Bible ~~- Older Testament

Leviticus Wrench

Ch. 1
1Hebrew Sacred Meat Preparation Instructions Community Love Feasts 1445BC
Ch. 2
1Hebrew Bread Donation Instructions Community Love Feasts
Ch. 3
1More Holy Feast-Meat Cooking Instructions Community Love Feasts
8Hebrew Sacred Meat Slaughtering Instructions Unhealthy Diet
Ch. 4
1Easing Communal Guilt For Individual Sins Community Love Feasts
8Preparing A Community Confessional Feast Unhealthy Diet
13Similar Ritual For Confessing Communal Guilt Community Love Feasts
19Cooking The Communal Charity Guilt Donation Healthy Food
22Dealing With The Guilt Of Authority Figures Community Love Feasts
27Common People Donate Food To Confess Guilt Community Love Feasts
Ch. 5
1*Speak Up For Victims Of Crime & Oppression True Witness
2Isolate Contaminants Unhealthy Diet
4How To Terminate Your Obligations Community Love Feasts
14How To Repent Of Violating Sacred Things Community Love Feasts
17Donate Food To Shed The Burden Of Guilt Repentance
Ch. 6
1How To Shed The Guilt Of Embezzlement Crime
8How To Prepare Daily Food For Priests & Poor Community Love Feasts
19Food For Hebrew Ordination Rituals Community Love Feasts
24How To Cook Hebrew Repentance-Gifts Community Love Feasts
Ch. 7
1How To Process Hebrew Confession Donations Community Love Feasts
8Donated Food For Sacred Government Workers Community Love Feasts
17*Don't Let Meat Sit Around More Than 48 Hours Unhealthy Diet
19Avoid Contaminated Food Illness
22Avoid Grease, Blood & Other Nasty Foods Unhealthy Diet
29How Hebrew Priests Solemnize Food Donations Community Love Feasts
33How To Feed Sacred Government Workers Community Love Feasts
Ch. 8
1Moses Ordains Aaron As High Priest Separation (Holiness) 1445BC
14Preparing Food For Aaron's Ordination Feast Community Love Feasts
33Completing Aaron's Priestly Ordination Ritual Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 9
1Feast To Present New Priests To The People Community Love Feasts
7Food For The Feast Of Priestly Presentation Community Love Feasts
23*YHVH's Glorious Fire Shoots Out Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 10
1Two Arrogant Priests Get Torched Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion 1445BC
4Rogue Priest-Brats Get A Paupers' Burial Death
8Holy People Should Avoid Addictive Substances Sobreity
12Always Feed True Ministers The Best Food Community Love Feasts
16Don't Ever Burn Animals In Sacrifices! Pagan Sacrifices
Ch. 11
1Biblical List Of Animals You Can Safely Eat Healthy Food 1445BC
4Don't Eat Animals That Eat Poop Unhealthy Diet
10*Never Eat Bottom-Feeders Unhealthy Diet
13Don't Eat Carrion Birds Unhealthy Diet
20Don't Eat Nasty Bugs. Eat Clean Bugs! Healthy Food
25Don't Eat Nasty Animals Unhealthy Diet
32Don't Let Carcasses Contaminate Food Unhealthy Diet
41Don't Eat Creepy-Crawlies Unhealthy Diet
44*Stay Separated From Everything Disgusting Healthy Food
Ch. 12
1Hebrew Maternity Leave Regulations Giving Birth
6Donation Of Food To Pediatric Priests Giving Birth
Ch. 13
1How To Diagnose and Cure Skin Diseases Illness
18Hebrew Skin Boil Curing Technique Illness
24Biblical Hebrew Burn Remedy Protocol Illness
29Biblical Treatment For Head and Chin Sores Illness
38Hebrew Treatment For Shiny White Skin Patches Illness
40Hebrew Diagnosis of Baldness-Related Disorder Illness
47Eradicate Contagious Fungi/Disease on Fabric Illness
Ch. 14
1Verification Of Healing From Skin Disease Illness
4Ritual For Symbolic Release From Quarantine Illness
8Final Cleansing From Skin Disease Illness
10Feed Your โ€˜Doctorโ€™ For Treating Skin Disease Illness
14Symbolic Equation Of Disease With Death Illness
