Bible ~~- Newer Testament

1st Timothy Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Paul Prays For You, YAH's Dear One Authority 63AD
3 Command False Preachers To Shut Their Blab Guidance
5 *Love-Feasting Is The Point Of All Law Law
12 Jesus Loves To Fix Sinners & Get Them Working Grace
18 Cling Tightly To Your Faith; Don't ShipWreck! Guidance
Ch. 2
1 Power Comes Through Always Praying Thankfully Peace
4 *All Men Need To Know The Messiah Redeemed Us Redemption
9 *Women Must Be Humble, Modest, Teachable Womanhood
Ch. 3
1 Overseers Must Be Especially Righteous Responsibility
14 Satan Stops Fellowship, So Treasure Scripture The Messiah
Ch. 4
1 *End Times Breed 'Believers' Like Cockroaches Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
3 Your Body & Your Food Are YAH's Gifts; Enjoy! Healthy Food
7 Train Your Body & Spirit Like A Super-Athlete Separation (Holiness)
11 Command Other Believers To Obey YAH's Laws Good Example / Light of the World
14 Obediently Use The Gifts YAH Gave You! Education
Ch. 5
1 Honor Your Elderly People & Widows Communication
3 Only Celibate Old Widows Get Church Welfare Womanhood
17 *Pay & Respect Your True Spiritual Leaders Reward
20 Publicly Correct Sinning 'Believers' Guidance
23 *Drink Fresh Organic Fruit Juice Every Day Healthy Food
24 Spirit-Beings See Your Every Move, Good & Bad Sin (Breaking YAH's Laws)
Ch. 6
1 Fulfill & Terminate All Of Your Obligations Agreements (Obligation Of Contract)
3 Shun Anyone Who Refuses Sound Instruction Spiritual Blindness
6 *Loving Money Is A Root Of Every Evil Greed
11 Spotlessly Keep All YAH's Commands In Love Obedience
15 *All Power Belongs To YHVH, The Eternal One YAH (the Most High Creator)
17 *Command Rich People To Give To Help Others Generosity
20 The Goal Of All Science Is Faith In YHVH Science