Bible ~~- Newer Testament

1st Peter Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Peter Writes To Encourage You New Believers The Body of Believers 64AD
3 We Can Walk Through Death into Eternal Life! Eternal Life
6 YAH Is Testing & Purifying You For The Future Faith
10 Ancient Prophets Foresaw Our Wild End Times Spiritual Vision
13 Put On Your Spirit-Armor. Live Sacred Lives Separation (Holiness)
17 Walk Earth In Repentant, Holy Awe of YAH Humility
18 Yahshua Redeemed You From Satan's Slave Camp Redemption
21 You, Like Yahshua, Can Live Forever, Born New Rebirth
Ch. 2
1 Purify Yourself Of All Evil; Drink YAH's Word Yah's Word
5 YAH's True Temple Is Us Believers The Messiah
9 *Believers Are A Holy Nation, Not A ‘Church’ The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
13 *Cooperate With Everyone If YAH's Law Permits Authority
18 Honor Anyone Who Holds Authority Over You Loving Enemies
19 *Suffer For Doing Good, Not For Doing Evil Tribulation/Purification/testing
22 *The Messiah Suffered For Doing Good Nonresistance
24 *Yahshua's Death Provided Your Path To Healing Redemption
Ch. 3
1 *Wife, Live In Humble Submission To Your Man Modesty
7 *Husband, Sacrifice Yourself To Love Your Wife Marriage
8 Love Your Enemies; Return Good For Bad Loving Enemies
10 *Never Lie; Turn From Evil; Pray In Purity Yah's Protection
14 Suffer For Doing Good; Accept Libel & Slander Tribulation/Purification/testing
19 Yahshua Travels Through Time To Noah's Day Disobedience
22 Yahshua Is YAH's King Of All Universes The Messiah
Ch. 4
1 *Accept Your Future: Torture & Persecution Tribulation/Purification/testing
3 Evil People Think Holy People Are Weird & Bad Rejection
7 The End Is Near: Pray, Love, Care, Give Generosity
12 Rejoice In Suffering & Trials & Rejection Tribulation/Purification/testing
Ch. 5
1 Humbly And Firmly Lead Younger Believers Guidance
5 Humbly Submit To Each Other & YAH Will Lift U Humility
7 *Cast All Your Cares On YAH: He Cares For You Yah's Protection
8 *Be Sober & Awake: Resist The Prowling Devil The Devil
11 Peter Sends Goodbye Blessings To You The Body of Believers