Bible ~~- Older Testament

Proverbs Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Study Maxims Of Wisdom Education 950BC
8 Treasure Instruction From Your Parents Parents
10 Avoid Binding Relationships With Sinners Greed
20 Wisdom Is Calling For You. Are You Listening? Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
Ch. 2
1 Seek Wisdom. Hunt Understanding Like Treasure Education
10 Wisdom Protects You Better Than Guns Corruption
16 Get Smart! Stay Away From Sluts! Adultery
21 Righteous People Dance On Slutmongers' Graves Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 3
1 Obeying YAH's Commands Gives You Life & Peace Integrity
9 *Pay YHVH Off The Top Of All You Get Money
11 *Be Happy To Accept Scriptural Correction Punishment
13 *Wisdom, Not Wealth, Makes You Happy Wisdom
19 *The Universe Is Proof Of YAH's Wisdom Origins
21 Take The Straight & Narrow LifeRoad Of Wisdom Wisdom
24 *Wisdom Keeps You From The Terror Of The World Yah's Protection
27 Always Generously Love Your Neighbors Generosity
30 *Don't Fight People. Love Them, Even The Bad Nonresistance
31 YAH Destroys Evil People & Lifts The Humble Blessing
Ch. 4
1 Pay Attention To Good Fatherly Guidance Guidance
5 Wisdom Is The Ultimate Life-Giving Possession Wisdom
14 Run Away From All Evil Ideas, Plans & Habits Temptation
16 Evil People Live, Eat, Sleep & Breathe Evil! Evil (The concept of)
20 Pay Attention To Wise Instruction; It's Life! Guidance
24 Stay Right on The Center Of The Correct Path Self-Control
Ch. 5
1 Guard The WellSpring Of Your Life: Wisdom Wisdom
3 Solomon Warns You To Stay Away From Sluts Lust
15 Stick With Your One Wife For life Sex In Marriage
Ch. 6
1 Never Incur ANY Debt! Never Promise! Shut up! Debt
6 *Work Hard. Never Be Lazy. Laziness Kills Laziness
12 Avoid Twisted-Tongue Devils: They LOVE Sin. Betrayal
16 YAH Hates Gossips, Trouble-Makers & Liars Sin (Breaking YAH's Laws)
20 Parental Commandments Give Light To Your Life Guidance
24 Stay Away From Sluts! Adultery
32 *Adultery & Lust Are Far Worse Than Theft Adultery
34 *Jealousy Knows No Mercy Nor Forgiveness Adultery
Ch. 7
1 Guard Wise Maxims Like The Pupil Of Your Eye Obedience
6 The Foolish Boy Gets Snared By The Slut! Adultery
24 Sluts Kill More Men Than Do Wars And Disease Adultery
Ch. 8
1Wisdom Is Calling You Wisdom
8Wise Principles Are Not Difficult To Grasp Wisdom
10*Wisdom Is More Precious Than Any Wealth Wisdom
12Wisdom Is The Fountain Of All Good Pride
14All Good Decisions on Earth Come From Wisdom Wisdom
18Wisdom Gives True Riches Wisdom
22By Wisdom, Yah Formed The Universe Wisdom
32Happiness Comes From Seeking Good Instruction Wisdom
Ch. 9
1Wisdom Invites You To The Feast Of Your Life! Wisdom
7Only Give Advice To Wise People, Never Fools Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
10You Know Nothing Until You Know & Fear YAH Serving YHVH alone
13*Folly Personified As A Loud Slut-Whore Thief Foolishness
Ch. 10
1Righteousness Lives On, Wickedness Dies Bad Parents
4*Enjoy Your Work. Never Be Lazy Work
6YAH Blesses All Good Beings & Kills Bad Ones Education
18Control Your Tongue ā€” It's A Deadly Snake! Self-Control
22Be Righteous & Live; Evil Brings Only Death Integrity
Ch. 11
