Bible ~~- Older Testament

Psalms Wrench

Ch. 1
1Live Separated & Focused On YAH's Law Or Die Bearing Fruit / Profitability
Ch. 2
1 *The United Nations Rage Against The Creator Political Evil 979BC
4 *YAH Laughs At All Human Power - We Are Comedy Political Evil
6 YAH's Agents Tower Above All Human Authority The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
10 All Human Powers Die Unless They Obey Messiah Wisdom
Ch. 3
1 David Begs YAH 'Protect Me From Persecutors!' Yah's Protection
Ch. 4
1 David Cries For Help From YHVH Yah's Protection
Ch. 5
1 David Prays For YHVH's Help Against His Enemy Prayer
Ch. 6
1 David Begs For Help Against His Enemies Desperation
Ch. 7
1 David Sings To YHVH re: Slanderous Enemy Cush Punishment
Ch. 8
1 YAH's Name-Power Is So Big, Tiny-Praise Kills The Creator's Name
3 YAH Lifts Us, Mere Worms, To Angelic Heights Humility
6 Mankind's Purpose Is To Care For The Earth Environmentalism
Ch. 9
1 David Sings Of YAH's Protection From Enemies Yah's Protection
Ch. 10
1 King David Cries To YAH In Despair Of Evil Financial Caste
14 David Remembers That YAH Will Save Us Yah's Protection
Ch. 11
1 David Sings Of YAH's Protection For Good Men Betrayal
Ch. 12
1 David's Low-Pitched Song Of Desperation Pride
Ch. 13
1 David, Feeling Abandoned, Begs YHVH For Mercy Hope
Ch. 14
1 Real Atheists, No Matter How Smart, Are Fools Political Evil
Ch. 15
1Only Doers Of Good Actions Go To Heaven Righteous Actions (Works) 998BC
Ch. 16
1YHVH Is The Only Reliable Protector Guidance
Ch. 17
1David Cries For Refuge From Deadly Forces Yah's Protection
Ch. 18
1David Sings To YAH, His Rescuer & Stronghold Yah's Protection
Ch. 19
1*The Sky Clearly Shows YAH's Power And Genius Origins
7YAH'S Laws Bring Life, Not Death! Law
Ch. 20
1King David Blesses You With Deliverance Blessing
4David Sings You A Victory Blessing! Blessing
7*Weapons Kill Their Users; YAH's Name Saves The Creator's Name
Ch. 21
1YAH's Strength Fuels Kingdoms Yah's Protection
Ch. 22
1David Cries, Feeling Abandoned By His Creator Desperation
12A Prefiguration Of The Messiah's Death Tribulation/Purification/testing
22David Risks Dethroning To Go Wild In Praise Praise
27YAH's Kingdom Is Earth's Only Government Guidance
Ch. 23
1*The Most Famous Psalm: The 23rd Psalm Yah's Protection
Ch. 24
1King David Sings Of YAH's Magnificence Separation (Holiness) 998BC
7A Cool Hebrew Dance, Lifting Heads & Hands Praise
Ch. 25
1King David Begs For Yahweh's Help Yah's Protection
4King David Begs YAH To Teach Him All Truth Guidance
15David Begs YAH To Rescue Him From Enemy Hate Yah's Protection
Ch. 26
1David Prays To Keep From Sliding To Death Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 27
1With YAH On Our Side, No One Can Beat Us Yah's Protection
Ch. 28
1King David Begs YAH For Protection & Revenge Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
6King David Recommends YAH's Protection To You Praise
Ch. 29
1Rave About YHVH's Majestic Creative Power Yah's Word
Ch. 30
1King David's Song For His Palace Dedication Praise
Ch. 31
1David Begs YHVH To Rescue Him Like A Fortress Yah's Protection
Ch. 32
1Confess your Sin, Get Forgiveness, Get Happy! Repentance
Ch. 33
1*Real Praise Is A Full-Contact Body Sport Music
4YHVH Is Perfect, Awesome, Active YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 34
1David Thanks YAH For Bread For His Loyalists Yah's Protection 1012BC
Ch. 35
1King David Begs YAH To Fight off His Killers Yah's Protection
Ch. 36
1Criminally-Insane Beings Hate Truth & Justice Lies
5YAH Is 100% Different From The Jerks You Know Our Creator's Love
Ch. 37
1David Sings of Hope Of Your Salvation (1Ki 2) Yah's Protection 970BC
Ch. 38
1David Mourns His Sin-Induced Physical Disease Illness
12Evil Schemers Attack David For Doing Good Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 39
1David Repents & Suffers Torture In Silence Death
Ch. 40
1David Raves About YAH's Helping Him Yah's Protection
Ch. 41
1YAH Gives & Rewards Acts of Compassion Compassion 972BC
5King David Laments Betrayal By His Frenemies Betrayal
