Bible ~~- Older Testament

Genesis Wrench

Ch. 1
1 *YAH Sings The Universe Into Existence! Origins 6999BC
Ch. 2
4 Details Of How YAH Created Adam (Dirt-Man) Origins
8 Description Of The Garden Of Pleasure Yah's Provision (Assurance)
15 *YAH Puts Adam In The Pleasure Garden Work
17 *YAH Forbids Adam From Knowing Evil Evil (The concept of)
18 *YAH Lets Adam Name The Animals Marriage
21 *YAH Separates Adam, Creating โ€˜Wombed-Manโ€™ Marriage
Ch. 3
1 *The Serpent Tricks The Wombed-Man Evil (The concept of) 4000BC
6 *Eve & Adam 'Know' Evil Guilt
9 *YHVH Busts Adam & Eve Guilt
12 *Adam & Eve Play The Blame Game Blame
14 *YAH Curses The Serpent, Woman & Man The Devil
20*Adam & Eve Procreate The Human Race Giving Birth
22 *YAH Kicks Mankind Out Of The Pleasure Garden Work
Ch. 4
1 Eve Births Ken & Able Giving Birth 3000BC
3 Ken Brings A Cheap Gift To YAH's Sacred Feast Sin (Breaking YAH's Laws)
8 *Ken (Cain) Murders Able Murder
15 YAH Stamps A 5-Sided Star On Ken's Forehead Yah's Protection
17 Ken Creates Worldly Civilization Man's Protection
19 Evil Lamech Institutes Polygamy Work
25 *Adam & Eve Birth Seth To Replace 'Able' The Creator's Name
Ch. 5
1 The First Genealogy of Mankind Giving Birth 3000BC
Ch. 6
1 Women & Angels Spawn Mutant God-Monsters The Occult 3000BC
5 YAH Decides To Wipe Humanity Off The Earth Evil (The concept of)
13 YAH Tells Noah To Build The Ark-Ship Guidance
Ch. 7
1 Noah & Family Enter The Ark Paranormal Phenomena 3000BC
11 Rain Floods The Land! Yah's Protection
Ch. 8
1 The Flood Begins To Dissipate Yah's Protection 3000BC
15 Noah's Family Leaves The Ark Salvation
21 YAH Resolves To Never Annihilate Mankind Our Creator's Love
Ch. 9
1 *Covenant Of The Rainbow Healthy Food 3000BC
4 YAH Forbids Blood-Eating Murder
8 YAH Promises Noah He'll Never Annihilate Man Compassion
18 Noah's Family Repopulates & Plants Earth Environmentalism
21 Noah Gets Naked & Drunk & Ham Watches Homosexuality & Transvestitism
28 Noah dies at 950 Years Old Health
Ch. 10
1 Noah's Sons Birth Your Ancestors Origins 3000BC
8 Mighty Nimrod Rules Babylon Political Evil
13 Noah's Sons Spread Their Seed Across Earth The Whore Religio-Commercial System
24 Ever (The First Hebrew) Is Born Origins
Ch. 11
1 Some Of Noah's Descendants Gather In Babylon The Whore Religio-Commercial System 2100BC
4 *Evil Mankind Builds The Radio Tower of Babel The Whore Religio-Commercial System
7 *YAH Confuses The Languages Of Mankind The Whore Religio-Commercial System
10Genealogy of Shem Giving Birth
27 Terah Fathers Abraham Death
30 Abraham's Wife Struggles With Infertility Giving Birth
Ch. 12
1 YAH Orders Abram To Leave His Family Home Separation (Holiness) 2091BC
10 The King Of Egypt Steals Abraham's Wife Privacy / Secrecy 2090BC
Ch. 13
1 Abram Leaves Egypt, Rich! Abundance 2085BC
6 Abram & Lot Get So Rich They Have To Separate Nonresistance
10 Lot Chooses The Glittery Lights of Sodom Temptation
14 YHVH Promises The Earth To Abram's Family Blessing 2085BC
Ch. 14
1 War-Kings Inflame The Middle-East War 2084BC
5 Lord Chedorlaomer's Forces Overpower All Foes War
12 The Emperor Captures Abram's Nephew (Lot) Bondage
14 Abram's 318 Praise-Warriors Evict Millions! Yah's Protection
18 *Melchizedek Blesses Abram Blessing
