Bible ~~- Newer Testament

2nd Corinthians Wrench

Ch. 1
1Paul Encourages Suffering Believers (Us) YAH (the Most High Creator) 57AD
4Life is Pain; YAH Comforts Us During Our Pain Compassion
8 Paul Recounts Near-Death Suffering In Asia Integrity
20YAH's Spirit In Our Heart Guarantees Eternity Guidance
Ch. 2
1Believers Are Supposed To Cheer Each Other Up Companionship
3Forgive And Restore Repentant Sinners Forgiveness
12Paul Explains Why He Went To Macedonia Missions/Outreach
14YAH Spreads Us Around The Globe Like Perfume Missions/Outreach
Ch. 3
1Changed Lives Are The Apostles' Credentials Sinai Contract
Ch. 4
1True Ministers Shine YAH's Bright Message Perseverance
3Satan Has Blinded Worldly People To The Truth Spiritual Blindness
7*Your Body Is A Clay Jar For Heaven's Treasure Humility
8*The World Can Whack Us But Never Destroy Us Perseverance
11The More Pigs Harm Us, The Brighter We Shine Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 5
1Your Body = A Tent. Your Mansion Is In Heaven Resurrection
9*Work Hard In Life For Your Eternal Reward Work
11True Leaders Are Not Famous; They're Good Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
14Messiah Died To Snatch Us From Satan's Hand Redemption
17Trade Your Dead Life For A New Life With YAH Forgiveness
Ch. 6
1Work, Christian! Don't Be A Waste Of Grace! Grace
4True Believers Endure Murderous Hardship Tribulation/Purification/testing
11Give Your Love To People Who Suffer For YAH Compassion
14*Legally and Morally Separate From Unbelievers Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 7
1Get Rid Of All Filthiness Moral Purity / Childlikeness
5Real Believers Share Persecution With Love Fighting/Strife/Conflict
8Rebuke True Believers And They Grow Repentance
14True Believers Accept Correction With Respect Encouragement
Ch. 8
1Even Desperately Poor Believers Give Money Generosity
6Give Your Surplus To Needy Believers Generosity
10Finish The Good Works You Start Generosity
12Believers With Money Help Needy Believers Generosity
16Missionaries Move Money To Poor Believers Generosity
19Always Move Money With Witnesses & Integrity Integrity
22Risk Your Lives Together In Love Love
Ch. 9
1Put Thought And Planning Into Your Giving Generosity
Ch. 10
1True Believers Pack Powerful Spirit-Weapons Nonresistance
6Don't Brag; Lead People By Obeying YAH's Laws Authority
Ch. 11
1Get Rid Of Power-Wielding Fake-Ministers Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 12
1True Believers Do Miracles, Not Chase Money Humility
7*Paul Gets A 'Thorn In The Flesh' Humility
11True Believers Give; Fake Preachers Take Pay Generosity
20Phony 'Believers' Fight Against True Leaders Fighting/Strife/Conflict
Ch. 13
1True Believers Punish Sin Using Spirit-Power Punishment
5Examine Yourself + Fix The Problems You Find Truth
11Paul Closes His Letter With Love + Peace Companionship