Bible ~~- Older Testament

Deuteronomy Wrench

Ch. 1
1Moses Moves The Israelis To The Promised Land Law 1407BC
9Always Use Fair Dispute-Resolution Processes Judgment
19Moses Recounts The Promised Land Spy Debacle Yah's Protection
34 Moses Recounts The Destruction Of The Gripers Punishment
Ch. 2
1Moses Recounts The Tortured Southland Passage Yah's Provision (Assurance)
9Thru The Lands Of Perverts, Giants & Red-Men Paranormal Phenomena
13In 38 Years, The Desert Consumes The Gripers Ungratefulness
17Moses Recounts Crossing Amonite Territory Yah's Protection
26Moses Recounts Tornado's Fight To The Death Yah's Protection
36YAH's Subsequent Sweep To The Promised Land Yah's Protection
Ch. 3
1The Vicious Attack Of Og The Fat Giant-King Yah's Provision (Assurance)
12Moses Awards Eastern Lands To Cattle-Barons Yah's Provision (Assurance)
23Moses Begs To Cross To The Promised Land Prayer
Ch. 4
1*The Hebrew Law Gives You Life Law
8*Guard The Law Like You Guard Your Life Law
10Remember The Bush-Mountain Miracles Idolatry
16Never Get Involved in ANY Kind Of Idolatry Idolatry
26Ignoring Biblical Law Will Kill You Disobedience
29 *Repent And YAH Will Lift You Up Repentance
32*YHVH's Relationship To Israel Is Incomparable YAH (the Most High Creator)
41Build Sanctuary Towns For Innocent Killers Murder
44Introduction To The Commandments Law 1406BC
Ch. 5
1Moses Summarizes The Law Sinai Contract
6*Repetition Of The 10 Commandments Rest
22*Moses Recounts YAH Giving The 10 Commandments Law
23Israelites' Run In Fear From YAH's Presence YAH (the Most High Creator)
27*The Israelis Swore To Obey 100% Of YAH's Law Sinai Contract
Ch. 6
1The Law Is To Help You, Not To Ruin Your Fun Law
4 *The Shema! YHVH Our Elohim is ONE, Not Three YAH (the Most High Creator)
6 *The Creator's Blueprint For Education Education
13Only Serve YHVH Serving YHVH alone
20Tell Your Children The Meaning of The Law Law
Ch. 7
1 Stay Spiritually Separated From The Pagans Separation (Holiness)
6 You Are A Special, Holy, Protected Nation Our Creator's Love
12 Live YAH's Laws: You'll Get Massively Blessed Giving Birth
17 You'll Conquer Giant Nations If You Obey YAH Yah's Protection
25 Get Rid Of Pagan Objects, Habits & Thoughts Idolatry
Ch. 8
1Your Life Comes From YAH's Word, Not Your $ Tribulation/Purification/testing
7 Huge Wealth Eventually Comes From Obeying YAH Yah's Provision (Assurance)
11 Wealth Makes You Arrogant & Spiritually Weak Greed
18 Following Anybody But YAH Gets You Dead Money
Ch. 9
1YAH Will Vanquish The Giant Strangler's Spawn Courage
4YAH Destroys Your Enemies Because They're Bad Disobedience
7Moses Recounts The Golden-Calf Debacle Idolatry
22Moses Recounts Israel's Contant Recidivism Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
25Moses Gets YHVH To Relent For YAH's Own Fame Prayer
Ch. 10
1 Moses Recounts Getting The 2nd Set Of Tablets Law
6Moses Summarizes The Journey From Mount Sinai Prayer
12*Simple Obedience Is All YAH Wants From You Origins
17*Honor & Help Poor, Weak Or Foreign People YAH (the Most High Creator)
20Stay 100% Under YAH's Authority. Never Pledge Serving YHVH alone
Ch. 11
1Moses Recounts YAH's Exodus Miracles Yah's Protection
8Keeping The Law Makes You Strong & Prosperous Yah's Provision (Assurance)
16Disobedience Brings Death For You & Your Land Disobedience
18 *Give Kids Dual-Parent Biblical Home Education Education
22Keeping YAH's Law Makes The Military Obsolete Yah's Provision (Assurance)
26Obedience To YAH = Life; Rebellion = Death Obedience
Ch. 12
1Study & Execute YAH's Laws Every Day Law
2Totally Ban All Occult Activities & Objects The Occult
5Gather With Other Believers To Share Feasts Community Love Feasts
