Bible ~~- Newer Testament

Mark Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Mary Births Yahshua, The Savior Of Mankind Missions/Outreach 5BC
4 John the Baptizer Prepares Yahshua's Way Repentance 26AD
9 *John Baptises Yahshua The Messiah YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit) 26AD
12 The Devil Tempts YAHshua Temptation 27AD
14*Yahshua Heralds While John Rots In Jail The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
16 YAHshua Calls his First Disciples Forsaking All 27AD
21*Yahshua Stuns His Complacent Hearers Education
23Yahshua Expels Demons From A Man Demonic Possession
29Yahshua Heals Simon-Peter's Sick Mom Faith-Healing
32Yahshua Heals Sick People & Rids Demons Faith-Healing
35Yahshua Prays Alone In The Desert Solitude
38Yahshua Heals & Heralds Good News Missions/Outreach
40Yahshua Cures A Leper Faith-Healing
Ch. 2
1 Friends Lower A Paralytic Through The Roof Faith-Healing 28AD
14*Yahshua Calls A Tax-Collector To Quit His Job Forsaking All
15Religionists Rag Yahshua For Loving Sinners Pride
18Life With The Messiah Is Celebration Joy
21*New Wine Needs New Wineskins Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
23*Religionists Rag Yahshua For Sabbath-Plucking Freedom
Ch. 3
1Jesus Heals A Man's Shriveled Hand On Sabbath Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion 28AD
4*The Religiots Conspire To Murder Jesus Murder
7Yahshua Heals Sick & Possessed Hordes Fame
13Yahshua Ordains His 12 Core Apostles Authority
21*Jesus' Family Joins The Crusade Against Him Spiritual Blindness
28*Blaspheming Against YAH's Spirit = Death Forgiveness
30*Physical Lineage Counts For Nothing Family Division
Ch. 4
1 *YAHshua Speaks Mind-Movies On A Boat Education 28AD
3*Your Job Is To Scatter YAH's Words Like Seeds Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
10*Humanity Walks Around Blind, Clueless, Deaf Spiritual Blindness
14*Yahshua Decodes The Seeds Parable Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
21Shine The Light Of Truth & Love To The World True Witness
24*Invest Everything You Have In YAH's Work Responsibility
26YAH's Kingdom Grows Where You Plant Word-Seed The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
30YAH's Kingdom Is Like A Seed That Grows Tall The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
33A True Disciple NEVER Lectures; He Entertains Education
35Yahshua Calms A Torrential Storm Fear
Ch. 5
1 YAHshua Sends A Demoniac's Spirits Into Pigs Demonic Possession 28AD
21Yahshua Heals A Synagogue Ruler's Daughter Faith-Healing
35Christ Raises His Enemy's 'Dead' Girl To Life Resurrection
Ch. 6
1 The Messiah's HomeTown Church Rejects Him Betrayal 29AD
7*YAHshua Sends out His 12 Homeless Apostles Missions/Outreach
14 Herod's Sluts Get John the Baptist Beheaded Murder 29AD
30 YAHshua Feeds 5,000 Men & Their Families! Yah's Provision (Assurance) 29AD
45*Yahshua OutRuns A Boat On A Stormy Lake! Supernatural Miracles
53Jesus Heals Thousands Of Humble Palestinians Faith-Healing
Ch. 7
1Religionists Rag Jesus Over Hand-Washing Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion 29AD
6*Jesus Condemns Empty Religious Traditionalism Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
10*Jesus Condemns Social Insurance Systems Social Insurance (Man's Provision)
15Jesus Says Food Is Physical, Not Spiritual Unhealthy Diet
21*Sin Comes From Within Corrupt Humans Corruption
24Yahshua Heals A Hated Foreign Possessed Girl Exorcism
31Yahshua Heals A Heathen Deaf-Mute Faith-Healing
Ch. 8
1 Jesus Teaches A Hungry Horde For 3 Days Compassion 29AD
3Yahshua Feeds 4000 Men & Their Families! Supernatural Miracles
10Palestinian Jews Demand A Miracle From Jesus Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
14Yahshua Warns: Pride Puffs You Up Like Yeast Spiritual Blindness
22Yahshua Heals a Blind Man At Fish-House Town Faith-Healing
