Bible ~~- Newer Testament

Luke Wrench

Ch. 1
1Luke Begins His Courtroom-Quality Testimony True Witness 6BC
5 Angel Gabriel Tells Zachariah Jesus is Coming Giving Birth
24 Zachariah Seeds Baby John Into His Old Wife Giving Birth
26 Angel Gabriel Tells Mary The Messiah's Coming The Messiah's Birth
39 Mary Goes To Stay With John The Baptist's Mom YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit)
46 Mary's Song Yah's Provision (Assurance)
57 Elizabeth Births John The Baptizer Giving Birth
Ch. 2
1 Caesar Forces An Evil Tax-Registration Census Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's 6BC
6 *The Town Refuses To Give Christ A Birth-Room The Messiah's Birth 5BC
8 *Angels Announce Yahshua's Birth To Shepherds The Messiah's Birth
16 Shepherds Find The Newborn Messiah In A Cave The Messiah's Birth
22 Yahshua's Parents Devote Him To YAH's Service Separation (Holiness)
25 Simeon Blesses Yahshua & Predicts Crucifixion The Messiah
39 The Boy Yahshua Grows Up Strong The Messiah
41 Yahshua Attends His 12th Passover Feast Community Love Feasts 8AD
43Yahshua Stays In The Temple, Ditching His Dad Sonship in Father YHVH's Family
51 *Yahshua Grows Up In Nazareth The Messiah
Ch. 3
1 John the Baptizer Prepares The Messiah's Way Repentance 26AD
19*John The Baptist Draws Con King Herod's Wrath Divorce
21 John The Immerser Baptizes YAHshua The Messiah 26AD
23The Physical Genealogy Of The Messiah The Messiah
Ch. 4
1 *The Devil Tempts The Starving Messiah Temptation 27AD
14 YAHshua Helps Heathen-Circle Pagans Find YAH Fame 28AD
16Christ's Home Church Chunks Him Off A Cliff The Messiah
31Messiah Enlightens A Comfortable Walled Town Education
33Jesus Expels And Silences A Demon Exorcism
38Jesus Heals Peter's Mom-In-Law's Deadly Fever Faith-Healing
40*YahShua Spends The Night Healing Many People Privacy / Secrecy
42*Christ's Fans Fail To Keep Him From Traveling Missions/Outreach
Ch. 5
1 YAHshua Calls His โ€˜Fishers-Of-Menโ€™ Faith-Healing 27AD
15*Nobody Respects Christ's Privacy Solitude
17*Friends Drop A Paralytic Through A Roof Hole Faith-Healing
27*Levi The Tax-Collector Quits His Cushy Job Forsaking All
29*Jesus Came To Save Sinners, Not 'Good' People Compassion
33Yahshua's Life Is And Was A Feast Of Joy Joy
36*Fresh Spirit Destroys Dead Religion Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 6
1 *Yahshua Picks & Eats Grain On The Sabbath Freedom 28AD
6 *Yahshua Heals A Man's Hand On The Sabbath Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
12 Yahshua Chooses His 12 Ambassadors Authority
17 *Yahshua Heals Crowds Below The Mountain Faith-Healing
20 *YAH Blesses His Voluntary Poor Disciples Forsaking All
22 *Dance & Jump For Joy When People Hate You Rejection
24 *Blessings On The Poor, Curses On The Rich Greed
27 *Love Your Enemies; Do Good To Your Haters Loving Enemies
31 *Do To Others What You Want Them To Do To You Generosity
39 *Blind Leaders Can't Lead Blind People Hypocrisy
43 *Only Good Trees Bear Good Fruit Bearing Fruit / Profitability
46 *The House On The Rock vs. Ruins On The Sand Obedience
Ch. 7
1YAHshua Heals A Warmonger's Servant Faith-Healing 28AD
11Yahshua Heals A Dead Boy At The Funeral! Resurrection
18John's Interns Ask If Jesus Is The Messiah The Messiah
24John The Baptist Was B.C. History's #1 Man Courage
29Finicky Religionists Reject John The Baptist Rejection
36*Mary Mag. Pours A Fortune In Oil On Jesus Humility
Ch. 8
1 YAHshua & His Followers Go On A National Tour Generosity 28AD
4*Yahshua Speaks The Mystery Of The Seeds Bearing Fruit / Profitability
9*Yahshua Says You Are Soil For Thought-Seeds Bearing Fruit / Profitability
19If You Obey YAH, You Are Yahshua's Sibling Family
