Bible ~~- Older Testament

1st Chronicles Wrench

Ch. 1
1Genealogies Of The Israelites Family 1003BC
Ch. 2
1A Review Of Israel's Genealogy Family
Ch. 3
1A List Of King David's Genealogy Family
10A List Of Solomon's Descendants Family
Ch. 4
1A List Of Judah's Geneaology Family
5Asher's Genealogy Giving Birth
9The Prayer Of Jabez Prayer
11Caleb's Genealogy Family
21Shelah's Genealogy Family
24Simeon's Genealogy Family
39Simeon's Descendants Massacre The Pastureland Fighting/Strife/Conflict
Ch. 5
1Reuben (The Pervert's) Pre-Exile Genealogy Family
11Gad's Descendants Family
18Reuben, Gad & Manasseh's Anti-Arab War War
23Manasseh's Genealogy Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
Ch. 6
1A List Of Levi's Genealogy Family
3Lineage Of Israelite Priests (Pre-Captivity) Family
17Gershom, Kohath & Merari's Genealogies Family
31Genealogies Of David's Musician/Singers Music
49Genealogy of Aaron, The Original High Priest Community Love Feasts
54The Tribes Donate Many Cities To Ministry Devotion
Ch. 7
1A Genealogy Of The Tribe Of Issachar Family
6The Genealogy Of The Tribe Of Benjamin Family
13A List Of The Sons Of Naphtali [Wrestler] Family
14The Genealogy Of The Tribe Of Manasseh Giving Birth
20The Genealogy Of The Tribe Of Ephraim Family
30A Genealogy Of The Tribe Of Asher Family
Ch. 8
1More Genealogy Of Benjamin's Tribe Family
29Gibeon's Geneaology Family
Ch. 9
1Concluding Summary Of Israelite Geneaologies Family
2The First Israelites Return From Exile Responsibility
35Gibeon's Geneaology Family
Ch. 10
1 Palestinian Armies Attack King Saul's Israel Defeat 1003BC
3 Battle-Wounded King Saul Commits Suicide Suicide
7 *The Philistines Capture Israeli Territory Defeat
8 *The Palestinians Hang Saul's Body Parts Violence
11 Valiant Israelis Recapture Saul's Carcass Death
13 *An Explanation Of Why King Saul Had To Die Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 11
1 United Israel's Elders Crown David King Authority 1003BC
4 David & General Joab Seize Jebus (Jerusalem) War
9 YAH Helps Young King David Grow In Power Yah's Protection
11 Jashobeam Kills 300 Soldiers In One Fight! Courage
13 Eleazar & David Massacre Palestinian Invaders Yah's Protection
15 3 Heroes Bust An Army To Fetch David Water Courage
20 Gen. AbiShai Kills 300 Soldiers In One Fight! Courage
22 BenaYAH Kills Lions and Lion-Like Men Courage
26 A List Of King David's Other Valiant Heroes Courage
Ch. 12
1Young King David's Secessionist Army Grows Courage 1002BC
Ch. 13
1David Fetches The Ark Of The Covenant The Body of Believers 1000BC
Ch. 14
1Young King David's Family Grows Yah's Protection 1000BC
Ch. 15
1King David Brings YAH's Ark To Jerusalem Devotion 1000BC
16The Priests Appoint The Sacred Musicians Music
Ch. 16
1 King David Throws A Million-Man Ark-Party Community Love Feasts 998BC
7 David Writes A Psalm For The Ark Inauguration Praise
37 David Delegates The Sanctuary To Musicians Community Love Feasts
Ch. 17
1 David Aspires To Build A Temple For YHVH Encouragement 997BC
3 YAH Refuses To Let David Build His Temple YAH (the Most High Creator)
7 YAH Promises To Forever Bless David's Lineage The Messiah
16 David Prays Thanks For Messianic Prophecies Humility
Ch. 18
1YAH Strengthens David's Kingdom Victory 996BC
Ch. 19
1David Sends Sympathy To Inbred King Hanun Death
4The Inbred Leaders Expose The Israelis' Butts War
Ch. 20
1Joab Seizes Rabbah From The Inbred Ammonites Victory 995BC
4Giant-Spawn Mutants Wage 3 Wars On Israel Courage
Ch. 21
1Satan Gets David To Force a Census On Israel Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's 979BC
7YAH Punishes Israel For Its National I.D. #'s Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's
17Repentance & Food-Sharing Quell The Disaster Community Love Feasts
Ch. 22
1David Prepares For Solomon To Build A Temple Work 979BC
Ch. 23
1King David Prepares Israel's Priests For Work Responsibility 979BC
28Israel's Priests Prepare The Sacred Feasts Community Love Feasts
Ch. 24
1[David] Divides The Levites Into Work-Groups Family 979BC
Ch. 25
1David Prepares Sanctuary Singers & Musicians Music 979BC
Ch. 26
1David Appoints The Sanctuary's Gatekeepers Work 979BC
20David Appoints The Sanctuary's Treasurers Responsibility
Ch. 27
1David Organizes Israel's Secular Government Authority 979BC
Ch. 28
1David Commissions Solomon To Build The Temple Obedience 970BC
11David Gives Solomon BluePrints From Heaven Art
Ch. 29
1David Provides Riches For Solomon's Temple Art
6The Israelites Donate Wealth For The Temple Devotion
10David Prays A Song Of Praise & Thanks To YAH Devotion
21Israel Throws A Huge Feast & ReCrowns Solomon Authority
26A Quick Review Of King David's Reign Authority