27Peter Identifies Yahshua As YAH's Messiah The Messiah
31*Yahshua Predicts His Own Death & Resurrection Tribulation/Purification/testing
34*A Believer Surrenders Everything, Even Life Forsaking All
Ch. 9
1 Yahshua Transfigures Into Celestial Glory Paranormal Phenomena 29AD
11John The Baptist = The New Prophet EliJah Spiritual Vision
14Religionists Hassle The Messiah's Disciples Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
17Yahshua Heals A Possessed Kid Demonic Possession
28*To Evict Evil, Pray & Abstain From Pleasure Exorcism
30*The Messiah Travels Undercover Privacy / Secrecy
33*The Disciples Struggle To Dominate Each Other Humility
38*Don't Get Into Denominational Wars The Body of Believers
41*Help Christ's Disciples. YAH Will Pay You Authority
43Get Rid Of All Sources Of Temptation Repentance
Ch. 10
1*Yahshua Absolutely Forbids All Divorce Divorce 30AD
13*Yahshua Says We All Must Become Children Humility
17*Jesus Commands You To Give Away Your Wealth Law
28*Give Up All You Have, & You Get All Jesus Has Forsaking All
32*Yahshua Predicts His Death & Resurrection Murder
35James & John Vie For Eternal Power Pride
41*Jesus Forbids You From Using Worldly Power Humility
46Yahshua Heals โ€˜Blind Bart, Son Of Stink' Faith-Healing
Ch. 11
1 The Messiah Triumphantly Enters Jerusalem Authority 30AD
Ch. 12
1Religionists Are Landlord-Killing Bad Tenants Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
10The Religionites Killed Their Own Messiah The Messiah
13*Give Caesar His Stuff; Give YAH Your Life Authority
18Yahshua Explains The Resurrection Resurrection
28*The Greatest Commandments Law
35How Could Jesus Be David's Master & Grandson? The Messiah
38*Get Away From Religionists Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
41*The Generous Widow Gives Everything She Has Generosity
Ch. 13
1Weak Christians Love Big Church Buildings Punishment 30AD
3*Yahshua Predicts The End Of The World End Times Disasters
33*Stay Awake! You Will Soon Stand For Judgment Preparedness
Ch. 14
1 Judea's Evil Priests Scheme Christ's Murder Murder 30AD
3An Ex-Whore Pours her Life-Savings On Christ Forsaking All
10Judas Trades The Messiah's Life For Money Betrayal
12YahShua Clairvoyantly Plans His Last Supper Paranormal Phenomena
17Jesus Predicts His Death At The 'Last Supper' Betrayal
27All Disciples Lie, Pledging To Stand By Jesus Pride
32*In The Garden, Messiah Prays To Escape Death Prayer
41*Judas Betrays Christ To A Mercenary Mob Betrayal
51The Mob Christens The 1st Christian Streaker Violence
53*Criminal Religionists Prosecute The Messiah False Witness
66Peter Denies YahShua 3 Times; CockADoodleDoo! Betrayal
Ch. 15
1 *Fake Priests Drag Yahshua To The IRS Director Privacy / Secrecy 30AD
6 *I.R.S. Boss Releases A Terrorist, Not Christ Political Evil
16 *Soldiers Torture & Mock The One True Messiah Abuse
21 Simon Carries The Messiah's Impaling Stake Murder
23 *The Messiah Refuses Painkillers Courage
24 Soldiers Nail Messiah To The Stake Murder
27 *Criminals, People, Leaders, Boo Yahshua Knife Words
33 *Darkness Covers Land; Yahshua Cries To YAH Paranormal Phenomena
36 *Yahshua, History's Greatest Man, Dies Death
38 *An [Angel] Rips The Temple Veil In Two Loving People of All Colors & Nations
40 Disciples Lower Christ's Corpse From The Pole Rest
43 Pilate Donates Yahshua's Body To Rich Joseph Compassion
46 Joseph Entombs Yahshua Compassion
Ch. 16
1 Women Go To Yahshua's Already Empty Tomb Resurrection 30AD
5*Angel Says Jesus Rose On Sabbath Sundown Resurrection
8The Apostles Refuse To Believe Jesus Is Alive Resurrection
12Jesus Shape-Shifts & Appears To 2 Disciples Resurrection
14*Christ Delivers His Great Commission For You Missions/Outreach
17*True Believers Do Miracles And Brave Death Supernatural Miracles
19*Yahshua Takes His Heavenly Throne; We Work Resurrection