22*Yahshua Calms A Storm-Raged Lake Supernatural Miracles
26Jesus Sends A Tomb-Zombie's Demons Into Pigs Exorcism 28AD
40A Synagogue Ruler Begs Jesus To Heal His Girl Praise
43*Yahshua Heals A Woman The Doctors Failed Faith-Healing
49*Yahshua Resurrects A Rich Jew's Dead Girl Resurrection
Ch. 9
1 YAHshua Miracle-Feeds 5,000 Men + Families Yah's Provision (Assurance) 29AD
18 *Peter Says Yahshua is YAH's Messiah The Messiah 29AD
28 YahShua Shape-Shifts, Talks W/ Moses & Elijah The Messiah 29AD
Ch. 10
1 *YAHshua Sends out 70 More Disciples Missions/Outreach 29AD
12*Towns That Reject Us Disciples Will Burn Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
17*Nothing Can Harm True Disciples Of Yahshua Spiritual Vision
25To Gain Eternal Life, Follow All The Commands Eternal Life
29*The Good Samaritan Loves His Hated Enemy Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
38Listening To YahShua Beats Cooking & Eating Education
Ch. 11
1*How To Pray (The Lord's Prayer) Prayer 28AD
5*Keep On Knocking! Keep On Seeking & Asking! Perseverance
14*Jesus Heals A Mute. Fools Label Jesus A Demon Self-Defense
24*The Sin-Repent Cycle Is A Spiral Down To Fire Demonic Possession
27Hear & Obey YAH's Word & You Get Mega-Blessed Obedience
29Messiah Predicts His 72-Hour Death-Span Unbelief
31People Who Deny Yahshua Are Worse Than Sodom Wisdom
33*Keep Your Lamp Pure And Shining! Spiritual Blindness
37*Yahshua Condemns Hypocritical Show-Religion Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
53Killer Religionists Interrogate Christ Temptation
Ch. 12
1 *YAH Shines Floodlights Into Your Dark Secrets Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion 30AD
4*Never Fear Any Killer, But DO Fear YAH! Death Threats
6*You Are Extremely Precious To YAH Yah's Protection
8*Defend Christ's Honor & He'll Defend Yours The Messiah
11*Never Worry At All Over Human Courts & Rulers Tribulation/Purification/testing
13*Forget About Worldly Rewards & Possessions Greed
16*Don't Be A Rich Corpse With Full Storehouses Greed
22*Don't Worry About Food, Clothing Or Shelter Yah's Provision (Assurance)
32*Sell ALL You Own To Do Acts of Compassion Generosity
35*Be Ready At All Times For Messiah's Return Responsibility
44*Be YAH's Good Steward, Not A Dead Steward Recklessness
49*Christ's Teaching Floods The World In WarFire Punishment
54Read The Signs Of The Times Like The Weather Science
58*Settle All Controversies Out Of Court Nonresistance
Ch. 13
1*Earthly Suffering Hits Everyone, Good & Bad Repentance
6*YAH Is A Vineyard Owner. Are You A Grape? Fruitlessness
10*Yahshua Heals A Crippled / Crazy Lady Faith-Healing
14*Religion-Boss Rags Jesus For 7th-Day Healing Rest
18YAH's Vast Dominion Starts Like A Tiny Seed The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
20YAH's Dominion Is Like Yeast Permeating Bread The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
23*A Tiny Fraction Of Humans Get Eternal Life Separation (Holiness)
25*Jesus Sends Billions Of 'Christians' To Fire Hell (Annihilation)
31*The Messiah Insults Pervert King Herod Death Threats
33*Yahshua Predicts His Death & Jerusalem's Fall Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 14
1Yahshua Boldy Heals Edema On The Sabbath Day Rest
7*Put Yourself In The Humblest Low Position Humility
15YAH Is Calling You To His Kingdom Feast! Worldly Attachment
25*To Be Christ's Disciple, Give Up All You Have Forsaking All
34*Don't Be Flavorless Salt: Be Flavorful! Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
Ch. 15
1Religionists Reject Christ For Saving Sinners Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
4*Saving A Sinner Is Like Finding A Lost Sheep Accepting Others Without Judging
