Bible ~~- Newer Testament

Ephesians Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Paul Sends Blessings To The Ephesians YAH (the Most High Creator) 62AD
4Paul Reveals Our Part In Heaven's Master Plan Sonship in Father YHVH's Family
15Paul Prays For The New Believers Spiritual Vision
20*The Messiah Is All Powerful, 2nd Only To YAH The Messiah
Ch. 2
1You Were Once Dead In Sin, Like Your Neighbor Salvation
7*Good Works Are Proof, Not Means, of Salvation Work
11*Non-Jews Can Be Engrafted Into Israel Loving People of All Colors & Nations
20*You Are A 'Stone' In YAH's Spirit-Temple The Body of Believers
Ch. 3
1Paul Did Jail Time To Give You The Good News Loving People of All Colors & Nations
3Yahshua Is The Time-Traveling Messiah Spiritual Vision
7YAH Chooses Anti-Christian Paul To Serve Him Missions/Outreach
10We Lowly People Teach The Universes' Leaders The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
13Pain Makes us Humble So We Can Hold Authority Prayer
16Paul Prays For You To Be Strong & Loving Our Creator's Love
20YAH Gives You Power To Do The Impossible Supernatural Miracles
Ch. 4
1Work & Suffer Together In Humility The Body of Believers
7Each Believer Has His Own Special Gift & Call Individuality
13*Combine Your Gift With Other Believers' Gifts The Body of Believers
17*The World-System Drowns In Dark Blindness Separation (Holiness)
20Throw off All Sinful Habits & Sin-Triggers Repentance
23*Morph Into A New Moral Super-Human Spirit Forgiveness
29Spread Forgiveness, Not Evil, With Your Mouth Forgiveness
Ch. 5
1Live As YAH's Child; Copy Yahshua's Actions Sonship in Father YHVH's Family
3You Must Never Commit Even The Smallest Evil Separation (Holiness)
13Expose All Sin To The Light Of Your Goodness Wisdom
18*Get Drunk On Praise-Music, Not On Addictions Music
21*Wives & Husbands & All, Submit To Each Other Marriage
Ch. 6
1Pay & Obey Your Parents; Love Your Children Parents
5Work As If Your Boss Was The Creator Himself Work
10*Put On The Whole Armor YAH Supplies You With Preparedness
18*Pray & Boldly Evangelize All The Time Prayer
20From His Dungeon-Cell, Paul Sends An Envoy Tribulation/Purification/testing
23Paul Sends YOU Prayers For Blessing & Peace Blessing