Bible ~~- Older Testament

Job Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Rich Job Has Everything A Man Could Want Success 2100BC
6 *Satan Begs YHVH For Rights To Torture Job The Devil
13 Sabeans Steal Oxen & Donkeys, Murder Men Defeat
16 *Sky-Fire Incinerates Job's Sheep & Shepherds The Devil
17 *Babylonians Steal Camels, Murder Workmen Tribulation/Purification/testing
18 *A Tornado Crushes Job's Sons (& Daughters) The Devil
20 *In Unimaginable Suffering, Job Praises YHVH Death
Ch. 2
1 *Satan Returns To Samayim To Seek Power The Devil
3 *YHVH Gives Satan Authority To Harm Job's Body Integrity
7 *Satan Covers Job With Putrid Infected Boils Illness
9 *Job Refuses His Wife's Advice To Curse YAH Cursing
11 *Job's 3 Friends Come And Mourn & Wail For Him Sorrow
Ch. 3
1 Boil-Infested Job Curses His Own Birthday Suicide
Ch. 4
1 Eliphaz Confronts Job With Critical 'Advice' Blame
Ch. 5
1 Eliphaz Keeps Bragging About His 'Experience' Yah's Protection
Ch. 6
1 Job Rejects The Arrogance Of Eliphaz Sorrow
8 Job Again Prays To Die Suicide
14 Job Rails At His 'Friends' For Accusing Him Betrayal
28 Job Begs His Frenemies To Be Friendly Rejection
Ch. 7
1Job Laments This Hard Mortal Life Desperation
Ch. 8
1Bildad Says, 'You Deserve Your Pain' Blame
8Bildad Advises Job To Study History Education
14Bildad Labels Job A Hypocrite Hypocrisy
21Bildad Tells Job He'd Better Repent Repentance
Ch. 9
1Job Answers Bildad's Blaming Accusations YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 10
1Job Despairs Of Life Desperation
Ch. 11
1Frenemy # 3 (Zophar) Confronts Job Blame
Ch. 12
1Job Rebuts Zophar's Holier-Than-Thou Spiel Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 13
1Job Tries To Shut Up His Religionist Ex-Pals Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 14
1Job Laments Hard Life & Black Death Death
13Job Prays For Resurrection Resurrection
Ch. 15
1ELiphaz {Gold-God} Verbally Attacks Job Punishment
Ch. 16
1Job Defends Himself Against ELiphaz's Attack Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 17
1Job's Lament Slides Into Deathly Despair Death
Ch. 18
1Bildad Attacks Job Punishment
Ch. 19
1Job Defends Himself Against Bildad's Attacks Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 20
1Zophar Attacks Job Crime
Ch. 21
1Job Reveals: Some Wicked People Live Easy Political Evil
Ch. 22
1Gold-Lover Rails False Accusations At Job Repentance
Ch. 23
1Job Answers ELiphaz' False Accusations Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 24
1Sinners Thrive While Innocent People Die Oppression
18Eventually, Not Immediately, Criminals Die Crime
Ch. 25
1Bildad Denies That A Man Can Please YHVH YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 26
1Job Answers Bildad's Sin-Excusing Theology Science
Ch. 27
1Many Greedy People Live Rich 'Til They Die Punishment
Ch. 28
1It's Easy To Find Wealth; Hard To Find Wisdom Wisdom
Ch. 29
1Job Remembers His Life Before Disaster Struck Compassion
Ch. 30
1Job Laments His Destroyed Life Rejection
Ch. 31
1Job Insists That He's Been Righteous Legal Innocence
Ch. 32
1Job's 3 Friends Stop Trying To Convict Him Pride
2Kid Elihu Rails At Job's โ€œSelf-Righteousnessโ€ Pride
Ch. 33
Ch. 34
1Elihu Won't Shut Up. He Keeps Knocking Job Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 35
1Elihu's Bragging Turns To Bitter Condemnation Punishment
Ch. 36
1ELihu's Still Still Yakking Science
Ch. 37
1Elihu Ends By Exposing The Limits Of Science YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 38
1YHVH Corrects Job Origins
Ch. 39
1YAH Illustrates His Superiority Over Man Origins
Ch. 40
1 YHVH Continues Correcting Job Unbelief
3Job Answers YHVH With Repentance Humility
6 YHVH'S Angel Answers Job From A Tornado Origins
Ch. 41
1 YHVH Explains That Mortals Can't Fight Satan The Devil
Ch. 42
1 Job Answers YAH in Humility Humility
7 YHVH Rebukes Eliphaz For False Teaching Community Love Feasts
9 3 Friends Cook A Huge Feast In YAH's Honor Obedience
10 *YHVH Releases Job From Satan, Blesses Job 2x! Forgiveness
11 *Job's Extended Family Reunite With Him Community Love Feasts
12 *Job Gains Twice As Many Animals As Before Yah's Provision (Assurance)
13 Job's Wife Bears Him 10 New Children! Giving Birth
15 Job Gives His Girls Equal Inheritance Properly Appreciating Both Sexes
16 Job Lives Extremely Long, Enjoying His Family Family