1The World's Financial Systems All Lie Cursed Dishonest Weights & balances
2*Pride Spawns Shame. Humility Brings Wisdom Humility
3Live In Integrity or Die In Your Perversion Integrity
Ch. 12
1Love Righteous Wisdom; Then You'll Live Marriage
6YAH Overthrows Wicked Perverted People Hell (Annihilation)
9*Work Hard, Humble, and Honest and You'll Live Work
13Your Mouth: Your Death-Trap or Life-Spring Generosity
15Seek Counsel, Don't Fight, Never Lie Guidance
Ch. 13
1Obey Wise Teaching, Or Eat A Knuckle Sandwich Privacy / Secrecy
4Work Consistently 6 Days A Week Guidance
Ch. 14
1Wisdom Builds Your Life; Folly Tears it Down Foolishness
Ch. 15
1Use Your Tongue To Heal, Not Hurt People Loving Enemies
5Seek Wisdom, Shun Foolishness Joy
Ch. 16
1YAH Decides Your Fate; So Live For Him Humility
Ch. 17
1Peace & Wisdom Beat Riches & Folly Foolishness
Ch. 18
1Wisdom & Law Bring You Joy Communication
Ch. 19
1Be Honest, Kind, Wise & Humble: That's Wealth Greed
Ch. 20
1Control Yourself, Or You Will be Controlled Guidance
Ch. 21
1*YAH Controls World Politics Authority
2Clean Your Heart, Work Hard, Be Humble, Give Divorce
Ch. 22
1Your Record Of Good Deeds Beats Any Money
5Train Your Family-Sheep-People In Good Paths
7The Borrower Slaves For The Lender
9Quietly Produce Benefit For Others
13Avoid Sloth & Lust
17Humbly Seek Wisdom
22Help Poor People
24Steer Clear Of Rage-Fights
26Never Take On Obligations
28Conserve Ancient Laws & Guidelines
Ch. 23
1*Never Take Trojan-Horse Benefits; Serve YAH Social Insurance (Man's Provision)
13Discipline Your Children By Any Good Means Guidance
22Pay Attention To Your Parents' Wisdom Parents
27Stay Away From Bad GIrls Fornication
29Stay Away From Drug And Alcohol Addiction Addiction
Ch. 24
1Stay On The Good Side. Flee The Gleam Of Evil Wisdom
30Poverty Brings Destruction! Work Hard! Laziness
Ch. 25
1More Of Solomon's Wisdom Proverbs Moral Purity / Childlikeness
6Never Engage In Self-Promotion; Work Humbly Humility
8Handle Conflict Privately Privacy / Secrecy
11*Give Advice When It's Timely And Requested Communication
13Be A Humble, Helpful Giver Responsibility
15*Control Yourself Self-Control
21*Feed Your Enemies Loving Enemies
23Avoid Conflict-Oriented People Divorce
27*Avoid Pleasure-Rushes; Control Your Spirit Humility
Ch. 26
1Fools, Slugs, Liars & Haters Are Anti-Human Foolishness
13*Lazy People Invent Excuses To Get Out Of Work Laziness
17*Flee Liars, Haters & Fighters Lies
Ch. 27
1Be Humble Companionship
15*Never Mess With An Argumentative Woman! Divorce
17*Get Wise Counsel Guidance
23*Work Hard On Your Land To Grow Your Own Food Work
Ch. 28
1*Righteous People Live On While Violators Die Greed
Ch. 29
1Saints Triumph Over Sinners In The End Honoring and Serving The Poor
Ch. 30
1The Maxims Of Agur The Gatherer Yah's Word 950BC
7Pray For What You Need With No Fluff Added Yah's Provision (Assurance)
10Control Your Tongue; Keep It Positive Dishonoring Parents
12We're Evil, But We Think We're Awesome Pride
15Fascinating Analogies Work
Ch. 31
1Proverbs Of King 'LemuEl' aka Solomon Education 950BC
2*Stay Away From Sluts, Drugs & Alcohol Celibacy
6Alcohol & Drugs Are For The Terminally Ill Addiction
8Defend The Rights Of Poor Convicts & Orphans Judgment
10*A Virtuous Wife Towers Above All Riches Work