Bible ~~- Older Testament

Exodus Wrench

Ch. 1
1List Of Israel's Sons Who Go To Live In Egypt The Body of Believers 1800BC
6The Hebrews Breed For Centuries In Egypt Giving Birth 1700BC
8 Assyria Conquers Egypt & Enslaves Hebrews Oppression 1600BC
15 Pharaoh Murders All Hebrew Male Babies Abortion
17 Glitter & Bright-Eyes Fearlessly Save Babies Abortion
22 *Pharaoh Makes His Soldiers Kill Hebrew Babies Abortion 1539BC
Ch. 2
1 Hebrew Slave JAHkebed Births Moses In Egypt Courage 1525BC
3 *Pharaoh's Princess-Daughter Adopts Baby Moses Adoption
11 *Moses Murders An Egyptian Slave-Driver Murder 1486BC
15*Moses Escapes To The Arabian Desert Abandonment
17At An Oasis, Moses Saves His Future Wife Generosity
21 *Moses Marries Feisty Zipporah Giving Birth
23*Heaven Sees The Israelites Groan in Slavery Bondage 1446BC
Ch. 3
1Moses Sees YAH's Angel As A Burning Bush Paranormal Phenomena 1446BC
4*Moses Talks With YAH'S Angel Oppression
10*YAH Calls Moses To Free The Israelite Slaves The Creator's Name
Ch. 4
1*YHVH Turns Moses' Staff Into A Snake Supernatural Miracles
18Moses Journeys Back To Egypt Oppression
25Moses' Wife Mutilates her Baby's Wang Circumcision
27Moses Has A Pow-Wow With Aaron Companionship
29*Moses & Aaron Pitch The Exodus To Israelis Missions/Outreach
Ch. 5
1 *Moses Asks Pharaoh To Honor Human Rights Bondage
6 *Pharaoh Barks: Make Bricks Without Straw! Oppression
21 *The Israelites Turn On Moses In Rage Unbelief
Ch. 6
1YHVH Again Promises To Free The Israelites Family
27 Moses & Aaron Again Confront Pharaoh Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
Ch. 7
1YAH Warns Aaron & Moses To Be Patient Yah's Protection 1446BC
7 *Moses Confronts Pharaoh With The Snake-Staff Supernatural Miracles
20 *Plague 1: Moses Turns Egypt's Waters To Blood Punishment
Ch. 8
1Confrontation #2: Frog Plague Punishment
16*Confrontation #3: Blood-Sucking Flying Bugs Punishment
20*Confrontation #4: Diarrhea-Spreading Vermin Separation (Holiness)
25Pharaoh Fakes Relenting Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 9
1Plague #5: Death Of Livestock Punishment
8Plague #6: Boils From Human Sacrifice Ashes Punishment
13*Plague #7: Hail Punishment
27*Pharaoh Fakes Relenting Again Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
Ch. 10
1*8th Plague: Locusts Devour Egypt's Food Punishment
16Pharaoh Fakes Relenting A 3rd Time Repentance
21*Plague #9: Darkness Penetrates All Of Egypt Punishment
24Pharaoh Tries To Steal The Hebrews' Animals Community Love Feasts
Ch. 11
1*YHVH Warns That He'll Kill Egypt's FirstBorn Freedom
Ch. 12
1YHVH Calls Us To Use A Hebrew Calendar Separation (Holiness)
29 *Plague 10: YAH Slaughters Egypt's Firstborn Punishment
33The Israelites EXIT Egypt Freedom
42Moses Gives More Passover Instructions Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 13
1YAH Designs The Israeli Sacred Government Separation (Holiness) 1446BC
3Moses Explains YAH's Passover Instructions Reminiscence
17Moses Leads Israel To Sukkot (Tent-Town) International Peace
20Israelis Move, Led By Paranormal Fire & Cloud Yah's Protection
Ch. 14
1Pharaoh's Armies Chase Israel To The Red Sea War
11 *Moses Parts The Red Sea For Faithless Israel Yah's Protection
23 *YAH Drowns The Egyptian Army Yah's Protection
Ch. 15
1 The Song Of Moses (At The 'Red' Sea) Yah's Protection
22 Israelis Complain To Moses About Bitter Water Faith-Healing
Ch. 16
1 The Democratic Meat-Heads Pester Moses Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
4 Mysterious Manna Food Falls From The Sky Rest
11 YAH Covers The Land In Quail Yah's Provision (Assurance)
