Bible ~~- Newer Testament

Apocalypsis (Revelation) Wrench

Ch. 1
1Jailed On An Island, John Sees Your Future The Messiah 95AD
10John's Vision Begins With A Trumpet-Voice Yah's Word
12John Sees Yahshua Amidst A Giant Menorah The Messiah
Ch. 2
1 Messiah Congratulates Patience & Corrects You Perseverance
4*Never Leave Your First Love, YHVH Giving Up / Falling Away / Backsliding
8Messiah Praises & Rebukes Christian 'Smyrna' Tribulation/Purification/testing
12Messiah Praises & Rebukes โ€˜Fort'sโ€™ Christians Repentance
17Overcome And You Get The Victory Stone Perseverance
18Messiah Praises/ Rebukes Christian 'Thyatira' The Messiah
20Never Tolerate 'Jezebels' In The Ecclesia Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
25True Disciples Will Smash The Nations To Bits Authority
Ch. 3
1 You Look Alive But You're Dead! Wake Up! Perseverance
7Yahshua Speaks To The Saints In Philadelphia Perseverance
14 *The Messiah Warns The Democracy-Lovers Repentance
20The Messiah Is Knocking On Your Heart's Door The Messiah
Ch. 4
1 A Door Opens To YAH's Heavenly Throne Room Spiritual Vision
6 4 Celestial Flying Creatures Worship YAH Spiritual Vision
10*24 Ancient-Ones Fall Down & Worship YAH Origins
Ch. 5
1 YAH Holds The Unreadable Book With 7 Seals Judgment
5*Yahshua Takes The 7-Seals Book From YHVH The Messiah
8*The Hosts Of Heaven Praise Yahshua, The Lamb The Messiah
Ch. 6
1Seal 1 Opens: The White-Horse Rider Conquers Victory
3Yahshua Opens Seal #2: War Ravages Earth War
5Yahshua Opens Seal #3: Judgment Descends Judgment
7Yahshua Opens Seal #4: Death Devours Mankind Death
9*Yahshua Opens Seal #5: Martyrs Die & Rest Tribulation/Purification/testing
12Yahshua Opens Seal #6: Earth & Space Quake End Times Disasters
Ch. 7
1 YAH Culls 144000 Righteous People From Earth Being Marked/Counted as YAH's
9Innumerable Heavenly Multitudes Praise YHVH Praise
13Countless Martyrs Will Never Again Suffer Redemption
Ch. 8
1The Messiah Opens The 7th & Last Seal Of Doom Prayer
5Blood, Hail & Fire Destroy 1/3 Of Earth Punishment
8A 'Mountain' Poisons 1/3 of Earth's Oceans Destroying the Earth
10 *1/3 Of Earth's Waters Poisoned By Radiation Destroying the Earth 1986AD
12 *Air Pollution Clouds The Atmosphere Destroying the Earth
Ch. 9
1*Angel #5: A 'Star' Opens The Abyss of Smog Hell (Annihilation)
3 Locust-Consumers Torment Beast-Marked People Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's
13 Middle-East 'War-Horses' Kill 1/3 Of Humans War
20 *Mankind Still Refuses To Repent Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
Ch. 10
1 Rainbow-Angel Makes John Eat A Honey-Book Spiritual Vision
10 *The Book's Bitter Prophesies Make John Sick Missions/Outreach
Ch. 11
1Angels Command John To Measure The 'Temple' Tribulation/Purification/testing
3 John Predicts The Bible's Brief Popularity Yah's Word 1611AD
7 The World Tramples On The Bible & Murders It Yah's Word 1776AD
16 24 Elders Pray For The World's Destruction Destroying the Earth
Ch. 12
1 *Hebraism Births Persecuted Christianity The Devil
7 *The Prophet John Sees The Angelic Wars The Devil
9 *YAH Traps The Devil On Earth The Devil
14 *YAH Protects His People In The West Yah's Protection 1600AD
Ch. 13
1 *Beast-Populace #1: The Revived Roman Empire Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's
7 *The Beast-People Overcome The Saints Being Marked/Counted as YAH's
11 *The Final Beast Rises: The New World Order Political Evil 1919AD
13 *The 2nd Beast Firebombs Cities From The Sky War 1945AD
16 *John Sees The Payment System You Use Today Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's 1964AD
Ch. 14
1 *144000 Saints Sing To YAH With Messiah Punishment
Ch. 15
1 The 7 Final Plagues Begin Punishment 1916AD
Ch. 16
1 *Angel Plague 1: Disgusting & Painful Diseases Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's 1980AD
3 *Angel Plague #2: Death In The Sea Destroying the Earth 1995AD
4 *Angel Plague #3: Death In Rivers & Springs Destroying the Earth 2000AD
8 *Angel Plague #4: Solar Radiation, Skin Cancer Destroying the Earth
10 *Angel Plague #5: Darkness Punishment 1966AD
12 *Angel Plague #6: Evil Spirits & Drought & War The Devil 2001AD
17 *Angel Plague #7: Vast Global Destruction Destroying the Earth
Ch. 17
1 *The Great Religious Power-Whore: Circe The Whore Religio-Commercial System
9*The World's 7 Zones Of Power Serve The Whore The Whore Religio-Commercial System
12*10 End-Times Sovereigns Serve The Whore The Whore Religio-Commercial System
16*10 Sovereign-Horns Betray & Kill The Whore The Whore Religio-Commercial System
Ch. 18
1 *Babylon Falls: Global Socioeconomic Collapse The Whore Religio-Commercial System
Ch. 19
1 *The Universe Erupts in Praise To YAH The Messiah
Ch. 20
1Arch-Angel Chains Dragon For 1000 Years The Devil
4 *Earth's Martyrs Receive Kingship In Heaven Resurrection
7 *[YAH] Releases Satan From Prison In The Abyss Political Evil
11*The Great White Throne Judgment Hell (Annihilation)
Ch. 21
1 YAH Creates A New Universe For His People Heaven
Ch. 22
1 New Jerusalem and The River Of Life Heaven 2999AD
18*Never Twist Nor Misquote Any Scripture Yah's Word
20Yahshua's Return Looms Very Near: Get Ready! The Messiah