Bible ~~- Older Testament

NehemiYAH Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Memoirs of The Emperor's Israeli Cup-Bearer Reminiscence 445BC
2 Nehemiah Learns That Israel Is A Wreck Defeat
4 Nehemiah Prays, Starves, Weeps For Days Prayer
Ch. 2
1 Nehemiah Begs The Emperor to Let Him Go Home Sorrow 444BC
6 Artaxerxes Sends Nehemiah Back To Jerusalem! Success
9 The Pagan Powers Rage Against Nehemiah Racism & Nationalism
11 Nehemiah Secretly Plans To Rebuild Jerusalem Defeat
17 The Hebrews Risk Death To Start Rebuilding Work
Ch. 3
1 Nehemiah Lists The Workers & Their Jobs Work 444BC
Ch. 4
1 Evil Sanballat Plans His Multi-Army Attack Tribulation/Purification/testing 444BC
4 Nehemiah Prays For Yah's Protection Yah's Protection
6 The Judaeans Rock On Building The Wall War
9 The Builders Set Watch Against The Invasion Tribulation/Purification/testing
15 The Invasion Delays. Work Continues With Fear Self-Defense
Ch. 5
1 *Nehemiah Abolishes Debt, Especially Interest Debt 444BC
14Nehemiah Refuses All Government Handouts Social Insurance (Man's Provision)
Ch. 6
1 Evil Governor Sanballat Plots To Stop Israel Betrayal 444BC
15 Nehemiah & Friends Complete Jerusalem's Wall Victory 444BC
Ch. 7
1Nehemiah Counts The Returned Exiles Freedom 444BC
39A List Of The 1st Group Of Refugee Priests Freedom
Ch. 8
1 Ezra Reads the Law To Ex-Exiles in Jerusalem Yah's Word 444BC
14 Nehemiah & Ezra Re-Institute Tent-Fest Community Love Feasts
Ch. 9
1 Repatriated Israelites Fast and Repent Of Sin Yah's Provision (Assurance) 444BC
Ch. 10
1 Israelites Seal Their Renewal Of The Covenant Repentance 444BC
Ch. 11
1 Exiled Israelis Re-Settle in Jerusalem Yah's Provision (Assurance) 444BC
Ch. 12
1Names Of Priests Who Returned W/ Zerub-Babbel Freedom
10High Priest Yahshua's Genealogy Family
27 Jerusalem Rocks At The Wall-Dedication Party Music
44 The Nation Supports Its Singers And Priests Music
Ch. 13
1 Nehemiah Restores YAH's Laws Separation (Holiness) 432BC
4 Nehemiah Restores The Abandoned Temple Staff Separation (Holiness)
15 Nehemiah Bans The Sabbath-Desecrators Rest
23 Nehemiah Bans All Unrepentant Pagans Worldly Participation (Worldliness)