19 The Hoarded Manna Rots Overnight Disobedience
22You Get Extra Food If You Keep The Sabbath Rest
Ch. 17
1Israelis Pester Moses About Drinking Water Rejection
5 Moses Strikes The Rock! Water Gushes Out Yah's Provision (Assurance)
8 The Amalekites Attack To Steal Water War
11 Israel Beats The Amalekites By Miracle Power The Creator's Name
Ch. 18
1 Moses Reunites With His Spicy Wife (& Family) Yah's Protection
13 Jethro Suggests Hierarchal Judiciary To Moses Judgment
24 Moses Installs Jethro's Hierarchal Judiciary Judgment
Ch. 19
1 Moses Hikes Back Up 'Bush Mountain' The Journey Of Life 1446BC
7 The Israelites Agree To Perfectly Obey YHVH Paranormal Phenomena
14 Moses Warns Of The 10 Commandments Fire-Show Celibacy
16 *Explosions, Fire & Smoke Rock Bush Mountain Paranormal Phenomena
20 YHVH Warns The People To Stay Back Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 20
1 YAH Gives Moses The TEN COMMANDMENTS! Yah's Word 1446BC
2 *Commandment #1: Serve YHVH Only Serving YHVH alone
4 *Commandment #2: No Idols Idolatry
7 *Commandment #3: Respect YHVH's Name The Creator's Name
8 *Commandment #4: Rest 24 Hours Friday Sundown Rest
12 *Commandment #5: Pay & Obey Your Parents Parents
13 *Commandment #6: Never Murder Murder
14 *Commandment #7: Preserve The Marriage Bond Adultery
15 *Commandment #8: Never Steal Nor Defraud Greed
16 *Commandment #9: Never Harm Anyone With Words False Witness
17 *Command #10: Don't Want Other People's Stuff Greed
19 Terrified Israelis Beg Moses To Shut YHVH Up Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
22 YAH Gives Moses His Anti-Idolatry Statutes Idolatry
Ch. 21
1Moses Repeals The Code Of Hammurabi Law 1446BC
2Logical, Fair Indentured Servitude Statutes Freedom
8Hebrew Marriage Annulment Statute Canceling the Wedding
12Hebrew Homicide Statutes Murder
15*Hebrew Anti-Parent-Abuse Statute Dishonoring Parents
16 *Anti-Kidnapping Statute Dishonoring Parents
18*Hebrew Injury Reparation Statutes Abortion
23*Limitations on Punishments In Hebrew Law Justice
28*Hebrew Criminal Liability Statutes Responsibility
Ch. 22
1*Hebrew Theft-Control Statutes Crime
2*Waiver Of Murder Liability For Thief's Death Self-Defense
3*Hebrew Thief-Protection Statute Crime
4*Hebrew Penalty For Theft Crime
5Hebrew Biblical Grazing Rights Regulations Justice
6*Hebrew Anti-Arson / Fire Prevention Statute Responsibility
7*Hebrew Trust Guidelines Crime
9*Hebrew Disputed Property Statute Justice
10More Hebrew Biblical Trusteeship Guidelines Responsibility
14*Biblical Property Liability Rules Debt
16*Biblical Sexual Liability Statute Fornication
18*Anti-Occult Statute Bans Witches From Society The Occult
19 *Anti-Bestiality Statute Bestiality
20*Anti Animal-Sacrifice Statute Pagan Sacrifices
21*Hebrew Anti-Discrimination Statute Loving People of All Colors & Nations
22*Hebrew Orphan and Widow Protection Statutes Yah's Protection
25*Biblical Anti-Usury Statute Debt
29 *Health, Education & Welfare Contributions Devotion
Ch. 23
1*Refrain From Hearsay & Damaging Falsehood False Witness
8*Hebrew Anti-Bribery Statute Perverting Justice
10 *Land Sabbath Law Rest
14Hebrew Festival Instructions Community Love Feasts
20YHVH Promises Angelic Protection For Obeyers Yah's Protection
25Blessings Promised For Obedience Yah's Protection
31*Spiritually-Based Segregation Commanded Abstaining From Contracts
Ch. 24
1Israelites Promise To Obey The Sinai Covenant Sinai Contract
9Moses And The Leaders See A Vision Of Heaven Paranormal Phenomena
