Bible ~~- Apocrypha

Judith Wrench

Ch. 1
1Iraq's Emperor Nebuchadnezzar Conquers Iran Man's Protection
Ch. 2
1Nebuchadnezzar Decides To Conquer The World
14Holofornes Ammasses A World-Destroying Horde
22Holofornes Wages Terror-War On The Mid-East
Ch. 3
1Mediterranean Dwellers Beg For Peace
6Holofornes Forces Emperor-Worship
9Holofornes Invades Judea
Ch. 4
1Israel Shakes In Fear Of the Coming War
4Israel Prepares To Be invaded
8The Israelis Pray To YHVH For Protection
Ch. 5
1Israel Prepares To Defend Against Invasion
Ch. 6
1Holofornes Condemns General Achior
10Holofornes Sends Achior To Bethel In Israel
Ch. 7
1Holofornes Moves His Troops To Attack Israel
8Israel's Enemies Plan A Water-War
17The Invaders Seize Bethel's Water Supply
23The Israelis Beg their Governor To Surrender
30Governor Decides To Thirst For 5 More Days
Ch. 8
1How Judith Became A Widow
4Beautiful Judith's Life As A Widow
9Judith Suffers In The Water-War
10Judith Rejects the Governor's Surrender Plan
28The Governor Accepts Judith's Call To Resist
35The Leaders Bless Judith's Secret Mission
Ch. 9
1Judith Prays For Power To Kill Holofornes
Ch. 10
1Judith Rises To Action
3Judith Dresses up Smoking Hot
8The Governors Send Judith To Kill The Invader
11Invaders Fight Each Other To Escort Judith
Ch. 11
1Holofornes Promises Kindness To Judith
5Judith Lies To Holofornes
Ch. 12
1Holofornes Wines and Dines Judith
10General Holofernes Throws A Feast For Judith
14Judith Baits The Hook To Bag A General Shrewdness / Craftiness
19Holofornes Gets Drunk Ogling Judith's Body
Ch. 13
1Judith Gets Alone With Holofornes
6 Judith Cuts Off General Holofernes' Head Murder
Ch. 14
1Judith Puts Holofornes' Head On Display
13The Invaders Find Their Headless Dead General
Ch. 15
1The Invaders Flee in Terror
4The Israelis Destroy The Fleeing invaders
6Israelis Get Rich Raiding The Invaders' Stuff
8The Israelis Honor Judith
11Judith Inherits Holofornes' Possessions
12Israel Celebrates Judith's Victory In Dance
Ch. 16
1Judith Improvises A Song Of Praise To Yahweh
19The Israelis Throw A Feast In Jerusalem
22Judith Retires In Peace
24Judith Dies in Honored Old Age
26Israel Enjoys Many Years Of Peace & Safety