Bible ~~- Older Testament

Ecclesiastes Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Human Thoughts And Actions Are Farcical Futility 950BC
9 Man Is Devolving; All Technology Is Barbaric Futility
12 There is No Meaning In Human Affairs Wisdom
Ch. 2
1 Solomon Tries Partying, And Finds It Stupid Futility
4 Solomon Builds Unmatched, Yet Futile Works Futility
Ch. 3
1 *Everything Has Its Time War
9 Human Work Is Futile; Enjoy Life And Do Good Joy
16 Unredeemed Man Is No Better Than An Animal Death
Ch. 4
1 *Life Is Unfair; The Rich Rob The Poor Oppression
2*Death Beats Life Greed
7 You Need Some Companionship Companionship
13 *Politics = Futility Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 5
1 *Solomon Warns Against Oaths & Promises Agreements (Obligation Of Contract)
8 *The World-System is A Wealth-Extortion Racket Perverting Justice
10 *Greed Is Suicide Greed
13 *Hoarding Wealth Is A Fool's Game Greed
18 *Life's Only Meaning Is Helping The Needy Righteous Actions (Works)
Ch. 6
1 Wealth You Hoard Gets Eaten By Consumers Greed
3 *A Selfish Human = An Abortion Of Life Selfishness
8 *Man's Talents & Accomplishments Mean Nothing Spiritual Blindness
Ch. 7
1 *Don't Seek Fun & Wealth; Visit Dying People Death
5 Seek Wisdom; Shun Fools Wisdom
11 *Wisdom's Value Towers High Above Money Wisdom
13 Joyfully Accept Challenge And Pain Tribulation/Purification/testing
16 *Only Humble Beings Are Truly Wise Wisdom
21 Ignore Petty Criticism Knife Words
23 Seeking Wisdom Is A Never-Ending Journey Wisdom
26 Women Are Pretty But Treacherous. Watch Out! Womanhood
Ch. 8
1 Get Wise; Obey YHVH Corruption
5 Your Judgment Day Approaches Futility
9 *Politics Usually Devolves Into Oppression Perverting Justice
12 Judgment Day Yields Victory For The Righteous Reward
14 Human Justice Systems = Tornados Of Insanity Perverting Justice
15 *Joy Gets You Through This Crazy Life Joy
16 *Humans Live Clueless; But YAH Is In Control Spiritual Blindness
Ch. 9
1 *Death Devours All Human Success & Beauty Death
13 Humans Ignore Wise-Men. They Crown Fools King War
Ch. 10
1 Bad Leaders Replace YAH's Men With Warmongers Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 11
1 Generosity = Your Ticket Out Of Life's Pain Generosity
4 *Plant Your Seeds Of Generosity Every Day Work
8 *Live With Gusto, Youth, But Don't Sin Growing Up
Ch. 12
1 *Age Comes to Cripple You, So Act Now Aging
9 Teach Like Solomon, Not A Cemetery-Seminarian Education
13 *All Wisdom Summed: Guard YAH's Commandments Obedience