Ch. 42
1David Thirsts For YAH Like A Deer Hunts Water Tribulation/Purification/testing 979BC
Ch. 43
1David Prays In Desperation, Encouraging Us Praise
Ch. 44
1YAH Used To Make Israel Triumph Yah's Protection 979BC
9Why Does YAH Cast Israel Into Exile & Slavery Punishment
Ch. 45
1A Princess Pledges Her Love To A Hebrew King Authority 967BC
8The Wedding Comes To A Rousing Finish Marriage
Ch. 46
1*YAH Is Our Shelter And Security Yah's Protection 701BC
Ch. 47
1*Clap & Strike Strings For The World-Smasher Music 701BC
Ch. 48
1Rave-Praise, Echoing YAH's Protective Powers Yah's Protection 701BC
Ch. 49
1*Rich People Die Like Animals. Wealth=Nothing Money
Ch. 50
1YAH Judges & Rectifies our Planet! Judgment 979BC
7YAH Has Always Hated Animal Sacrifice Pagan Sacrifices
Ch. 51
1David Regrets Killing A Man To Bed His Wife Repentance 991BC
Ch. 52
1YAH Rips Out Criminals' Lying, Greedy Tongues Lies 1012BC
Ch. 53
1David Condemns Atheist Thugs Who Hurt Saints Yah's Protection
Ch. 54
1David Prays For YAH To Kill His Oppressors Yah's Protection 1011BC
Ch. 55
1David Begs YAH To Rescue Him From Evil Liars Betrayal 972BC
Ch. 56
1David Sings of Being Captured By Palestinians Tribulation/Purification/testing 1011BC
Ch. 57
1In A Cave, David Prays To Be Saved From Saul Music 1011BC
Ch. 58
1David Rails At False Judges, Leaders, Priests Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 59
1David Prays For Rescue From Saul's Assassins Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority 1013BC
Ch. 60
1David Begs YHVH To Help Him Defeat Invaders Punishment 998BC
Ch. 61
1David Begs YAH's Help Against His Rebel Son Yah's Protection
Ch. 62
1YAH Is Your Only Refuge And Hope Yah's Protection
9Humans Amount To A Puff Of Hot Air Humility
Ch. 63
1David Cries To Re-Experience YAH's Spirit Praise 972BC
9YAH Will Soon Destroy The Enemies Of The Just Yah's Protection
Ch. 64
1King David Tells You, โ€œCrime Doesn't Pay!โ€ Crime
Ch. 65
1YAH Hears our Quiet Prayer; He Buries Our Sin Justice
5YAH Forms & Runs The Universe Via Miracles YAH (the Most High Creator)
9YAH Lovingly Manages Our Earth's Ecosystems Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 66
1King David Commands You To Loudly Praise YAH! Praise
9YAH Purifies Us With Struggles Tribulation/Purification/testing
13Share Your Food With The Poor At Holy Feasts Community Love Feasts
16Yah Answers The Prayers Of Righteous People Temptation
Ch. 67
1The Psalmist Begs YAH To Heal The Whole World The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
Ch. 68
1Prayer For YAH To Smash His Enemies Punishment
3*Praise Loud, Mobile, In Public, Jumping, Joy Praise
5YAH Defends Widows & Orphans; So Should You Adoption
7Relive Exodus: The Great Slave Emancipation Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 69
1David Nearly Dies Of Cruel Oppressive Attacks Tribulation/Purification/testing
30David Describes How & Why He Praises Wildly Praise
Ch. 70
1King David Begs YAH To Fight Off His Enemies Prayer
Ch. 71
1David Begs YAH To Save Him From Attackers Yah's Protection
14Praise Will Get You Through Life's Nasty Pain Patience
20King David Predicts The Resurrection Resurrection
22Throw Your Full Energy & Creativity At Praise Music
Ch. 72
1King David Sings A Prayer For His Son Solomon Authority 967BC
Ch. 73
1Asaph Laments The World's Oppressive Regimes Greed 979BC
Ch. 74
1Asaph Laments The Desolation Of Judea Tribulation/Purification/testing 586BC
Ch. 75
1Asaph Celebrates YAH's Justice And Power Justice 979BC
Ch. 76
1Asaph Recounts David's Conquest Of Jerusalem Yah's Protection 979BC
Ch. 77
1Asaph Cries In Pain, Fearing That God Is Dead Prayer 979BC
11Asaph Sings Of Miracles, Esp. The Exodus Supernatural Miracles
Ch. 78
1Asaph Gives The Key To Education: Bible Sagas Education 979BC
8State Schools Spawn Military Destruction Unbelief
12Asaph Recounts The Ungrateful Exodus Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 79
1Asaph Laments Jerusalem's Desolation Punishment 586BC
Ch. 80