20Even When You Eat Meat Privately, Do It Right Unhealthy Diet
23Never Eat Or Drink Blood! Unhealthy Diet
28 *Legally & Spiritually Separate From Pagans Education
Ch. 13
1False Prophets Perform Counterfeit Miracles Serving YHVH alone
6Shun Your Family If They Follow Pagan Leaders Idolatry
12Never Let Idolatry Infect Your Fellowship Idolatry
Ch. 14
1 *Never Cut Your Body Or Mar Your Skin Circumcision
3Good Food You Should Eat Healthy Food
7Bad Food You Humans Should Never Eat Unhealthy Diet
9*Good Fish You Can And Should Eat Unhealthy Diet
11Birds You Can & Can't Eat Unhealthy Diet
22Donate 1/10th To YAH's Workers For Feasts Devotion
Ch. 15
1 *Release All Debt Every 7 Years Redemption
4*Thou Shalt Not Borrow Debt
7 Give Richly To Poor People Who Can't Repay Honoring and Serving The Poor
12Richly Provide For Your Indentured Servants Generosity
16Voluntary Permanent Indentured Servitude Debt
19Give Your First And Best To YAH's Work Devotion
22Local Spiritually-Enriching Community Feasts Community Love Feasts
Ch. 16
1More Passover Instructions From Moses Community Love Feasts
9Summer-Fest (Feast Of Weeks) Instructions Community Love Feasts
13More Tent Festival Instructions Community Love Feasts
18Appointment Of Judges/Mediators Justice
21Prohibited Occult Monuments Lust
Ch. 17
1Give Your Absolute Best To Help & Feed People Community Love Feasts
2Biblical Criminal Sentencing Statutes Justice
14*Hebrew Limitations On Monarchy & Government Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
18 *All Good Leaders Must Memorize The Bible Law
Ch. 18
1Hebrew Priests' Rights & Disallowances Devotion
9 *Hebrew Anti-Occult Regulations The Occult
15Respect Everyone Who Speaks YAH's Word Spiritual Blindness
20 All False Prophets Will Die Spiritual Blindness
Ch. 19
1YAH Promises To Cleanse The Promised Land Yah's Provision (Assurance)
2Sanctuary Cities For Unintentional Manslayers Murder
11 *Let Avengers Kill Intentional Murderers Murder
14*Respect Land Boundary Markers Crime
15 *Punishing Malicious False Witnesses False Witness
Ch. 20
1*Never Fear Military Force Yah's Protection
2Statutes Exempting Hebrews From Battle Nonresistance
10International Peace-Making International Peace
13Segregation From Demon-Worshippers Separation (Holiness)
19Ecological Statutes For Preservation Of Trees Environmentalism
Ch. 21
1Dealing With Unsolved Murders Murder
10Never Capture Nor Bed Pagan Women Lust
15Equally Honor Children Of Your Multiple Wives Family Division
18Metaphorical Death Penalty For Bad Children Dishonoring Parents
22Limits On Crucifixion Illness
Ch. 22
1Help Your Neighbor Recover His Lost Animal Kindness
5 *Cross-Dressing Discouraged, But Not Penalized Homosexuality & Transvestitism
6Care For Birds Environmentalism
8 *Keep Your Property Safe; Avoid Liability Responsibility
9*Only Use Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Destroying the Earth
10Holiness Symbols Separation (Holiness)
13You Can't Ditch Your Bride After You Ding Her Divorce
20Don't Fake Your Virginity Fornication
22 *Sex With A Married Lady Is Deadly Adultery
23Don't Have Sex With Engaged People Fornication
25It's Not A Crime To Get Raped Rape
28Bed A Girl, And You Support Her For Life! Divorce
30Hands-Off Your Dad's Female Incest
Ch. 23
1*Never Ever Cut A Penis Or Testicles! Circumcision
2Keep Out The Riff Raff Loving People of All Colors & Nations
10Protection From Night-Time Contamination Illness
12*Hebrew Composting Toilet Provisions Health
15Let Escaped Slaves Go Free Freedom
17 *There's No Such Thing As A Hebrew Whore Fornication
19*Hebrew Anti-Money-Lending Statutes Greed
21 *Never Bind Yourself In ANY Obligation Agreements (Obligation Of Contract)
24Poor People Have The Right To Trespass & Eat Honoring and Serving The Poor
