Bible ~~- Newer Testament

2nd Thessalonians Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Paul Again Comforts The Thessalonians The Body of Believers 52AD
3 Paul Thanks YAH For Your Patient Perseverance Perseverance
6 *YAH Will Blast Your Persecutors With Pain Yah's Protection
10 Live Right & You Inherit An Eternal Throne Reward
Ch. 2
1 Messiah's Visible Return Will Be Unmistakable Guidance
3 Global Apostasy Precedes The Messiah's Return Idolatry
6 Substitute (Anti) Christians Waste The World Lies
11 All Perishing Beings Love Lies & Wickedness Judgment
14 Guard The Scriptural Lessons You've Learned Education
16 Paul Prays For YAH To Comfort & Establish You Encouragement
Ch. 3
1 Pray For Protection & Power For Gospel Work Yah's Protection
4 Paul Prays For You To Work Hard & Happy Guidance
6 Stay Away From Any Sinful โ€˜Believerโ€™ Recklessness
8 True Believers Pay For What They Use Laziness
14 Kindly Shun Any 'Christian' Who Disobeys Paul Separation (Holiness)
16 Paul Prays For YAH To Send You Peace & Favor Peace