21 *Abram Refuses To Take Government Benefits Social Insurance (Man's Provision)
Ch. 15
1 *YAH Promises Trillions Of Children To Abram Giving Birth 2081BC
8 YAH Makes A Dream-Covenant With Abram Agreements (Obligation Of Contract)
Ch. 16
1 *Abram's Wife Gets Him To Bed The Maid Adultery 2081BC
6 The Maid Runs From Sarai's Abuse Revenge
9 YAH Promises Hagar Billions Of [Muslim] Kids Paranormal Phenomena
15 Hagar Slinks Back To Abram's Camp Giving Birth 2080BC
Ch. 17
1 YAH Reaffirms His Covenant With AbraHam Blessing 2067BC
9*YAH Tells Abraham To โ€˜Cut Offโ€™ His Sin Circumcision
15 YAH Promises Elderly Sarah Will Get Pregnant Giving Birth
23Abraham Performs A Symbolic Sin-Cut Ritual Circumcision
Ch. 18
1 3 Paranormal 'Men' Visit Abraham Kindness 2067BC
12 Sarah Laughs At The Idea of Pregnancy Giving Birth
17 YAH Warns Abraham He'll Nuke Sodom Spiritual Vision
Ch. 19
1 The Angels Enter Sodom To Extract Lot Paranormal Phenomena 2067BC
4 Sodom's Perverts Try To Rape The Angel-Men Homosexuality & Transvestitism
10 2 Angels Rescue Lot From Sodom's Perverts Yah's Protection
24 *YAH Nukes Sodom & Gommorah Punishment
30 *Lot Runs To The Mountain & Beds His Own Kids Incest
36*The Evil-Incest Spawn Birth Two Savage Races Incest
Ch. 20
1โ€˜Father-kingโ€™ Steals Abraham's [Hot] Wife Oppression 2067BC
3YAH Busts AbiMelech For Wife-Napping Adultery
9AbiMelech Busts Abraham For White-Lying Privacy / Secrecy
Ch. 21
1 *Supernaturally Youthful Sarah Gets Pregnant Giving Birth 2066BC
3 Supernaturally Young Sarah Births Isaac Giving Birth
8 Isaac Grows Into Conflict With Ishmael Adultery 2064BC
14 *Abraham Boots His Lover & His Son Of Adultery Sorrow
17 *YAH Opens A Desert-Well For Ishmael & Mom Spiritual Vision
20 Ishmael Thrives & Marries Yah's Provision (Assurance)
22Father-king Makes Peace With Abraham's Clan Agreements (Obligation Of Contract) 2057BC
Ch. 22
1 A Voice Tells Abraham To Cook His Son! Tribulation/Purification/testing 2054BC
9 *Abe Nearly Knifes & Cooks His Son Obedience
15 YAH Blesses Abraham's Irrational Obedience Reward
20 Abraham's Brother Makes A Bunch Of Babies Giving Birth
Ch. 23
1 Abraham's Wife Sarah Dies At 127 Years Of Age Supernatural Miracles 2030BC
3 Abraham Buys Sarah's Tomb From Terrorists Abstaining From Contracts
Ch. 24
1 Abraham Sends Out For Isaac's Hebrew Wife Separation (Holiness) 2026BC
10 Gorgeous Rebekah Lifts Tons Of Water Engagement
22 The Steward Sleeps At Rebeka's Dad's Ranch Engagement
37 The Steward Asks Rebekah To Marry Isaac Engagement
50 Rebekah Agrees To Marry Isaac Engagement
61 Rebekah Rides To Marry Her Cousin Engagement
Ch. 25
1 Old Man Abraham Marries A Hot Young Wife Giving Birth 2025BC
5 *Abraham Evicts His Many Children Of Adultery Divorce 1991BC
7 Abraham Dies And Rests Beside Sarah Death
12 Ishmael Breeds Like A Dog With Many Sluts Giving Birth
19 Isaac & Rebekah Struggle To Make A Baby Giving Birth
21 *Rebekah Births Red Hairy Esau & Cheater Jacob Giving Birth
27 Cheater & The Red Man Grow Up Fighting Family Division
29 *Red Man Trades His Fortune For Cheater's Soup Agreements (Obligation Of Contract) 1978BC
Ch. 26
1 Isaac Flees A Famine To Live W/ 'Father-king' Blessing 1977BC
7Father-King Finds Out Isaac Lied About Rebeka Lies
12 YAH Blesses Isaac With Vast Riches Abundance
