Bible ~~- Newer Testament

2nd Corinthians Wrench


Ch. 1

  • 1Paul Encourages Suffering Believers (Us)
  • 4Life is Pain; YAH Comforts Us During Our Pain
  • 8 Paul Recounts Near-Death Suffering In Asia
  • 20YAH's Spirit In Our Heart Guarantees Eternity

    Ch. 2

  • 1Believers Are Supposed To Cheer Each Other Up
  • 3Forgive And Restore Repentant Sinners
  • 12Paul Explains Why He Went To Macedonia
  • 14 YAH Spreads Us Around The Globe Like Perfume

    Ch. 3

  • 1Changed Lives Are The Apostles' Credentials

    Ch. 4

  • 1True Ministers Shine YAH's Bright Message
  • 3Satan Has Blinded Worldly People To The Truth
  • 7 Your Body Is A Clay Jar For Heaven's Treasure
  • 8 The World Can Whack Us But Never Destroy Us
  • 11 The More Pigs Harm Us, The Brighter We Shine

    Ch. 5

  • 1 Your Body = A Tent. Your Mansion Is In Heaven
  • 9 Work Hard In Life For Your Eternal Reward
  • 11True Leaders Are Not Famous; They're Good
  • 14 Messiah Died To Snatch Us From Satan's Hand
  • 17 Trade Your Dead Life For A New Life With YAH

    Ch. 6

  • 1Work, Christian! Don't Be A Waste Of Grace!
  • 4 True Believers Endure Murderous Hardship
  • 11Give Your Love To People Who Suffer For YAH
  • 14 Legally and Morally Separate From Unbelievers

    Ch. 7

  • 1Get Rid Of All Filthiness
  • 5Real Believers Share Persecution With Love
  • 8Rebuke True Believers And They Grow
  • 14True Believers Accept Correction With Respect

    Ch. 8

  • 1Even Desperately Poor Believers Give Money
  • 6Give Your Surplus To Needy Believers
  • 10Finish The Good Works You Start
  • 12Believers With Money Help Needy Believers
  • 16Missionaries Move Money To Poor Believers
  • 19Always Move Money With Witnesses & Integrity
  • 22Risk Your Lives Together In Love

    Ch. 9

  • 1Put Thought And Planning Into Your Giving

    Ch. 10

  • 1 True Believers Pack Powerful Spirit-Weapons
  • 6Don't Brag; Lead People By Obeying YAH's Laws

    Ch. 11

  • 1Get Rid Of Power-Wielding Fake-Ministers

    Ch. 12

  • 1 True Believers Do Miracles, Not Chase Money
  • 7 Paul Gets A 'Thorn In The Flesh'
  • 11True Believers Give; Fake Preachers Take Pay
  • 20Phony 'Believers' Fight Against True Leaders

    Ch. 13

  • 1True Believers Punish Sin Using Spirit-Power
  • 5Examine Yourself + Fix The Problems You Find
  • 11Paul Closes His Letter With Love + Peace