1Asaph Begs Yah To Restore Israel From Defeat Prayer 979BC
Ch. 81
1*Rock Ear-Splitting Loud Praise w/ Instruments Music 979BC
3Full Moon Festival Instructions & Explanation Community Love Feasts
7YAH Laments Israel's Falling Away Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
Ch. 82
1YAH Condemns Corrupt Judges, Leaders, Pastors Perverting Justice 979BC
Ch. 83
1Asaph Cries Out For Salvation From World War Yah's Protection 979BC
Ch. 84
1A Vision Of YAH's Happy Heavenly Home Heaven 979BC
Ch. 85
1A King Prays For Yah To Forgive His Nation Forgiveness 979BC
Ch. 86
1David Begs YHVH's Protection & Forgiveness Desperation
Ch. 87
1Korah's Clan Extol The Beloved City Of Peace Yah's Provision (Assurance) 979BC
Ch. 88
1Korah Wails To YAH In Desperate Anguish Desperation 979BC
Ch. 89
1Solomon's Priest Ethan Celebrates YAH's Love Origins 979BC
19Ethan Recounts Yah's Promise To Exalt David Authority
38Ethan Laments The Fall Of Addict King Solomon Punishment
Ch. 90
1Moses Sings To YAH, Begging For Help To Live Death 1407BC
Ch. 91
1YAH Protects We Who Trust Him Yah's Protection
Ch. 92
1Fall In Love With Physically Active Praising Music
6Wicked Beings Flourish Only To Be Destroyed YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 93
1A Vision Of Heaven & The Universal Eons Origins
Ch. 94
1Pray For YAH To Erase Evil From Existence Yah's Protection
Ch. 95
1Shake The Earth With Mad Praise To Mighty YAH YAH (the Most High Creator)
8Repent Or Die Like Israelites In The Desert Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
Ch. 96
1Shake The World With PowerPraise, Like Nature Praise 998BC
Ch. 97
1Praise YAH, The Universe-Shaker YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 98
1Join All Creation In Wildly Praising YAH Music
Ch. 99
1YAH's Heavenly Dominion Rules The Earth The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
Ch. 100
1*Shake The Nations With Praise To YAH Music
Ch. 101
1Commit Yourself To Radical Sacred Obedience Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 102
1A Beaten Sufferer Pours Out His Lament To YAH YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 103
1Praise YAH, The Eternal Father Who Saves Us Our Creator's Love
Ch. 104
1YAH Creates Everything With His Spirit-Breath Origins
Ch. 105
1Wildly Praise YAH In Public Music 998BC
7YAH's Laws Bind All Humans All The Time The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
8YAH Keeps His Promises Yah's Provision (Assurance)
11A History Of The Israelites In Song Punishment
Ch. 106
1King David Commands You To Wildly Praise YAH Gratitude 998BC
4David Prays For Resurrection To Dance Forever Resurrection
6The Sinful History Of The Israelites In Song Idolatry
47A Prayer For Freedom To Wildly Dance & Sing Praise
Ch. 107
1YAH Saves Wanderers In Dry Deserts Of Doom Gratitude
9YAH Saves Prisoners Trapped In Slave Toil Repentance
17YAH Saves Depressed Repentant Rebel Perverts Sorrow
23YAH Saves Sailors On Suicidal Ocean Sprees Salvation
33YAH Provides Our Families With Fertile Fields Environmentalism
Ch. 108
1King David Praises Wildly Before All Nations Music 970BC
5David Prays For YAH To Defeat his Enemies YAH (the Most High Creator)
7YAH Declares Ownership Of The Promised Land Yah's Protection
10David Begs YAH To Defend His Praise-Warriors Yah's Protection
Ch. 109
1David Begs Yah To Exterminate His Enemies Revenge
Ch. 110
1David Sees A Vision Of The Future Messiah The Messiah
Ch. 111
1YAH Is Amazing; Praise Him Like An Earthquake YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 112
1Righteous People Always Win In The End Righteous Actions (Works)
Ch. 113
1Rave-Praise Wildly Yet Clearly (In Public) The Creator's Name
7YAH Makes Dreams From Your Worst Nightmares Giving Birth
Ch. 114
1YAH's Miracle-Spirit Controls Natural Reality Supernatural Miracles
Ch. 115
1David Begs YAH To Save Us To Show His Majesty YAH (the Most High Creator)
4Idols Are Mute, Dumb, Impotent, Useless Junk Idolatry
9Run For Refuge in YAH Serving YHVH alone
12YAH Always Blesses Everyone Who Fears Him Blessing