15 The Pagans Ruin Isaac's Water Supply Jealousy
17 *Isaac Abandons His Home Rather Than Fight Nonresistance
20 More Pagan Hordes Steal Isaac's Water Supply Fighting/Strife/Conflict
22 Isaac Moves Yet Again Rather Than Fight Nonresistance
24 YAH Blesses Isaac For His Pacifism Blessing
32 YAH Blesses Isaac's Peace-Making With Water Yah's Provision (Assurance)
34 The Red Man & His Sluts Spawn More Warriors Polygamy
Ch. 27
1 Jacob & Rebeka Trick Isaac, Robbing Esau Lies 1929BC
31 The Red Man Vows To Murder The Cheater Lies
42 Jacob Flees For His Life From The Red Man Nonresistance
Ch. 28
1 Jacob Travels To Syria To Find A Wife Blessing 1928BC
6 RedMan Pumps His Lust Into Ishmael's Girls Separation (Holiness)
10 Jacob Sees The Stairway To Heaven Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) 1928BC
Ch. 29
1 Jacob Falls In Love With Gorgeous Rachel Engagement 1928BC
12 Rachel's Greedy Dad Tricks Jacob Into Slavery Engagement
18 *Jacob Agrees To Slave 7 Years To Marry Rachel Engagement
23*Whitey Cheats Cheater Into Bedding Fat Sister Lies
28 *Jacob Marries Rachel Polygamy 1921BC
31Israel Begins In A Baby-Making Cat-Fight Giving Birth
Ch. 30
1 Rachel Farms Out Her Hubby To The Maid Adultery 1921BC
9 Tired Leah Sets Up Her Hubby With The Maid Adultery
14 *Rachel Trades Her Hubby For Aphrodisiacs Polygamy
17 Fat Leah Keeps Pumping Out Babies Giving Birth
22 *Barren Rachel Finally Gets Pregnant Giving Birth 1916BC
25 Jacob Tries To Run From Whitey Laban Bearing Fruit / Profitability
31 Jacob Schemes A Trick To Steal Whitey's Herds Shrewdness / Craftiness
35 *Jacob Steals Whitey's Fortune In Cattle Shrewdness / Craftiness
Ch. 31
1 Whitey (Laban) Schemes To Kill Cheater Jacob Blame 1908BC
3 Jacob Engineers His Escape From Whitey Laban Family Division
8 Jacob Rationalizes His Deceit Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
13 Leah & Rachel Agree To Leave Their Dad Family Division
17 Jacob et al Leave Syria, Escaping Whitey Leaving
22 Whitey Laban Chases Jacob The Cheater Family Division
25 Whitey Confronts Jacob The Cheater Blame
30Laban Hunts The Priceless Idols Rachel Stole Crime
34 *Rachel Lies To Hide Her Theft Crime
36 *Jacob Screams At Whitey Responsibility
43 Whitey & Cheater Make A Peace Treaty Agreements (Obligation Of Contract)
Ch. 32
1 Jacob The Cheater Sees An Army Of Angels Yah's Protection 1906BC
3 Jacob Sends Messengers To Appease Red-Man Loving Enemies
6 *Red Man Charges Out With 400 Attack-Warriors Family Division
9 Cheater Begs YHVH To Save Him From Red-Man Family Division
13 Jacob Sends Expensive Gifts To Red-Man Loving Enemies
24 *Jacob Wrestles A Supernatural Being All Night Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 33
1 *The Red Man's Attack-Troops Rush Toward Jacob Family Division 1906BC
4 The Red Man Hugs And Forgives Jacob Loving Enemies
17Jacob Moves To Settle In Shechem (Neck Ridge) Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 34
1 Jacob's Girl Sneaks Out To Party With Pagans Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 1906BC
2The Necking Prince Lays Jake's Daughter Dinah Fornication
7 Jacob's Sons Vow To Murder The Necking Prince Fornication
13 Israel's Patriarchs Chop Their Foe's Wangs Circumcision
25 *Israel's Sons Murder The Bleeding-Wang Dudes Revenge
