Bible ~~- Older Testament

Jah-El Wrench

Ch. 1
1 YHVH Speaks To The Prophet JAH-El (Joel) Communication 835BC
4 JAH-El Prophesies Crop Destruction War
9 The Famine Stops Even YAH's Sacred Government Destroying the Earth
13 JAH-El Calls You To Fast, Repent & Pray Punishment
Ch. 2
1 Joel Foresees Modern Warfare Destroying Earth End Times Disasters
12 Repent! The End Is Near! Repentance
18 YAH Will Redeem You IF You Turn From Sin Yah's Provision (Assurance)
Ch. 3
1 Joel Foresees The End Of The World-System End Times Disasters
16 YAH Promises To Forever Safeguard Us Hebrews Yah's Protection