You. Sleep. Sound.
By Genie
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Genie sings you to sleep in angelic style similar to Enya, bringing peace to you at any age.
Doctors attest that this music has been proven to help heal sick bodies, comfort the dying, generating deep alpha-brain-waves for restorative sleep and productive work.
All with NO side effects!
Feels like sleeping beside a calm ocean.
Other lullaby cd's next to Angels All Around are simply slow songs.
Within 3 minutes your neck will feel calm, your headache will be going away, and you will be thinking clearly again.
You will feel better listening to Angels All Around.
It's like taking a valium, without the addiction.
The best lullabies of the original 3 Angels CD's (Gentle Blessings, Soothing Scriptures & Peaceful Prayers) are in this "Greatest hits CD."
Also get Whisper to get all the songs of this collection.
Download the famous Angel IMAGE