Bible ~~- Apocrypha

Judith Wrench


Ch. 1

  • 1Iraq's Emperor Nebuchadnezzar Conquers Iran

    Ch. 2

  • 1Nebuchadnezzar Decides To Conquer The World
  • 14Holofornes Ammasses A World-Destroying Horde
  • 22Holofornes Wages Terror-War On The Mid-East

    Ch. 3

  • 1Mediterranean Dwellers Beg For Peace
  • 6Holofornes Forces Emperor-Worship
  • 9Holofornes Invades Judea

    Ch. 4

  • 1Israel Shakes In Fear Of the Coming War
  • 4Israel Prepares To Be invaded
  • 8The Israelis Pray To YHVH For Protection

    Ch. 5

  • 1Israel Prepares To Defend Against Invasion

    Ch. 6

  • 1Holofornes Condemns General Achior
  • 10Holofornes Sends Achior To Bethel In Israel

    Ch. 7

  • 1Holofornes Moves His Troops To Attack Israel
  • 8Israel's Enemies Plan A Water-War
  • 17The Invaders Seize Bethel's Water Supply
  • 23The Israelis Beg their Governor To Surrender
  • 30Governor Decides To Thirst For 5 More Days

    Ch. 8

  • 1How Judith Became A Widow
  • 4Beautiful Judith's Life As A Widow
  • 9Judith Suffers In The Water-War
  • 10Judith Rejects the Governor's Surrender Plan
  • 28The Governor Accepts Judith's Call To Resist
  • 35The Leaders Bless Judith's Secret Mission

    Ch. 9

  • 1Judith Prays For Power To Kill Holofornes

    Ch. 10

  • 1Judith Rises To Action
  • 3Judith Dresses up Smoking Hot
  • 8The Governors Send Judith To Kill The Invader
  • 11Invaders Fight Each Other To Escort Judith

    Ch. 11

  • 1Holofornes Promises Kindness To Judith
  • 5Judith Lies To Holofornes

    Ch. 12

  • 1Holofornes Wines and Dines Judith
  • 10General Holofernes Throws A Feast For Judith
  • 14Judith Baits The Hook To Bag A General
  • 19Holofornes Gets Drunk Ogling Judith's Body

    Ch. 13

  • 1Judith Gets Alone With Holofornes
  • 6 Judith Cuts Off General Holofernes' Head

    Ch. 14

  • 1Judith Puts Holofornes' Head On Display
  • 13The Invaders Find Their Headless Dead General

    Ch. 15

  • 1The Invaders Flee in Terror
  • 4The Israelis Destroy The Fleeing invaders
  • 6Israelis Get Rich Raiding The Invaders' Stuff
  • 8The Israelis Honor Judith
  • 11Judith Inherits Holofornes' Possessions
  • 12Israel Celebrates Judith's Victory In Dance

    Ch. 16

  • 1Judith Improvises A Song Of Praise To Yahweh
  • 19The Israelis Throw A Feast In Jerusalem
  • 22Judith Retires In Peace
  • 24Judith Dies in Honored Old Age
  • 26Israel Enjoys Many Years Of Peace & Safety