Bible ~~- Newer Testament

1st Corinthians Wrench

Ch. 1
1Paul Writes To Ancient Corinthians And To You The Body of Believers 54AD
4Paul Rejoices That His Work Helps You Grow Education
7Connect To Yahshua; He'll Get You Through It! Yah's Protection
10Never Argue Or Quarrel; Be Completely Unified The Body of Believers
17True Gospel Work Is Heraldry, Not Lecturing Spiritual Blindness
22The World Thinks We Follow A Dead Loser The Messiah
25YAH Makes Humanity's Losers Into Winners Humility
Ch. 2
1Humble Spirit-Power Beats Worldly Eloquence YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit)
Ch. 3
1Most Christians And Jews Are Carnal Babies Foolishness
5Humans Merely Manage The Life YAH Creates Humility
10Build Well On The Foundation Stone: Christ Work
13*Work Hard To Build Up YAH's People Work
18Worldly โ€œWisdomโ€ Is Silly Nonsense Spiritual Blindness
21Everything Belongs To YAH; No One Can Brag The Messiah
Ch. 4
1Fake Christians Abandon The Real Christians Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 5
1Sever Your Ties With Worldly โ€˜Believersโ€™ Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 6
1Believers Must Settle Disputes Privately Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
9*There Should Be No Sin In A Christian's Life The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
13*Eradicate Porn, Sexual Fantasy & Fornication Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 7
1*Try To Be Celibate; No Sex Outside Marriage Sex In Marriage
10*No Divorce Ever For Lawfully Wedded Believers Divorce
25Try To Stay Celibate, But Marriage Is OK Celibacy
Ch. 8
1Don't Use Freedom To Confuse Weak Believers Idolatry
Ch. 9
1 Christian Leaders Deserve To Be Well-Paid Rejection
12Real Christian Leaders Try To Give For Free Missions/Outreach
19Good Leaders Freely Adapt To Audience Needs Missions/Outreach
24The Real Christian Life Is A Brutal Marathon Perseverance
Ch. 10
1Grace Is Stopping Sinning, Not Freedom To Sin Idolatry
25Good Example Can Be The Most Important Thing Idolatry
Ch. 11
1Authority Chain: YHVH, Messiah, Man, Woman Authority
4Head Covering = The Symbol of Coverture Authority
17Instructions For Christian Communal Meals Community Love Feasts
Ch. 12
1Paul Explains Your Spiritual Gifts & Talents The Body of Believers
12ChristiAnatomy: Each Believer Is A Body Part The Body of Believers
Ch. 13
1 *Paul Defines Love (Agape): The Greatest Gift! Love
Ch. 14
1Prophesy In A Clear And Orderly Manner Communication
34Women Should Defer To Men In Voting Assembly Authority
36 Do Everything Decently & In Order Authority
Ch. 15
1Faith: Use it or Lose it Perseverance
3Paul Recounts Messiah's Death & Resurrection Resurrection
8Paul Calls Himself A Reborn Abortion Spiritual Vision
10Yah's Grace Makes Failures Into Action Heroes Grace
12Resurrection Is Central To Biblical Faith Resurrection
27Jesus Is Subordinate To YHVH, NOT Co-Equal Resurrection
Ch. 16
1Send Money To Suffering Believers Generosity
5Paul Longs To See Fellow Believers Companionship
13*Courageously Guard Your Life Of Faith & Love Courage
15Help And Work Hard With Other Disciples Companionship
19Paul Encourages The Believers To Stay Holy The Body of Believers