Bible ~~- Older Testament

Jonah Wrench

Ch. 1
1 YAH Sends Jonah To Warn His Enemy: Assyria Missions/Outreach 760BC
3 Jonah Flees To Spain On A Sailing Ship Disobedience
11 *The Sailors Hurl Jonah Into The Raging Sea Supernatural Miracles
Ch. 2
1 Jonah Cries Inside The Fish-Belly Desperation
6*Jonah Drowns In Fish Guts Desperation
10 *Jonah Dies Then Gets Resurrected & Barfed Out Resurrection
Ch. 3
1 YAH Sends Jonah Into Enemy Capitol Nineveh Missions/Outreach
5 *The Assyrian Empire Fasts and Repents Repentance
Ch. 4
1 Jonah Hates His Repentant Ex-Enemies Revenge
6 YAH Sends Jonah A Shade-Tree, Then Kills It Suicide
9 *YAH Tells Jonah To Care For His Enemies Forgiveness