Bible ~~- Older Testament

Ezra Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Emperor Cyrus Returns Judea's Temple Treasure Authority 537BC
5 Exiled Jewish Leaders Return To Jerusalem Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 2
1 List Of Judean Exiles Returning From Babylon Freedom 537BC
Ch. 3
1 Israel's Returned Exiles Celebrate Tent-Fest Community Love Feasts 535BC
Ch. 4
1 Pagans Fail To Sabotage The Temple-Rebuild Separation (Holiness) 534BC
4 *The Pagans Hassle And Terrify The Hebrews Fear
6 The Pagans Accuse The Jews Of Tax Rebellion Political Evil
17 Emperor Stops Rebuilding Jerusalem & Temple Oppression 534BC
Ch. 5
1 Cops Bust The Hebrew Prophets For Rebuilding Work 520BC
4 The Hebrew Prophets Refuse Interrogation Oppression
6 Fascists Try To Shut Down The Temple Rebuild Authority
Ch. 6
1 Emperor Makes Tattletales Pay Hebrew Expenses Authority 520BC
13 Judea's Prophets Rebuild Solomon's Temple Authority
16 Jews Complete & Dedicate Israel's Temple Community Love Feasts 515BC
Ch. 7
1 Ezra Journeys ~700KM SW to Jerusalem Family 458BC
8 Ezra And Friends Arrive Safely In Jerusalem Yah's Protection
11 Emperor Pays War-Crimes Reparations To Jews Authority 458BC
Ch. 8
1 Freed Slaves Who Emigrated To Judea w/ Ezra Freedom 457BC
15 Ezra Recruits Priests To Lead Sacred Gov'ment Work
21 Ezra Refuses Imperial Military Protection Yah's Protection
24 Ezra Entrusts Massive Wealth To The Priests Devotion
31 Ezra & The Priests Haul Gold To Jerusalem Responsibility
Ch. 9
1 Ezra Learns Israeli Men Shacked Up w/ Witches Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 457BC
3 Ezra Leads The Israeli Slut-Mongers To Repent Repentance
Ch. 10
1 Ezra Banishes Judea's Unrepentant Pagan Sluts Repentance 456BC
20 These Israelis Kick Out Their Pagan Sluts Fornication