Bible ~~- Older Testament

2nd Kings Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Moab Rebels Against Its Master-Nation Israel Betrayal 852BC
2 Evil King Ahaziah Falls & Seeks Demon-Healing Idolatry
3 EliJAH Utters King Ahaziah's Death Sentence Idolatry
9 EliJAH Fries Evil Israel's Royal Battalion Yah's Protection
11 EliJAH Fries A 2nd 50-man Royal Battalion Paranormal Phenomena
13 Captain #3, A Future Prophet, Bows To ELiJAH Humility
15 *EliJAH Sentences King Ahaziah To Death Idolatry
17 Brokefoot Satanist King AhaziYah Dies Punishment
Ch. 2
1 EliShua Follows EliJah On His Final Journeys Companionship 851BC
7 ELiJah Parts A River; He Walks On Dry Ground Supernatural Miracles
9 EliSha Begs For Double Of EliJah's Spirit YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit)
11 *ELiJah Sky-Rides On A โ€˜Chariot Of Fireโ€™ Supernatural Miracles
14 The Prophet EliShua Parts The Jordan River Spiritual Vision
19 EliShua Heals Jericho's Polluted Water Supply Supernatural Miracles
23 EliShua Sends Attack-Bears To Kill Rude Thugs Knife Words
Ch. 3
1 Ahab's Brat JAHoram Reigns Over North Israel Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority 850BC
4 Moab Rebels Against Slave-Master Israel Bondage
6 King JAHoram Joins Judah's King To Fight Moab War
9 United Israel's Armies Run Out Of Water War
11 JAHoshaphat Summons ELiShua To Make Water Spiritual Vision
20 The Desert Valley Fills With Mystery Water Supernatural Miracles
22 Moabites Attack, Thinking Red Water Is Blood Paranormal Phenomena
24 United Israel Massacres The Moabite Hordes Pagan Sacrifices
Ch. 4
1 *EliShua Multiplies The Widow's Olive Oil Yah's Provision (Assurance) 849BC
8 Elisha Moves In With A Family In Quiet-Town Generosity 849BC
11 ELiSha Gives An Infertile Lady A Miracle Baby Giving Birth
18 The Miracle Child Dies Of A Brain-Hemorrhage Death
21 The Mother Of The Dead Boy Fails To Find Help Faith-Healing
32 *The Prophet EliShua Resurrects The Dead Boy Resurrection
38 *Elishua De-Toxifies Poison Soup In A Famine Unhealthy Diet
42 *EliShua Multiplies Food During A Famine Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 5
1 Syria's โ€œSweetโ€ Army General Gets Leprosy Faith-Healing 849BC
5 Syrian General Runs To Israel's King For Cure Faith-Healing
8 *EliShua Sends Instructions For Faith-Healing Faith-Healing
11 *Snubbed, The 'Sweet' General Flies Into Rage Ungratefulness
15 *Prophet EliShua Refuses The General's Fortune Faith-Healing
17 The Sweet Syrian General Repents Of Idolatry Idolatry
20 ELishua's Helper Gets Into The Religion-Biz' Greed
25 *EliShua Curses His Greedy Helper With Leprosy Greed
Ch. 6
1 Elisha's Prophets Make Jordan River Monastery Work 848BC
5 *Elisha Miraculously Floats an Ax-Head Paranormal Phenomena
8 ELiShua Ruins Syria's War-Maneuvers Paranormal Phenomena
15 *Angels Save ELiShua From Syria's Army Yah's Protection
18 *EliShua Strikes The Syrian Army Blind Yah's Protection
21 *EliShua Teaches The King To Feed His Enemies Loving Enemies
24 *Syria's Embargo Makes Israelis Eat Their Kids War
31 *Israel's Evil King Attempts To Murder ELiShua Murder
Ch. 7
1 *The Big General Laughs At Elisha's Prophecy Yah's Provision (Assurance) 848BC
3 4 Lepers Defect To Surrender To The Syrians Yah's Protection
6 *YHVH Scares Off Syria's Army With War-Noise Yah's Protection
8 The Lepers Plunder The Abandoned Syrian Camp Greed
9 Lepers Tell The Israelis โ€˜The Siege Is Over!โ€™ Yah's Protection
12 Israeli Mobs Loot The Empty Syrian War-Camp War
17 *The Crowds Trample Their Big Doubting General Unbelief
Ch. 8
1 ELisha Saves Quiet-Town Lady From Famine Spiritual Vision 847BC
3 The King Gives The Rich Lady Back her Land Resurrection
7 EliSha Sees Ben-Hadad's Assassin's Future Spiritual Vision
