Bible ~~- Newer Testament

Hebrews Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Hebrew Scripture ForeTells Yahshua's Reign The Messiah 68AD
Ch. 2
1 Study Yahshua's Words In Microscopic Detail Truth
3 Respond Now To The Offer Of Salvation Salvation
5 The Coming Cosmos Will Belong To Saved Humans The Messiah
9 *Yahshua Is The Ultimate Human: The Uber Lord The Messiah
11 The Messiah is Our Awesome Big Brother Sonship in Father YHVH's Family
14 *Yahshua Saved Us From Fear & Death & Slavery Redemption
16 *YAH's Word Became A Human Who Never Sinned Temptation
Ch. 3
1 Yahshua Is The Super-Moses The Messiah
7 Disobedient 'Believers' Burn To Death In Fire Disobedience
Ch. 4
1 Obey YAH To Receive Heavenly Rest Rest
12 *YAH's Word Shows Everything & Can Fix Us All The Messiah
Ch. 5
1 Yahshua Is The Ultimate Hebrew High Priest The Messiah
11 Most 'Christians' Are Ignorant Crying Babies Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
Ch. 6
1 Grow Up, Baby Christians! Education
4 *Use Your Faith Or Lose Eternal Life Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
9 YAH Wants To Reward Your Work & Save You Work
13 YHVH Always Does What He Promises Oaths
Ch. 7
1 Yahshua Is An Eternal King Like Melchizedek Community Love Feasts
3 Yahshua Is The Universal Eternal High Priest The Messiah
Ch. 8
1 We No Longer Need A Mortal Jewish High Priest The Messiah
6 Yahshua Is The 'Moses' Of The New Covenant Sinai Contract
Ch. 9
1 All The Temple Furnishings Were Symbols Sinai Contract
8 The Mosaic Rituals, Though Good, Saved No One Sinai Contract
11 Yahshua Fulfilled The Symbolic Mosaic Rites Redemption
15 Christ Won Us Back From His Killer, Satan Redemption
18 Blood Symbolizes Sin's Connection To Death Sinai Contract
24 True Mosaic Rites Are Now Performed In Heaven Sinai Contract
Ch. 10
1 Ritual Sacrifices Never Removed Any Sin Pagan Sacrifices
Ch. 11
1 *True Faith Works Miracles. Religion Is Paint. Faith
Ch. 12
1 *Persevere In Faith 'Til All Your Blood Spills Perseverance
5 *Your Perfect Father YAH Is Disciplining You Punishment
12 Smash All Your Sin Flesh Into Spirit-Muscle Separation (Holiness)
18 Mount Zion Calls You Higher Than Mount Sinai Sinai Contract
25 *YAH Is A Destroying Fire: So Honor His Call YAH (the Most High Creator)
Ch. 13
1 *Love As Brothers; Show Hospitality; Ease Pain Compassion
4 *Never Even Think Of Sex Outside Marriage Sex In Marriage
5 *Confide In YAH Who Gives You Everything Good Yah's Protection
7 *Imitate Good Leaders, Especially Yahshua The Messiah
9 *Stick With Pure Biblical Doctrine & Diet Healthy Food
10 True Believers Are Outcasts From The World The Messiah
15 *Never Sacrifice Animals. Give Praise & Food Community Love Feasts
17 Submit To & Pray For Real Spiritual Leaders Authority
20 YAH Resurrected Yahshua; He'll Resurrect You! Resurrection
21 Paul Prays for YAH To Perfect You Blessing