Bible ~~- Older Testament

IsaiYAH Wrench

Ch. 1
1Isaiah Complains of Zion's Corruption Punishment 739BC
Ch. 2
1YAH At Last Institutes Permanent World Peace International Peace
5Judeo-Christianity Has Fallen Into Idolatry Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
10Judgment Day Comes To Smash All Rebels Pride
18*Judgment Drives Idolaters To Caves & Holes Idolatry
Ch. 3
1YAH Promises to Humble & Purge Judea Of Sin Modesty
Ch. 4
1*War Makes Millions Of Widows Need A Man War
2YAH Redeems & Protects His People Of Peace Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 5
1*Isaiah Sings The Ballad Of The Vineyard Punishment
Ch. 6
1Isaiah's Vision and Commission Spiritual Blindness 739BC
Ch. 7
1Syria & North Israel March South, Fight Judea Betrayal 735BC
4Yah Foretells The Fall Of Syria & N. Israel War
10King Ahaz Chooses Traitorous Assyria Over YAH Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
13YAH Predicts Assyria's Demolition Of Judea War
Ch. 8
1Isaiah Predicts Assyria's Conquest Of Israel Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 734BC
Ch. 9
1*Isaiah Prophesies The Birth Of The Messiah The Messiah 730BC
8Isaiah Prophesies Judgments On Israel War 730BC
Ch. 10
1*Isaiah Prophesies Doom For Greedy Politicians Judgment 730BC
5Isaiah Predicts Assyria's Conquest Of Judea Punishment
7YAH Promises To Destroy Assyria Next Pride
17*YAH Promises To Revive Israel After The War Redemption
28Isaiah Warns King Ahaz: Assyria Invades! War
Ch. 11
1Isaiah Predicts The Birth Of The Messiah The Messiah 730BC
6*Isaiah Predicts Messiah's Perfect Global Rule International Peace
Ch. 12
1End-Times Song Thanking YAH For Saving You Praise 730BC
Ch. 13
1Isaiah Prophesies The Babylon Empire's Fall Punishment 725BC
Ch. 14
1Isaiah Foresees Israel's Rebirth From Slavery Rest
4A Taunt Against All Evil Usurper-Dictators Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
28Isaiah Fore-Sees The Demise Of Evil Palestine Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 15
1Isaiah Foretells The Destruction Of Moab Sorrow
Ch. 16
1Isaiah Foresees Moab's Desperate Survivors War
Ch. 17
1Isaiah Foretells The Ruin Of Damascus, Syria War
3Israel Shares Syria's Bitter, Total Defeat Punishment
8Idolatry Produces Devastation Idolatry
12YAH Eventually Saves All Believers From Evil Yah's Protection
Ch. 18
1Isaiah Foresees The Destruction of Ethiopia War
7Ethiopia's 2600 Years of Judeo-Christianity Repentance
Ch. 19
1Isaiah Foretells Sargon Destroying Egypt The Occult
5Isaiah Foresees Egypt's Historic Drought Destroying the Earth
11YAH Condemns Egypt's Foolish 'Wise Men' Spiritual Blindness
17Egypt Turns To The God Of The Hebrews Repentance
22Isaiah Foresees YHVH Healing & Blessing Egypt International Peace
Ch. 20
1*Isaiah Walks Naked, Warning Palestine's Doom Man's Protection
Ch. 21
1Isaiah Time-Travels To The Fall Of Babylon Spiritual Vision
11Isaiah Begs Edomites To Pray, Listen & Repent Spiritual Vision
13Isaiah Speaks The Arabians' Future War
Ch. 22
1Isaiah Foresees Doom For The Valley of Vision War 725BC
15Isaiah Condemns Judea's Corrupt Palace Admin Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
20YAH Replaces The Corrupt Boss With A Good Man Authority
Ch. 23
1Isaiah Sees A Vision Of Tyre's Destruction Punishment 725BC
Ch. 24
1Isaiah Foresees Today's Global Devastation Destroying the Earth 725BC
13Remnant Survivors Spread YAH's Fame Worldwide End Times Disasters
17Isaiah Foresees The End Of The World End Times Disasters
21*Isaiah Foresees Our Judgment Day Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 25
1Isaiah Sings Of YAH's Nation-Smashing Power Punishment 725BC
Ch. 26
1Isaiah Foresees YAH Restoring The Earth Righteous Actions (Works)
9Isaiah Prays For YHVH To Help Him Help Man Missions/Outreach
10Some People Never Learn Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
12*Reject All Kings, Judges, Lawmakers, but YHVH Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