15YAH Gave Mankind The Earth To Safeguard Environmentalism
17Praise YAH Before Death Drags You To Silence Death
Ch. 116
1YAH Lifts Humble People High Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 117
1Crazy-Praise YHVH Wherever & Whoever You Are Praise
Ch. 118
1Throw Your Hands To YAH: His Love Never Quits Our Creator's Love
5YAH Gets You Out Of The Death-Squeeze Yah's Protection
8*The Center Of The Bible: Trust YHVH, Not Man! Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
10*Cut The Pagans Out Of Your Life Circumcision
13YAH Saves Us From Deadly Attacks Yah's Protection
19Throw Your Hands Up To YAH Your Savior The Messiah
Ch. 119
1The King Boldly Defends His Love Of YAH's Law Law
Ch. 120
1YAH Gets You Out Of Your Death-Squeezes Prayer
2YAH Will Burn Off Every Lying Mouth Lies
5David Despises Warmongers, Loves Peace International Peace
Ch. 121
1YAH Guards You From Now To Eternity Yah's Protection
Ch. 122
1David Blesses The People of Peace With Shalom The Body of Believers
Ch. 123
1YHVH, Rescue Us From Arrogant Attackers Prayer
Ch. 124
1YAH Is On Your Side, Snatching You From Death Yah's Protection
Ch. 125
1Trust YAH, Do Good, Live Forever, Protected Yah's Protection
Ch. 126
1YAH Will Free You, And Give You New Life Redemption
Ch. 127
1*Only YAH's Protection Can Keep You Safe Overwork 950BC
3*Children Are Blessings From YHVH, Not Curses Giving Birth
Ch. 128
1YAH Rewards Everyone Who Obeys Him Family
Ch. 129
1A Song About The People Who Annoy You Yah's Protection
Ch. 130
1King David's Song Tells You To Hope In YAH Hope
Ch. 131
1David's Song Tells You To Be Calm and Humble Humility
Ch. 132
1David's Struggle To Take The Ark To Jerusalem Obedience
11YAH's Promise To Send David's Son The Messiah Authority
Ch. 133
1David's Song Encourages Brotherhood & Unity The Body of Believers
Ch. 134
1Praise W/ Radical, High Energy (Praisercise) Praise
Ch. 135
1Solomon Commands You To Wildly Praise YAH Praise 959BC
8YAH Strikes Down The Enemies Of His Children Punishment
15Idols Are Idle Nothings Idolatry
19Who & Where You Are, Kneel To Adore YHVH Praise
Ch. 136
1Solomon Commands You To Wave Your Hands High Gratitude 959BC
5YAH Makes Everything Exist Origins
10Solomon Recounts The Miracles Of The Exodus Yah's Protection
22El Gives Us Everything We Need, So Praise Him Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 137
1Babylonian Exiles Lament Jerusalem's Demise Bondage
7YAH Will Smash The Babylon-System Forever Violence
Ch. 138
1Throw Your Hands In The Air To Thank YAH! Praise
Ch. 139
1YAH Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself YAH (the Most High Creator)
6YAH Is Everywhere At Once Science
11Nothing Hides From YAH. Nothing Scares Him YAH (the Most High Creator)
13*Your Body Is Made By A Being Of Scary Power Origins
17YAH's Insights Dwarf All Human Science Yah's Word
19YAH Will Kill All Blood-Thirsty Men & Women Violence
21Reject Everyone Who Rejects YAH's Words Separation (Holiness)
23Allow YAH To Laser-Clean Your Inner Being Repentance
Ch. 140
1David Begs YAH To Rescue Him From Evil People Yah's Protection
Ch. 141
1David Begs YHVH For Help Against Bad Bigwigs Yah's Protection
Ch. 142
1David Sings As He Hides In A Cave (1Sa 22) Prayer 1011BC
Ch. 143
1David Begs YAH To Protect His Life From Evil Yah's Protection
Ch. 144
1Kneel To YHVH Who Alone Rescues Kings Yah's Protection
Ch. 145
1Kneel To YHVH's Eternal Authority YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 146
1*Rave Your Praise Like A Madman Praise
3*Worldly Rulers Are Madmen Who Can't Save You Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
5The Creator Will Save You If You Serve Him Origins
Ch. 147
1*Go Nuts Praising YAH! Music
8YAH Runs Every System Science Can Analyze Origins
10The Creator Delights In Humble People International Peace
16YAH Manages All Global Water-Systems Origins
Ch. 148
1The Universe & Beyond Praise YAH Praise
Ch. 149
1Dance, Jump, Screech, Go Nuts Praising Yah Praise
Ch. 150
1*Praise YAH With Every Kind Of Music, Esp LOUD Praise