Bible ~~- Older Testament

Song of Solomon Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Solomon's Guards Take The Shepherdess Crime 950BC
2 The Shepherdess Coma-Dreams Her Wedding Night Sex In Marriage
4 The Dream Becomes A Demon-Concubine Nightmare Sex In Marriage
9 The Harem-Girls Mock The Shepherdess Sex In Marriage
13 Shepherdess Fantasizes About The Shepherd Sex In Marriage
Ch. 2
1 The Shepherdess Sees Visions Of Her Beloved Sex In Marriage
7 The Shepherdess Warns Solomon's Concubines Waiting for Marriage to Have Sex
8 Shepherd-Boy Tries To Rescue Her From Castle Forbidden Love
15 Solomon Sends His Guards To Arrest The Boy Forbidden Love
Ch. 3
1 The Shepherdess Dreams Of Her Shepherd-Boy Forbidden Love
2 Shepherdess Escapes & Searches The City Forbidden Love
4 Shepherdess Finds Her Lover, Takes Him Home Forbidden Love
5 Guards Throw The Shepherdess Back Into Palace Waiting for Marriage to Have Sex
6 City-Girls Try To Tempt Shepherdess Power
Ch. 4
1 Solomon Puts His Moves On The Shepherdess Lust
7 Solomon Uses Sorcery, Trying To Seduce Her Lust
11 Solomon Shape-Shifts Into The Shepherd-Boy Lust
Ch. 5
1 Solomon Dominates Her, Rents Out His Harem Lust
2 Her Love Knocks On Her Palace Bedroom Door Forbidden Love
8 Shepherdess Rails At The Jealous City-Girls Sex In Marriage
Ch. 6
1 Castle-Concubines Ridicule The Shepherdess Jealousy
4 The Shepherd-Girl Imagines Her Beloved Temptation
9 Solomon Mysteriously Appears, Woos Her Temptation
13 A Queen Tries To Evict The Shepherdess Jealousy
Ch. 7
1 Entranced Queen Fawns Over The Shepherdess Lust
6 The King Keeps Wooing The Shepherdess Lust
9 The Shepherdess Resists Solomon's Advances Simplicity
13 Solomon Drugs The Shepherdess Addiction
Ch. 8
1 Rapt Shepherdess Yields In Solomon's Arms Forbidden Love
5 *Solomon Reveals That He's Groomed Her Bondage
6 *Solomon Threatens To Murder Her Beloved Jealousy
7 *The Shepherd-Girl Rejects Solomon, Runs Away Love
8 Brothers Try To Make Her Go Back To Solomon Waiting for Marriage to Have Sex
11 She Refuses To Go Back To Solomon Fornication
13 The Crowd Holds Back The Brothers Marriage
14 The Girl Runs Away With Her Shepherd-Boy Sex In Marriage