Ch. 24
1 *Moses Condemns Divorce & Re-Marriage Divorce
5 *Hebrews Get Year-Long Honeymoons Marriage
6*Taking Work Tools As Collateral Prohibited Debt
7 *Kidnappers/Man-Stealers Get The Death Penalty Bondage
8Skin-Diseases Are Religious Matters Illness
10Limitations On Debt Collection Debt
14Pay Workers Fairly And Immediately Honoring and Serving The Poor
16 *Prohibition Of Child And Elderly Sacrifice Responsibility
17Law Protections For Poor People & Immigrants Justice
18Prevent Central-Government Welfare Systems Honoring and Serving The Poor
Ch. 25
1 Verdicts For Crimes Punishable By Whipping Crime
4 *Workers Must Be Adequately Fed And Cared For Generosity
5Widows Can Remarry, But Only Within The Faith Family Division
11Ladies, Never Grab A Fighting Man's Privates! Fighting/Strife/Conflict
13 *Debased Money (Which You Now Use) Prohibited Dishonest Weights & balances
17YHVH Kills Your Enemy & Gives His Junk To You War
Ch. 26
1Spring-Harvest Hebrew Party Plans Community Love Feasts
5Hebrew Praise Party Song Bondage
12Party Plans For Your 3rd Year of Blessing Honoring and Serving The Poor
16The Rights and Duties of The Sinai Covenant Separation (Holiness)
Ch. 27
1Make Monuments Inscribed With YAH's Commands Law
11Curses That Come From Disobeying YAH's Law Guidance
20Curses On Sexual Sinners Incest
Ch. 28
1Blessings You Get If You Obey YAH'S Laws Abundance
12*Never, Ever Borrow Anything Debt
14Disasters Smash You If You Ignore YAH's Laws Illness
44 *Debt Is A Curse Debt
45Ignoring YAH's Law = Famine, Tyranny & War Oppression
53 *Disobey Long Enough & You Eat Your Own Babies Oppression
59 Disease Comes From Ignoring The Bible Illness
62 *Mass Deaths Result From Ignoring The Bible Disobedience
64 Exile & Slavery Come From Ignoring The Bible Fear
Ch. 29
1Moses Briefly Summarizes The Exodus He Led Yah's Provision (Assurance)
10Moses Brings The New Generation Into Covenant Sinai Contract
16Stay Disconnected From Pagan People Idolatry
19Don't Be A Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Destroying the Earth
21Lawless โ€˜Believersโ€™ Get Mega-Damnation Destroying the Earth
24Fake Judeo-Christians Die As Cautionary Tales Punishment
Ch. 30
1Repent Of Fake Religion, Obey Law & Go Free Repentance
11 YAH's Laws Are Simple, Logical & Accessible Yah's Word
15Law = Life; Lawlessness = Death. Your Choice. Freedom
Ch. 31
1Moses Warns: YAH Will Destroy Israel's Foes Yah's Protection
7Moses Says 'Joshua, Let YAH Fight Your Wars' Yah's Protection
9Dramatically Present The Whole Torah To All Education
14Moses Prophesies His Imminent Death Authority
16Moses Predicts Israel's Fall Into Sin Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
19YAH Uses Song: His #1 Communication Tool Music
22Moses Writes His Final Song Music
24Moses Writes The Torah Law
27Moses Announces His Last Song To Rebel Israel Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 32
1The Song Of Moses (The Shirah / Ha-Azinu) Law 1406BC
4 Stanza 1: Yah's Love For Israel Yah's Protection
16 Stanza 2: Israel's Ingratitude Punishment
28 Stanza 3: Global Indictment & Punishment Yah's Protection
40Song of Moses: Epilogue Punishment
45Moses' Words After The Song Obedience
48 YHVH Banishes Moses To His Death Place Death 1406BC
Ch. 33
1Moses' Farewell Blessing To The Israelites Guidance 1406BC
8Moses Blesses The Levite Priests Community Love Feasts
13Moses Blesses The Tribe[s] Of Joseph Yah's Provision (Assurance)
18Moses Blesses Zebulun, Gad, Dan, Naph., Asher Blessing
26Lean On YHVH's Everlasting Arms Yah's Protection
Ch. 34
1 Moses Leaves Israel For Heaven Yah's Provision (Assurance) 1406BC
5 Moses Dies Death
10*A Final Elegy For Moses Authority