Bible ~~- Newer Testament

Colossians Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Paul Writes Encouragement To You The Body of Believers 62AD
9 Live, Act, Walk & Talk With Love And Kindness Power
12 YAH Has Redeemed Us Believers From Darkness! Redemption
15 *Yahshua Perfectly Reflects YAH's Light The Messiah
24 True Believers Suffer Horribly In This World Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 2
1 Struggle To Bring The Truth To The Globe The Messiah
11 Circumcision = Cut Out Wrong, Not Cut A Dong Rebirth
16 YAH's Laws Are To Help You, Not Shackle You Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 3
1 Your Life Is In Heaven; Don't Get Bogged Down Separation (Holiness)
5 Kill Your Neural Network's Sin Programming Sin (Breaking YAH's Laws)
11 *Love All Believers With Complete Tolerance Loving People of All Colors & Nations
16 *Pile Up YAH's Word Inside You Via Praise Song Music
18 *Love Your Enemies Inside Your Own Family Parents
22 *Always Work As If Working For YHVH Himself Work
Ch. 4
1 *Leaders, Generously Pay Your Subordinates Compassion
2 Pray Constantly For YAH's Word To Save People Communication
5 Behave And Talk With Perfect Integrity & Tact Communication
7 Paul Sends News & Blessings From Other Saints The Body of Believers