Bible ~~- Older Testament

Esther Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Artaxerxes Rules The World's Largest Empire Authority 483BC
3 The Emperor Throws History's Biggest Feast Pride
7 The Feasters & Emperor Get Slobbering Drunk Addiction
9 Queen Vashti Holds A Competing Feast Authority
10 The Emperor Summons His Gorgeous Queen Vashti Pride
12 *Persia's Queen Refuses To Model For Drunk Men Disobedience
13 Royal Advisers Decree Divorce For The Queen Disobedience
21 The Emperor Strips And Banishes His Queen Marriage
Ch. 2
1 Esther Becomes Queen Of The Uber-Empire Success 478BC
21 Mordecai Thwarts An Assassination Conspiracy Murder 478BC
Ch. 3
1 Evil Lord Haman Seeks Revenge on the Jews Serving YHVH alone 474BC
Ch. 4
1 Mordecai Informs Esther of Haman's Evil Plot Tribulation/Purification/testing 473BC
Ch. 5
1 Esther Prepares a Banquet To Expose Hangman Serving YHVH alone 473BC
Ch. 6
1 The Emperor Honors Mordecai The Separatist Pride 473BC
Ch. 7
1 Persia's Imperial Executioners Hang Haman Punishment 473BC
Ch. 8
1 Xerxes' Edict on Behalf of Esther and Jews Self-Defense 473BC
Ch. 9
1 The Imperial Forces & Rabble Attack The Jews Self-Defense 472BC
3 Persians Fight A Civil War To Defend The Jews Success
5 The Jews Defeat The Attacking Armies & Mobs Self-Defense
7 The Jews Murder The Sons Of Haman The Hangman Revenge
10Teary-Eyed Persian Killers Count Their Dead Self-Defense
13 Persian Mobs and Soldiers Mount A 2nd Attack Self-Defense
15 Jews Win Again, Yet Refuse To Take Plunder Self-Defense
17 Jews Inaugurate โ€˜Purimโ€™ Memorial Holiday Joy
Ch. 10
1 Mordecai Thrives As Vice-Emperor Of Persia Authority 472BC