Bible ~~- Older Testament

Judges Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Judah Evicts The Demon-Worshippers From Judea Yah's Protection 1374BC
5 Thugs Cut Off Lightning's Thumbs & Big Toes! Violence
8 Judah's Tribe Occupies Jerusalem & Judea War
12 Caleb Gives His Daughter To The Champion Engagement
16 Judah Evicts Many Pagans, Then Quits in Fear Yah's Provision (Assurance)
21 Other Tribes Get Too Slack To Evict Pagans Worldly Participation (Worldliness)
Ch. 2
1 YAH's Angel Busts Israel For Mixing W/ Pagans Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 1374BC
6A Flashback To Joshua's Final Address Obedience
8 Another account Of JAHshua's Burial Death
10 *The New Generation Forsakes YHVH Idolatry
14 YAH Allows The Pagans To Pillage Israelis Punishment
16 YAH Raises Judge-Leaders To Save Israel Authority
17 *The Israelis Ignore The Judges Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance
20 YAH Leaves Pagans In The Land To Test Israel Punishment
Ch. 3
1 Israel Fornicates W/ Deadly Straggler-Pagans Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 1374BC
9 YAH Raises Up 'Force-Of-El' To Rescue Israel War
12 YAH Sends Moab To Enslave Israel For 18 Years Oppression 1334BC
26Unity Leads Israel To Evict 10000 Warriors War
Ch. 4
1 Israel Again Sins, Falling To The Caananites Disobedience 1235BC
4 Prophetess Deborah Leads Mighty Warrior Men Properly Appreciating Both Sexes
10*General Lightning Fights Evil General Sisera War
11 The Cain-ites Betray The Israelis To Sisera Separation (Holiness)
13 Sisera Amasses His Hordes To Murder Israel War
15 YHVH Crushes Sisera's Hordes Before Praisers Yah's Protection
17 Lady Drives A Tent-Peg Thru A General's Head! Shrewdness / Craftiness
Ch. 5
1 Deborah & General Lightning's Rap Dance Song Yah's Protection 1235BC
Ch. 6
1 Israel Falls Into Slavery To The Brawlers War 1169BC
11 The Angel of YAH Appears To Gideon Paranormal Phenomena
25 Gideon Tears Down The Altar Of Baal Idolatry
33 Brawler-Nation's War Coalition Attacks Israel War
36 Gideon Gets A Sign From A Wet Sheepskin Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 7
1 Gideon Leads Israel Against Brawler-Nations Yah's Protection
Ch. 8
1 Gideon's Wise, Humble Words Stop A Fight Humility
4 Tent Town & Penuel Refuse To Help Gideon Apathy
10 Gideon's 300 Praise-Men Evict 15000 Warriors Yah's Protection
13Gideon Exacts Revenge on Selfish Food-Deniers Revenge
18 Gideon Kills Kings Slaughter & Cold-Heart Murder
22 *Gideon Refuses To Become King Of Israel Serving YHVH alone
24 Gideon Makes A Big Sculpture Of Gold Plunder Reward
29 Gideon Makes Many Babies With Tons Of Women Polygamy
32 Gideon Dies; Israel's Brats Sink To Idolatry Ungratefulness
Ch. 9
1 Gideon's Evil Son, 'Father-King', Grabs Power Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man 1129BC
5 Gideon's Son 'Father-King' Kills His 70 Bro's Murder
7JAHtham Screams A Parable Of Political Trees Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
22 The Neck-Men Rebel Against Evil 'Father-King' Political Evil 1126BC
30 Father-King's Governor Betrays Gaal's Rebels War
40 Father-King Massacres The Neck-City Rebels War
50 A Woman Drops A Rock On Father-King's Head War 1126BC
Ch. 10
1Tola [Red-Wiggler] Leads Israel For 23 years Authority 1118BC
6 Israel Falls Back Into Sin & Slavery 18 Years Punishment
10 Brats Of Israel Whine, But YAH Ignores Them Idolatry
16 The Israelites Actively Repent Repentance
Ch. 11
1 Whore-Spawn Jephthah's Half-Bro's Disown Him Fornication 1097BC
3 Jephthah Turns Into A Notorious Criminal Boss Crime
5Israelis Slink Back To Beg Jephthah To Fight War
11 Jephthah Gets Crowned Commander-In-Chief Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
12 Jephthah Tries Reason With The Inbred Enemy War