14 *HazaEl Assassinates Ben-Hadad King Of Syria Murder
16 Evil King JAHoram Reigns Over Judea Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
20 The Edomite Southland Revolts Against Judah War
23 Judah's Evil King JAHoram Dies Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
25 Judah's Evil King AhaziYah Reigns For 1 Year Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
28 JAHoram Gets Shot Attacking Syria w/ AhaziYah War
Ch. 9
1 A Prophet Anoints Captain JAHu King Of Israel Authority 841BC
11 JAHu Rips Northern Israel From King JAHoram War 841BC
27 Jehu Assassinates Judah's Evil King AhaziYah War
30 *Jahu Assassinates The Demon-Witch Jezebel! Punishment
Ch. 10
1 JAHu Massacres Everyone Related To Evil Ahab Murder 841BC
6 *Samaria's Leaders Decapitate Ahab's 70 Sons Murder
12 JAHu Murders The Relatives Of Judah's King Murder
18 JAHu Massacres All Israel's Baal-Worshippers Idolatry 841BC
29 JAHu Falls Into Idolatry Authority
32 Foreign Armies Slice Off Parts Of Israel War
34 Brutal Warrior-King JAHu Dies Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 11
1 *Queen-Mother Athaliah Murders All Her Princes Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority 841BC
2 The King's Sister Rescues The Dying Baby-King Murder
4 The Priest Conspires To Kill The Queen Mother Fighting/Strife/Conflict
9 The Priest's Forces Enthrone The Boy-King Authority
13 Judea's Soldiers Assassinate The Queen-Mother Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 12
1 Judea's Boy-King Joash Reigns Well Devotion 835BC
6 Joash Takes Command Of The Temple Repairs Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion 812BC
17 Syria's King Attacks; Joash Buys His Retreat Loving Enemies
19 JAHoash's Servants Conspire & Murder Him Murder
Ch. 13
1 Evil Jehoahaz Plunges North Israel Into Sin Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority 812BC
10 An Evil King Joash Dominates Northern Israel Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
12 Northern Israel's Evil King Joash Dies Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
14 Dying ELisha Predicts A Win For King Joash Spiritual Vision
21 A Dead Man Touches ELisha's Bones & Lives! Resurrection
Ch. 14
1 King Amaziah Rules Judah In Righteousness Authority 796BC
8 AmaziYah Tries To Recapture North Israel War
11 Northern Israel Thrashes & Pillages Jerusalem War
17 Judeaโ€™s Good King AmaziYah Dies, Assassinated Murder
21 Good Teen King AzariYah Reigns Over Judea Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
23 Evil King Jeroboam2 Leads North Israel To Sin Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
25 YAH Uses Evil Jeroboam To Ease Israel's Pain Spiritual Vision
Ch. 15
1 Azariah Reigns In Righteousness Over Judah Obedience 790BC
4 Arrogant AzariYah Gets Leprosy! Idolatry
8 Evil ZachariYah Rules N. Israel For 6 Months Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
10 Mr. Payback Assassinates Bad King ZachariYah Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
14 Menahem Assassinates Mr. Payback Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
16 King Menahem Restricts Travel & Aborts Babies Abortion
19 Menaham Taxes Israel To Avert War With Syria Loving Enemies
22 PekahYah Begin His Evil Reign Over N. Israel Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
25 Captain Pekah Assassinates King PekahYAH Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
29 The Assyrian Empire Enslaves North Israel War 734BC
30 Hoshea Conspires And Assassinates Pekah Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
32 Good King JAHtham Reigns Over Judea Authority
Ch. 16
1 King Ahaz Reigns In Wickedness Over Judea Pagan Sacrifices 742BC
5 Rezin & Pekah Attack King Ahaz's Judah War
