#1 Hits For The ONE!
By Troy
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Anonymous Superfan I feel so relaxed and at ease with the power of Troy&Genie's inspired songs and production sound behind me when I get up in front of an audience to perform with my choir or as a soloist. it's worth 10 times the price! When I see the joyful tears in the ey...
Mike The Biker That Black Crowes thing is bad-_ss. Rock on!
Steven I played this song for my daughter who's going off to college. We both cried. We still don't believe in God apparently we believe in purity, I guess.
Larry Modesty blows β€˜Butterfly Kisses’ to shreds!
Joey Your modesty is the now my ultimate official Christian concert hand-waver song! Put your cel-phones in the air!
Holly Thanks soooooo much for giving away this free drum track to the Modesty song. I wanted to sing it at girl's church camp but it was too low. The piano player followed along with your cords and put in D and I could sing it. I'm an alto. Do you want me to se...
Bill & Gail WE'RE SINGING Modesty this weekend for special music in church. Thank you for the tracks. It's a lifesaver. The chords are too advanced for our little praise band.