Bible ~~- Newer Testament

1st John Wrench

Ch. 1
1*John's Eyes Saw YAH's Light In Human Form Yah's Word 90AD
6 *โ€˜Believersโ€˜ Who Keep Sinning Are Fakes Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
9*Yah Forgives Confessing, Repentant Believers Forgiveness
Ch. 2
1 There's No Such Thing As A Sin-Addicted Saint Obedience
Ch. 3
1 YAH's Love Is So Awesome He Adopted Us Our Creator's Love
4 *Sin = Violations Of YAH's Laws Law
5 *No True Believer Knowingly Persists In Sin Moral Purity / Childlikeness
8 *If You Keep Sinning, You Are Of The Devil Sin (Breaking YAH's Laws)
11 Loving Your Enemies = Proof Of Eternal Life Rejection
16 *Lay Down Your Life To Love Your Fellow Humans Selfishness
20 Live Righteously & Gain Relationship With YAH Obedience
23 *Live Out Your Belief Via Active Obedient Love Obedience
Ch. 4
1 *Test All Spirits To See If They're Of Heaven Victory
5*The World-System Hates Yah, His Word, & Us Spiritual Vision
7*If You Love Everyone, You Are YAH's Child Our Creator's Love
9*Yah Sent His Son To Rescue Us: That's Love Redemption
11YAH Lives In Us Only When We Love All People Our Creator's Love
14All Must Acknowledge Yahshua's Supremacy The Messiah
16*Be A Living Feast Of Love & You Live Forever Our Creator's Love
18*Perfect Love Casts out All Fear Fear
20*You Can't Love YAH While You Hate Any Human Love
Ch. 5
1*You Are YAH's Child IF You Keep YAH's Laws Obedience
6Yahshua's Spirit, Baptism & Blood Prove Him The Messiah
9YAH's Spirit In Us Proves Yahshua is Christ Faith
11Christ's Spirit In You= Proof Of Eternal Life The Messiah
14YAH Gives You Everything You Rightly Ask Prayer