Bible ~~- Older Testament

ZephaniYAH Wrench

Ch. 1
1 YHVH Warns Zephaniah Of Judgment Day Punishment 638BC
5 Society's Oaths Contradict Your Sacred Duties Oaths
7 Your Judgment Day Is Coming: Repent In Quiet Judgment
10 Zephaniah PreSees Jerusalem's Fall To Babylon Apathy
13 Judgment Day Destroys The Warmongering World War
Ch. 2
1 YAH Smashes The Beast-Nations Punishment
6 The Sheep-People Inherit The Wolf-World Punishment
11 YAH Destroys All of His True People's Enemies Punishment
Ch. 3
1 Repent, Fake 'Believers!' The End Is Near! Punishment
9 YAH Saves His Humble Remnant People Joy