Bible ~~- Older Testament

MicaYah Wrench

Ch. 1
1 The Prophet Micah Sees The Holy Land's Future Judgment 735BC
3 Micah Foresees YAH Destroy Evil North Israel War
Ch. 2
1 YAH Condemns Wicked, Greedy Society Punishment
11 Humans Adore Religiots Who Feed Addiction Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 3
1 A Curse On โ€˜Judeo-Christianโ€™ Oppressors Tribulation/Purification/testing
5 *Bad Religion Breeds Oppression Like Flies Spiritual Blindness
8 All Oppressors Get Smashed In The End Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 4
1 *Micah Foresees Israel's Redemption Redemption
9 After The Struggle, Hebrews Rule The Earth War
Ch. 5
1 *Micah Foretells Israel's Imminent Destruction War
2 Micah Foresees The Messiah Leading You Home Redemption
10 YAH Will Rid Our Earth Of War & Evil Punishment
Ch. 6
1 Remember All The Times YAH Saved You! YAH (the Most High Creator)
6 *YAH Never Wanted ANY Animal Sacrifice! Pagan Sacrifices
9 Your Socio-Ecomonic Structure Is 100% Wicked Dishonest Weights & balances
Ch. 7
1 *The World Is All Wickedness. TRUST NO ONE! Political Evil
7 YAH Ultimately Saves His Children Redemption