Bible ~~- Newer Testament

2nd Peter Wrench

Ch. 1
1Peter Writes His 2nd Letter To Pray For You Faith 67AD
3Give Up Everything, Then You Get Everything Separation (Holiness)
5Stay Totally Diligent, Patient, Sacred, Kind Preparedness
13Your Body Is A Mere Flimsy 'Tent' Guidance
16Biblical Truths Are Realities, Not Myths The Messiah
19Pay Deep Attention To Hebrew Scriptures Spiritual Vision
Ch. 2
1 Fake Judeo-Christian Leaders Swarm Like Flies Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 3
1Spirit-Fight To Maintain Your Faith Unbelief
6YAH Will Destroy & Remake The Universe Yah's Word
8*YAH Is Rapidly Fulfilling His Promises Spiritual Vision
10YAH's Judgment Day Will Burn Up The Universe End Times Disasters