30 Mr. Wide-Open Opens His Mouth Too Wide Oaths
32 Jephthah Evicts The Inbred Ammonites Yah's Protection
34 Jephthah Consigns His Daughter To The Nunnery Oaths
Ch. 12
1 Wide-Open's Blab-Mouth Enrages The Fruits Family Division 1090BC
4 Civil War Breaks Out: Double-Fruits vs Gilead War
7Wide-Open Bigmouth Dies; Leaders Replace Him Death
Ch. 13
1 Israel Falls Into Slavery To The Palestinians Disobedience 1090BC
3 YAH's Angel Visits Samson's Infertile Mom-To-Be Unhealthy Diet
9 The Angel Again Visits Samson's Mom-To-Be Paranormal Phenomena
15 In Fire, YAH's Angel Rises From Samson's Dad Paranormal Phenomena
24 Samson [SunRay] Is Born & Grows Up Strong Giving Birth
Ch. 14
1 SunRay Disobeys His Parents; Lusts For A Slut Lust 1075BC
5 Visiting His Slut, SunRay Rips Apart A Lion Paranormal Phenomena
8 SunRay Eats Honey From The Dead Lion's Carcass Marriage
10 SunRay Throws A Big Pagan Wedding Feast Marriage
12 SunRay Bets The Pagans Can't Solve His Riddle Betrayal
15 *Pagans Force Samson's Wife To Rob The Answer Betrayal
19 *SunRay Goes On A Murder Rampage Murder
Ch. 15
1 Samson's Dad-In-Law Gives Samson's Wife Away Family Division 1075BC
4 *Samson Lights Jackals On Fire, Burns Crops Revenge
6 The Philistines Burn Samson's Wife! Family Division
8 *Samson Massacres The Philistines In Revenge Revenge
9 Philistines Attack Judah In Boomerang Revenge War
12The Jews Hand Samson To The Philistines Revenge
14 Samson Murders 1000 Palestinians W/ A Jawbone Pride
18 YAH Opens A Water-Spring For Samson To Drink Paranormal Phenomena
20 Samson Leads Israel For 20 War-plagued Years Authority
Ch. 16
1 *Samson Sleeps With A Whore In Gaza Adultery 1075BC
4 *SunRay Falls In Lust With Delilah The Succubus Lust
6*Delilah Fails 3x To Extract SunRay's Secret Betrayal
15 *Delilah Wears Samson Down & Steals His Secret Betrayal
19 *Delilah Drugs SunRay, Shaves & Tortures Him Betrayal
23 *Pagans Parade Samson In Their Fish-God Temple Revenge
29 *SunRay Dies Destroying The Demon-God's Temple Suicide
Ch. 17
1 Micah Returns A Fortune He Stole From His Mom Idolatry 1375BC
2 Idolatry Comes To Israel Though Micah's Mom Crime
4 Micah's Mom Forges A Giant Silver Idol-God Idolatry
7 Micah Hires A Priest For His Temple Business The Body of Believers
Ch. 18
1 The Evil Tribe Of Dan Hunts For Land To Steal Worldly Participation (Worldliness) 1375BC
3 Micah's False Priest Blesses Dan's Kill-Spies Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
7 Spies Plan To Attack Pacifist Separatist Farm International Peace
11 The Danite Murder-Troop Rides Out War
14 Murderers Raid The Shrine & Co-opt The Priest Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
22 Micah Fails To Arrest The Murder-Militia Crime
27 Danites Massacre The Pacifist Farm-Dwellers War
Ch. 19
1 A Priest Shacks Up With A Cheating Whore Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion 1375BC
3 Priest Chases Down Whore At Her Dad's House Divorce
5 Whore's Dad Won't Let Priest & Whore Leave Manipulation
10 Finally Priest Escapes From His Whore's Dad Racism & Nationalism
14 Priest & His Whore Ride To The Flower-Hills Kindness
21 *Benjamite Perverts Rape & Kill Priest's Whore Rape
29 *The Priest Cuts Up Whore's Body, Mails Pieces Rape
Ch. 20
1 Israel Plans Civil War Vs. FlowerHills Perv's Rape 1375BC
11 Leaders of Gibeah Refuse To Surrender Rapists Apathy
15 Israeli Armies Face Off In A Civil War War
21 Benjamites Slaughter 22000 Fellow Israelis Revenge
23 Benjamites Slaughter Another 18000 Israelis! War
29 Israel Massacres 100000+ Benjamite Relatives War
Ch. 21
1 Israelis Hunt Wives For Surviving Benjamites Revenge 1375BC
5 Israelis Murder Innocents To Steal Virgins Murder
19 Benjamites Steal Dancing Girls As Slave-Wives Engagement