12 Moses Gets The 10 Commandments Tablets Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 25
1Items Acceptable As Sacred Donations Devotion 1446BC
10Ark-Box Construction Design Art
23Sacred Sanctuary Table Design Art
31Menorah Sculpting Design Art
Ch. 26
1Worship Tent Design Work
31Design Of The Most Holy Place Art
Ch. 27
1Sacred Food Cooking Altar Design Work
9Sacred Courtyard Design Art
Ch. 28
1 YHVH Appoints Aaron's Sons As Priests Authority
2Hebrew Sacred Priestly Apparel Design Art
15Jeweled-Breastplate Design Art
42Sacred Underpants Design Modesty
Ch. 29
1Hebrew Priestly Ordination Ritual Community Love Feasts
29Ordination Procedure For Successive Priests Community Love Feasts
38Ongoing Daily Sacred Food Preparation Community Love Feasts
Ch. 30
1Hebrew Incense Altar Construction Design Art
11Head-Count Procedure Community Love Feasts
17Sacred Wash-Basin Design Health
22Sacred Anointing Oil Recipe Separation (Holiness)
34Sacred Incense Recipe Healthy Food
Ch. 31
1Hebrew Artisania Art
13*Guard The Hebrew Sabbath Rest
18 *Moses Gets The 1st Set Of Law Tablets Law
Ch. 32
1 Aaron & Israel Forge A Golden Bull God Idolatry 1446BC
6 *The Israelis Go Wild In A Drunken Pagan Orgy Idolatry
9 The Creator Moves To Annihilate The Israelis Punishment
11 Moses Gets YHVH To Relent Punishment
15 Moses Smashes The 1st Set Of Tablets Idolatry
20 Moses Destroys The Bull-God Idolatry
26 Moses Orders The Priests To Murder The Pagans Murder
30 Moses Begs YHVH To Forgive Israel Idolatry
33 YHVH Sends Plague On The Idolatrous Israelis Idolatry
Ch. 33
1The Israelites Prepare To Leave Bush Mountain Yah's Protection 1446BC
7Moses Establishes The First Meeting Tent Spiritual Vision
12Moses Begs YHVH For Helpers Yah's Provision (Assurance)
18Moses Begs To See YAH's Actual Face YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 34
1 Moses Makes Replacement Tablets Law
10*YHVH Demands Israel's Obedience Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
22 Summerfest (Shavuot) Festival Instructions Community Love Feasts
27 Moses Writes Down YHVH's Laws Supernatural Miracles
29 Glowing, Moses Again Hikes Down Bush Mountain Paranormal Phenomena
32 Moses Gives YAH's Laws To The Israelites Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 35
1Moses Summarizes YAH's Instructions To Israel Law
2Sabbath Is Crucial Rest
4Donations For The Sacred Government Building Generosity
11List Of Meeting-Tent Construction Projects Work
20 People Give & Work To Supply The Meeting-Tent Generosity
30Moses Appoints The Chief Artisan[s] Art
Ch. 36
1Israel's Best Workers Start Building The Tent Work
5 The People Give Beyond What's Necessary Contentment
8Craftspeople Make The Curtains & Tapestries Art
20 Carpenters Assemble The Meeting-Tent Frame Work
Ch. 37
1Craftsmen Build The Ark Of The Covenant Art
10Carpenters Build The Sanctuary Table Art
17Metalsmiths Sculpt The Giant Gold Menorah Art
25Hebrew Carpenters Build The Incense Altar Work
Ch. 38
1Craftsmen Build The Smoke-Roasting Altar Work
9Workers Build The Meeting-Tent's Courtyard Art
21Moses Honestly Records Every Ministry Expense Work
Ch. 39
1Weavers Sew The Sacred Hebrew Clothing Art
6Jewelers Set The Sacred Gems For Aaron's Vest Art
22Weavers Craft The High Priest's Robe Art
27Clothiers Make Coats, Headgear, Sashes, etc. Art
33Porters Haul In The Completed Temple Pieces Work
Ch. 40
1YHVH's Instructions For Erecting The Tent Authority 1445BC
16 Moses & The Israelites Erect The Sacred Tent Work
34 YAH's Presence Fills The Sacred Tent Paranormal Phenomena
36 2 Million Israelites Migrate, Led By Miracles Paranormal Phenomena