the same way that no one remembers the original words to the bar-tunes which became the great hymns...
Gary The Firefighter Great Music!!! Great Video!!! Love It!!!
ScitScat Music Wow! That's definitely coming out with a big bang.
Lamb Wow! This is very WOW! I will write [a recommendation] online.
PIPES -partners in prayer and evangelism Loved the clip.
Sustainable Goat Farmer Cool Clip.
Smiling CyberSaint Just beautiful - thanks so much and a very happy Easter!