Ch. 35
1 Jacob's Family Flees, Protected By YAH Yah's Protection 1906BC
10 YAH Renames โ€˜Cheaterโ€™: โ€˜El-Rulesโ€™ Authority 1906BC
16 Rachel Dies Birthing Benjamin, Her 2nd Son Giving Birth
19 A Dramatization of Rachel's Burial Death
22 *Reuben Lays His Dad Jacob's Concubine Adultery
23 List Of Sons Produced In The Baby-Making War Family
27 Jacob (Cheater) & Esau The Red Man Bury Isaac Death
Ch. 36
1 A List Of Esau The Red-Man's Spawn Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 1906BC
6 Esau & Israel Separate Due To Over-Grazing Destroying the Earth
9 Red-Man & His Sluts Breed More Slut-Mongers Giving Birth
20 RedMan Murders All CaveMan's Southland Sons War
31 RedMan's Descendants Ravage & Rule South-Land Authority
Ch. 37
1 Joseph's Brothers Hate Him 'cause He's Better Family Division 1898BC
3 Israel Gives Joseph The 'Coat Of Many Colors' Jealousy
5 Joseph Dreams He's The Top Kosher Dog Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
9 Joseph Dreams The Universe Bows To Him Jealousy
12 Joseph's Bros Ride To Gamble & Buy Bad Girls Jealousy
14 Joseph Rides Out To Spy On His Bad Brothers Searching
19 *Joseph's Brothers Throw Him In A Well Jealousy
26 *Judah Sells Joseph To Arab Drug Dealers Family Division
31 *Bad Bro's Bloody Jo's Coat & Send It To Dad Sorrow
36 Drug Dealers Sell Joseph To Egypt's General Bondage
Ch. 38
1 Judah Runs Off In Fear Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 1898BC
2 Judah Beds A Banned Caananite Giving Birth
6 YAH Kills Tall-Palm's Husband Punishment
8 *Onan (Pounder) Spills His Baby-Seeds Abortion
10 YAH Spills Pounder's Blood Lust
11 Judah Defrauds Tall-Palm Of Marital Rights Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
13 *Judah Beds His Daughter-In-Law, A Fake-Whore Fornication
24 *Judah Tries To Burn Tall-Palm For Whoring Fornication
26 *Judah Gets Busted For Bedding His Son's Widow Fornication
27 Tall-Palm Births Breakout and Scarlet Giving Birth
Ch. 39
1 Slave-Traders Sell Joseph To Egypt's General Bondage 1898BC
3 General Puts Joseph In Charge of His Estate Responsibility
7 *General's Slut Wife Tries To Seduce Joseph Adultery 1889BC
11 Slut-Wife Frames Joseph On Bogus Rape Charge False Witness
19 The General Throws Joseph In The Dungeon False Witness
22 *The Prison Warden Gives Joseph 100% Control Success
Ch. 40
1 Pharaoh Throws His Butler & Baker Into Jail Redemption 1887BC
5 The 'Butler' & Baker Dream Premonitions Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
7 Joseph Interprets The Butler & Baker's Dreams Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
9 The Butler's Dream Of Prosperity Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
16 The Baker Pre-Dreams His Imminent Death Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
22 Baker Dies. Butler Abandons Joseph To Rot Betrayal
Ch. 41
1Pharaoh Dreams Of Coming Region-Wide Famine Poverty 1886BC
8 The Butler Tells Pharaoh To Call Joseph Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
14 Joseph Predicts The Coming Famine Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep)
33 *Joseph Advises Pharaoh To Stockpile Food Authority 1886BC
37 *Pharaoh Makes Joseph De-Facto King Of Egypt Authority
45 *Joseph Marries A Sun-Worshipper's Daughter Authority