21Purification Requirements For Poor Patients Honoring and Serving The Poor
33How Hebrews Clean A Moldy, Mildewy House Illness
54Conclusion Of The Infection-Control Statutes Illness
Ch. 15
1Treating Venereal Disease & Oozing Sores Illness
16Clean Up Your Reproductive Fluids Healthy Sexuality
19Watch Out For Vaginal Discharges Illness
29Symbolic Purification From Vaginal Discharges Illness
31Conclusion Of Regulations On Sexual Discharge Illness
Ch. 16
1Respect Holy Places Patience
3Yom Kippur (Covering Day) Food Prep Rituals Community Love Feasts
7The ScapeGoat / Azazel Community Love Feasts
11More Yom Kippur / Scapegoat Rituals Community Love Feasts
Ch. 17
1Hebrew Sacred Meat Preparation Instructions Unhealthy Diet
10Never Eat Blood Unhealthy Diet
15Avoid Carcasses Unhealthy Diet
Ch. 18
1Never Politically Or Legally Mix With Pagans Serving YHVH alone
6*All Incest Is Sex Crime Incest
19*Other Sex-Crimes To Avoid Fornication
Ch. 19
1Be Different From The World Parents
5Avoid Meat-Borne Disease Unhealthy Diet
9Leave Some Of Your Wealth For The Poor Honoring and Serving The Poor
11*Ways To Love Your Neighbor Loving Enemies
20When An Indentured-Servant Girl Fornicates Forgiveness
23Don't Pick Fruit From Young Trees Environmentalism
26Avoid Pagan Practices The Occult
32*Honor Elderly People Aging
33*Protect The Rights Of Foreigners Loving People of All Colors & Nations
35Never Use Debased Money (The Kind You Use) Dishonest Weights & balances
Ch. 20
1Avoid The Jurisdiction Of War-Leaders War 1445BC
6Stay Separate From The Worldly Nations Separation (Holiness)
10*Only Have Sex Within Lawful Marriage Incest
22*Maintain A Separate Hebraic Law System Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 21
1Priests, Stay Away From Carcasses Health
5*Hebrew Regulations Against Self-Harm Circumcision
6Priests And Their Families Must Stay Pure Divorce
16The High Priesthood Is A Demanding Job Handicap/Deformity
Ch. 22
1Keep Contamination Away From Sacred Food Illness
10Sacred Food Donations Are To Maintain Priests Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
17Donate Your Best To YHVH Community Love Feasts
26If You Must Slaughter Animals, Do It Humanely Community Love Feasts
Ch. 23
1Always Celebrate Hebrew Holidays & Sabbaths Rest 1445BC
5YAH Gives Passover Instructions To Moses Community Love Feasts
10Summerfest (Shavuot) Instructions Community Love Feasts
24*Celebrate The Feast Of The Trumpets Rest
26More Yom Kippur Instructions Rest
33Celebrate The Tent Festival! Rest
Ch. 24
1How To Perform The Sacred Bread & Oil Ritual Responsibility
10A Blasphemer Gets Stoned, Not In A Good Way The Creator's Name
17Damage Others, And You Will Be Damaged Crime
Ch. 25
1Hebrew Land Sabbath Law Environmentalism
8Forgive All Debts Every 7 Years (Jubilee) Redemption
19Every 7th Year, Let Your Land Lie Unworked Environmentalism
23Hebrew Real Estate Law Redemption
35Money-Lending Business Is Unlawful In Israel Debt
38Hebrew Law Limits On Indentured Servitude Bondage
Ch. 26
1Avoid Pagan Worship Patterns & Symbols Idolatry
3Obey The Bible & You Get A Healthy Eco-System Obedience
7Homeland Security Only Comes From Obeying YAH Sonship in Father YHVH's Family
13Slavery Always Comes From Ignoring The Bible Disobedience
15*Sickness Comes From Ignoring The Bible Punishment
19Ignoring Scripture Strips The Earth Bare Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
25Scriptural Ignorance = National Destruction Punishment
40You Can Always Repent Forgiveness
Ch. 27
1Instructions For Consecrating People & Wealth Redemption
30Give To Ministry At Least 1/10 Of All You Get Community Love Feasts