7 Ahaz Pays Assyria To Rescue Judah From Syria Man's Protection
10 Ahaz Copies A Syrian Pagan Sacrifice Altar Pagan Sacrifices
14 Ahaz Makes More Unholy Temple Modifications Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
19 Judea's Evil King Ahaz Dies [YAY!] Death
Ch. 17
1 Hoshea (North Israel's Last King) Takes Reign Political Evil 725BC
3 The Assyrian Empire Besieges North Israel Oppression
6 Assyrians Haul North Israel Into Captivity Oppression 722BC
8 Why Assyria Invaded: Israel Hated YHVH Idolatry
24 Foreign Pagan Nations Occupy Samaria Punishment 721BC
26 A Priest Partially Converts Israel's Pagans Guidance
29 The Beast-Nationals Refuse To Follow YAH Idolatry
Ch. 18
1 Good King HezekiYAH Reforms Judea The Devil 701BC
9 Emperor Sennacherib Captures Northern Israel War
13 Assyria's Armies March To Attack Jerusalem War
14 *King Hezekiah Tries But Fails To Buy Peace Loving Enemies
17 Assyria's Generals Threaten To Destroy Judea War
Ch. 19
14 Hezekiah Begs Yah To Evict The Assyrian Army Prayer
20 YAH Dooms Emperor Sennacherib Of Assyria Yah's Protection
35 *YAH's Angel Massacres 185K Assyrian Soldiers! Yah's Protection
36 King Sennacherib Retreats His Army From Judea Yah's Protection
37 *Emperor Sennacherib's Sons Assassinate Him Murder
Ch. 20
1 Judea's Good King Hezekiah Falls Deathly Ill Faith-Healing 712BC
5 YAH Supernaturally Heals King HezekYAH Faith-Healing
8 YAH Makes The Sun Go Backwards! Supernatural Miracles
12 Hezekiah Foolishly Displays His Treasures Loose Lips Sinking Ships 711BC
14 Isaiah Predicts Judea's Castration & Bondage Oppression
20 Judea's Good But Gullible King Hezekiah Dies Authority
Ch. 21
1 King Hezekiah's Brat Manasseh Reigns Wickedly Idolatry 687BC
10 YAH Decrees A Total Fire-Purge For Judea Punishment
17 Evil King Manasseh Dies (Good Riddance!) Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
19 King Amon, Skilled In Evil, Terrorizes Judea Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
23 Evil King Amon's Servants Assassinate Him Murder
Ch. 22
1 Evil Amon's Son (King Josiah) Reigns Rightly Authority 640BC
3 King Josiah Prepares To Repair YAH's Temple Responsibility 621BC
8 Hilkiah Finds The Lost Book of YAH's Law Law 621BC
10 King JosiYah Reads YAH's Law, Then Repents Repentance
14 The Glider-Prophetess Foretells Judea's Doom Punishment
18 YHVH Rewards King Josiah's Humble Repentance Repentance
Ch. 23
1 Josiah Convenes Judea's Elders For Repentance Law 621BC
4 King Josiah Destroys Judea's Occult Idols Idolatry
21 Josiah Celebrates The All-Time Great Passover Community Love Feasts
29 Pharaoh Assassinates Good King JosiYAH Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
33 Pharaoh Taxes Judea & Imprisons Its King Oppression
Ch. 24
1 King Jehoiakim Rebels Against Nebuchadnezzar War 601BC
8 Brat-King JeconYah Takes Judah's Throne Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
10 Nebuchadnezzar Exiles Jehoiachim To Babylon Bondage 597BC
18Nebuchadnezzar Makes Zedekiah King in Judea Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority 597BC
Ch. 25
1 Emperor Nebuchadnezzar Besieges Jerusalem Oppression 588BC
4 Jerusalem's King & People Flee The City Shrewdness / Craftiness 586BC
5 *Nebuchadnezzar Murders Judea's Princes Oppression
8 *Gen. Nebuzar-Adan Captures & Burns Jerusalem Oppression
11 General NebuzarAdan Enslaves The Judeans Bondage
13 General Nebuzaradan Pillages YAH's Temple Bondage
19 NebuzarAdan Enslaves Judea's Top Leaders Bondage
21 Nebuchadnezzar Murders Judah's Top Leaders Oppression
23 Governor GedaliYAH Quells A Judean Revolt Nonresistance
25 Jew-Terrorists Assassinate Peaceful GedaliYah Fear
27 Babylon's Emperor Releases Judea's Slave-King International Peace