15YAH Will Revive his Holy Nation Desperation
20YAH Punishes All The World's Murderers Judgment
Ch. 27
1*Isaiah Foresees YAH Destroying Satan The Devil
2YAH Protects His People Like A Walled Garden Yah's Provision (Assurance)
7YAH Punishes His People Just Enough To Fix Us Our Creator's Love
10YAH Utterly Destroys The Unrepentant Pagans Punishment
12YAH Finally Restores His Purged Exile People Redemption
Ch. 28
1Isaiah Foretells The Fall Of Northern Israel Punishment 725BC
7*Addicts Who Hate YAH's Law End Up As Slaves Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
14Isaiah Foresees The Fall Of Judea Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
23Isaiah Explains How Suffering Purifies You Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 29
1Isaiah Foresees The Doom Of The City Of David Punishment
9*YAH Condemns Fake Religious Superficiality Spiritual Blindness
Ch. 30
1*Running To 'Egypt' For Help Destroys Us Man's Protection
8Most Judeo-Christians Hate YAH & His Bible Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
18YHVH Ultimately Redeems His Remnant People Redemption
27YHVH Finally Destroys The Evil World Punishment
Ch. 31
1Avoid Reliance On Symbolic Or Actual Egypt Yah's Protection
Ch. 32
1Isaiah Foretells The Messiah's Noble Reign The Messiah 725BC
6Isaiah Condemns Greedy Societal Leaders Greed
9YAH Condemns Lazy, Effeminate, Arrogant Jerks Punishment
15YAH Foretells Judea's Redemption & Regrowth Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 33
1Isaiah Declares The Doom Of Violent Warriors War 725BC
14Only Righteous People Get To Live Forever Yah's Provision (Assurance)
18Saints Finally Triumph Over Their Oppressors Victory
20Isaiah Describes New Jerusalem, Our Home Heaven
Ch. 34
1*Isaiah Forewarns Destruction Of Beast-Nations Death
5YAH Promises To Cleanse Edom Of Wicked People Defeat
Ch. 35
1Isaiah Predicts Zion's Coming Flourishing Joy Yah's Protection 725BC
Ch. 36
1Emperor Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem War 701BC
Ch. 37
1Hezekiah Prays For YAH To Defeat Assyria Prayer 701BC
21YAH Promises To Save Judea From Assyria Yah's Protection
36*Yah Supernaturally Kills 185000 Soldiers! Yah's Protection
Ch. 38
1King HezekiYAH Develops A Deathly Illness Illness 712BC
5YAH Reverses The Sun To Show His Love Faith-Healing
9King Hezekiah Sings A Song Lamenting His Pain Death
16YAH Uses Sickness To Purify Hezekiah Faith-Healing
21YAH Extends The Life Of Humble King HezekiYAH Faith-Healing
Ch. 39
1King Hezekiah Shows Off Jerusalem's Treasures Betrayal 711BC
5Isaiah Predicts Babylon's Rape Of Judea Betrayal
Ch. 40
1Isaiah Depicts The Messiah Restoring Israel The Messiah 711BC
6*We're Grass-Flowers. YAH's Word Is Eternal Yah's Word
9YAH Takes Great Care Of You All The Time Our Creator's Love
12YAH Is Incomparable; He Knows Everything YAH (the Most High Creator)
15*All Human Nations Are Less Than Worthless Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
18No Image or Statue Begins To Represent YHVH! Idolatry
21YAH Created The Universe By Speaking One Word Origins
23*YAH Spits On The World's Bigshots Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
25*YAH's Power Schedules Your Night Stars Origins
27YAH Never Loses Track Of Your Life-Path YAH (the Most High Creator)
29*YAH Gives You New Supernatural Strength! Power
Ch. 41
1YAH Challenges The World To A Court Battle Judgment
2YAH Recounts Abraham's Supernatural Conquest Authority
4Only YAH Tells The Future & Explains The Past Origins
8YAH Promises To Destroy All Your Enemies Yah's Protection
17*YAH Provides For His Humble Poor People Yah's Provision (Assurance)
19YAH Re-Forests The Earth That Man Destroys Environmentalism
21The World Crawls With False Prophets & Idols Idolatry
25Isaiah Predicts Emperor Cyrus's Dominion Spiritual Blindness
Ch. 42
1YHVH Shows Isaiah The Coming Gentle Messiah The Messiah
