Bible ~~- Newer Testament

Galatians Wrench

Ch. 1
1Paul Sends Encouragement & Clarity to You Redemption 54AD
6 Stop Following False Preachers Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
10True Authority Comes From YAH, Not From Men Spiritual Vision
Ch. 2
1Paul Returns To Jerusalem To Work With Peter Privacy / Secrecy
3Do Not Ever Cut Any Penis! Circumcision
7Paul Went To The Nations; Peter To The Jews Sinai Contract
Ch. 3
1Legalism Is Foolishness Akin To Witchcraft Sinai Contract
Ch. 4
1The Letter of The Law Is A Child's Job-List Sinai Contract
Ch. 5
1*Stand Firm In Your Freedom In Christ Circumcision
19*The Fruits Of The Sinful Nature Sin (Breaking YAH's Laws)
22*THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit)
Ch. 6
1Humbly Help Others To See The Light Circumcision