8*Saving A Sinner is Recovering Lost Treasure Repentance
11 *The Parable Of The Prodigal (Reckless) Son Repentance
Ch. 16
1*The Parable Of The Cheating Manager Shrewdness / Craftiness
13*No Man Can Serve 2 Masters Greed
16*YAH's Law Is Still 100% In Effect Divorce
19*The Rich Man And The Blind Beggar Hell (Annihilation)
Ch. 17
1 *Jesus Will Kill People Who Entrap Innocents Yah's Protection 30AD
3*Forgive Virtually Endlessly Forgiveness
5*If You Had Any Faith, You'd Move Mountains Faith
7It's Your Duty To Obey All YAH's Commands Responsibility
11YAHshua Cleanses 10 Lepers Faith-Healing
15Only 1 Of The 10 Lepers Thanks Yahshua Ungratefulness
20*The Kingdom of Heaven Isn't On Any Map The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
22*Don't Believe Reports of Christ's Appearance The Messiah
26*The World's End Will Rush Like Noah's Flood End Times Disasters
Ch. 18
1A Widow Pesters A Judge 'Til She Gets Justice Perseverance 30AD
9*A Penitent Oppressor Beats A Religionite Prig Pride
15*The Messiah Welcomes Poor Little Children Humility
18*Sell ALL You Own To Do Acts of Compassion Forsaking All
31*YahShua Predicts His Own Imminent Death Resurrection
35Yahshua Heals A Blind Roadside Beggar Faith-Healing
Ch. 19
1Jesus Reforms A Shrimpy Cheating TaxMan Repentance 30AD
12*You Are A Life Investment Manager: Yield Love Bearing Fruit / Profitability
29Messiah's 2 Disciples Fetch A Mystery Colt Authority
36*The Messiah Triumphantly Enters Jerusalem Praise
41*Yahshua Predicts Jerusalem's Imminent Fall Punishment
45*Yahshua Breaks Up The Religious Shopping Mall Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
47Yahshua Enlightens People In The Temple Murder
Ch. 20
1With Authority, Yahshua Stumps Religionists Authority
9*Religionists Are Murderous ShareCroppers Fruitlessness
17*Jerusalem Turns Against Their Own Messiah The Messiah
20*Religionists Frame Christ As A Tax-Evader Betrayal
27Saducees Pose A Silly 7 Dead Husbands Riddle Resurrection
34*In Heaven, Humans Are Non-Sexual & Angelic Resurrection
41Yahshua Is The Time-Travel Messiah The Messiah
46*Avoid Religionists Like The Plague Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 21
1*A Poor Widow Gives More Than All The Rich Men Forsaking All 30AD
5Yahshua Condemns Religious Real-Estate Lovers Punishment
7*Jesus Predicts Jerusalem's Fall & World's End End Times Disasters
Ch. 22
1Judea's Bigshots Conspire To Kill The Messiah Betrayal 30AD
8Jesus Sends Peter & John To Make A Final Meal Community Love Feasts
14*Christ Eats His Last Supper As A Mortal The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
21Yahshua Warns Of His Imminent Betrayal Betrayal
24*The #1 Person Is The Most Selfless Servant Humility
31*Peter Boasts That He'll Never Deny Christ Perseverance
35*Christ Warns His Disciples To Prepare To Hide Yah's Provision (Assurance)
39*Christ Hikes To The Garden To Await Arrest Obedience
45*Christ Finds His Helpers All Asleep Preparedness
47*A Religionite Mob Come To Arrest The Messiah Betrayal
49*Jesus Commands His Disciples Be Non-Resistant Self-Defense
52The Mob Drags Christ To A Nightime Sham Trial Murder
55Peter 3 Times Denies Knowing The Messiah Betrayal
63*Brutish False-Jews Beat Messiah Black & Blue Abuse
66The Sham Church Court Wrongly Convicts Christ The Messiah
Ch. 23
1 *Religionists Drag Christ To Tax-Court The Messiah 30AD
6Taxman Sends Christ To The Pedophile STD-King Political Evil
13*Taxman Condemns History's Only Perfect Human End Times Disasters
33*Troops Murder The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Forgiveness
50A Formerly Rich Man (Joseph) Entombs Yahshua Rest
Ch. 24
1 Yahshua Rises From The Dead Resurrection 30AD