5*YAH Calls You To Share The Messiah's Mission Missions/Outreach
13Isaiah Predicts Global Punishment For Sinners Punishment
18YAH Condemns His Unfaithful, Blind 'Servants' Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 43
1YAH Promises To Stay Beside You & Protect You YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 44
1YAH Predicts Hebraism's Global Resurgence Spiritual Vision
8*YAH Satirizes Idolaters Who Worship Statues Idolatry
21YAH Promises To Restore Israel To Greatness Forgiveness
Ch. 45
1*Isaiah Predicts The World-Dominion Of Cyrus YAH (the Most High Creator)
7*YHVH Is The Only Self-Existent Being Origins
9*Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God Dishonoring Parents
13*YHVH Predicts Emperor Cyrus' Coming Reign Authority
15Isaiah Extols YAH and Denounces Idolatry YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 46
1Isaiah Predicts The Demise Of Babylon's Gods Idolatry
8YHVH Alone Can Save Us YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 47
1Isaiah Predicts Babylon's Fall Into Slavery Oppression
8Occultists & Their Demons Die In Eternal Fire The Occult
Ch. 48
1YAH Condemns Phony JudeoChristian 'Believers' Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
10Your Loving Creator Calls You Home Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 49
1YAH Promises To Lift You Up To Rule With Him Missions/Outreach
11YAH Promises To Bring Your Real Family To You Sonship in Father YHVH's Family
17You Have Countless Spiritual Children Giving Birth
24YAH Promises To Kill Your Oppressors Yah's Protection
Ch. 50
1YAh Begs Us To Abandon War & Return To Him Yah's Protection
Ch. 51
1YAH Offers To Redeem Us From Slavery Origins
6YAH Says Look UP To Him, Not Sideways To Man Science
9Isaiah Prays For YAH To Rescue Us, His People Prayer
12YAH Again Promises To Comfort His Obeyers Yah's Protection
17YAH Eventually Punishes Your Oppressors Punishment
Ch. 52
1Wake Up! Shake Off Your Dust! Free Yourself! The Messiah
Ch. 53
1*Isaiah Predicts Messiah's Suffering & Death The Messiah
Ch. 54
1YAH Promises To Redeem & Protect Us Saints Yah's Protection
Ch. 55
1*Come To YAH For The Free Gift Of Salvation Unhealthy Diet
4Follow David's Lead: Draw All Nations To YAH Missions/Outreach
6Seek Your Creator Now, Before It's Too Late YAH (the Most High Creator)
10*YAH's Word-Water Gives Life To All Reality Yah's Word
12You Will Dance out Of Bondage Into Freedom! Joy
Ch. 56
1Everyone Is Equal In YAH's Kingdom Loving People of All Colors & Nations
10*Judeo-Christianity's Leaders Are Blind & Dumb Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 57
1*YAH Uses Death To Rescue Righteous People Death
3Occult Practitioners War Against YAH The Occult
15YAH Saves All Humble People Humility
Ch. 58
1Call The Israelis To Obey Their Own Scripture Missions/Outreach
3*Fasting= Sharing Your Wealth With Poor People Honoring and Serving The Poor
13Honor The Sabbath & You Get Limitless Riches Rest
Ch. 59
1Humanity Is Desperately Wicked, Bottom To Top Corruption
16*YAH Straps On Armor To Fight Evil-Doers Yah's Protection
20YAH Promises To Redeem & Use Israel Forever Yah's Word
Ch. 60
1Spiritual Israel Will Inherit All The Earth Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 61
1YAH Sends Us To Announce Global Emancipation Freedom
Ch. 62
1Isaiah Foresees End-Times 'New Jerusalem' Redemption
Ch. 63
1Isaiah Foresees YAH Fighting Israel's Enemies Yah's Protection
Ch. 64
1Isaiah Begs Yah To Miraculously Fix The World Prayer
Ch. 65
1YAH Loves All People & Calls Them To Live End Times Renewal
Ch. 66
1*You, Not Church Buildings, Are YHVH's Temple Humility
3*YAH Absolutely Forbids Animal Sacrifice! Pagan Sacrifices
6YAH Foretells The Restoration Of Jerusalem Redemption
15YAH Comes To Annihilate Billions Of Sinners Punishment
17Occultist Pig-Eaters Are About To Die! The Occult
19YAH Foretells Global Christian Missions Redemption
22We Will Live Forever While Pagans Die Forever Eternal Life