47 *Joseph Stockpiles 7 Years Of Food Supplies Abundance 1886BC
50 Joseph's Egyptian Wife Births Him 2 Sons Giving Birth
53 *The Famine Of 1707BC Ravages Egypt Poverty 1875BC
55 *Joseph Saves Egypt With His Stockpiled Food Preparedness
Ch. 42
1 Jacob Sends 10 Sons To Buy Food From Egypt Laziness 1875BC
6 Joseph Sees His Bro's Who Don't Recognize Him Authority
9 Joseph Frames His Brothers As Enemy Spies! Family Division
15Joseph Orders His Bro's To Fetch Benjamin Family Division
24 *Joseph Jails Simeon & Tricks His Brothers Family Division 1875BC
26Joseph's Brothers Straggle Back To Jacob Family Division
36 Jacob Refuses To Send Benjamin With His Bro's Family Division
Ch. 43
1 Starving Jacob Considers Sending Ben To Egypt Family Division 1875BC
15 Israel's 9 Sons Take Benjamin To Egypt Fear
24 Joseph Feeds His Brothers A Banquet Loving Enemies
Ch. 44
1 Joseph Stashes His Royal Cup In Ben's Sack Loving Enemies 1875BC
3Joseph Sends His Brothers Back Home Family Division
6 Joe's Soldiers Bust Ben For Stealing The Cup! Family Division
14 Joseph Pretends To Convict Benjamin Of Theft Humility
19Judah Recounts The Recent Events Family
Ch. 45
1 *Joseph Reveals Himself To His Long-Lost Bro's Family Division 1875BC
9 Joseph Sends for His Father Jacob Family 1875BC
16 Joseph's Brothers Ride Back To Fetch Jacob Generosity
25 Joseph's Brothers Tell Their Dad Joseph Lives Family
Ch. 46
1 Israel Goes To See His Lost Son, Joseph The Journey Of Life 1875BC
6 Israel's Clan Journeys Down Into Egypt Family
29 *Joseph Meets His Lost-Lost Dad; Weeps For Joy Parents
31 Joseph Gets Israel The Best Farmland In Egypt Work
Ch. 47
1 The Pharaoh Welcomes Jacob (aka Israel) Aging 1875BC
13 Joe's Government Buys All The Region's Grain Money
15 *Joseph Trades His Grain For Farmers Animals Social Insurance (Man's Provision)
18 *People Trade Their Bodies & Land For Grain Debt
22Only Bad Government Taxes Nonprofit Religion Social Insurance (Man's Provision)
23 *Joseph Taxes The Peoples' Produce Bondage
28 Israel (Jacob) Prepares To Die In Egypt Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 48
1Joseph's Dad Jacob (aka Israel) Falls Ill Parents 1859BC
3 Jacob Gives Reuben's Birthright To Joe's Sons Blessing
14 Israel Gives Joe's Younger Son First Rights Blessing
Ch. 49
1 *Israel (Jacob) Curses Reuben, Simeon & Levi Violence 1859BC
8 *Jacob Blesses (Now Repentant) Judah The Messiah
13 Jacob Blesses Zebulun Blessing
14 *Jacob Foresees Oppression Smashing Issachar Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
16 *Jacob Sees Good, Then Evil, For Dan's Tribe Salvation
19 Jacob Foresees War For The Troop-Tribe Yah's Protection
20 Jacob Blesses The Happy Tribe Of Asher Abundance
21 Jacob Blesses The Wrestler-Tribe Freedom
22 *Jacob Lavishes Blessings On Joseph Yah's Protection
27 Jacob Curses The Violent Tribe Of Benjamin Violence
29 Jacob Finishes His Blessing and Dies In Bed Death
Ch. 50
1 Joseph Mummifies His Dead Father Jacob/Israel Parents 1859BC
5 Joseph Visits The Promised Land To Bury Jacob Death
15 Joe's Bro's Repent Of Abusing & Selling him Repentance
19 *Joseph Forgives His Brothers Forgiveness
22 Decades Pass; Joseph Gives His Final Blessing Family
25 Joseph Dies, Awaiting The Exodus From Egypt Death